Dear Reader,

I have great pleasure to share my experience. My first visit to swamiji was nearly three years back. During the first two visits, I could not meet Him. The next time, he called me inside and mentioned about my previous visits. He gave a packet of prasad (vibhoothi) and asked me to carry it with me always. Later, when I visited my native place (near Sivakasi) along with my brothers, I forgot to take the vibhoothi with me. On the way, our auto met with an accident (somersaulted twice in the canal). Fortunately, we all escaped without any injury but the auto was damaged. This was the first miracle in my life. The same week, I went to Kerala on an official work. My colleague and myself were returning from the theater by an auto; we met with an accident. On that occasion also, I escaped without any injury but my colleague was slightly injured. When I visited swamiji later, He narrated the accident and mentioned that he only saved me. Swamiji is guiding my family and me every day, every hour and every minute. He appears in dreams regularly and gives guidance. He is accessible to anyone; however, faith and devotion to God are the only prerequisites for experiencing the power of Lord Anjaneya. I had during the last four years much miraculous experience, which I shall write about at a later date.

May God bless you.


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