Shri Ganeshaya namaha


Jai Sri Ram




I am Ram Dular Sharma for Uttar Pradesh; I am in Dubai from 1981.I believed and worship Hanumanji from my childhood days. Even when I was in Bombay, Hanumanji temple was just behind my room. Bhajans used to be conducted there every evening. When I came to Dubai, I started visiting the temple regularly, during one such visit to the Shri Nathji temple, I happened to come to the hall where our Swamiji’s bhajans were being conducted. I went in and participated in the bhajans by singing one bhajan. I don’t remember the day, date or year, but, it is from that day I am at Swamiji’s feet all due to His blessings. I thank Swamiji for bringing me in his fold.


Due to His blessings, I have never missed any bhajan or puja till today. Before I used to play little bit of dholak, but from the time I have come to Swamiji’s feet, I am able to play dholak better and also able to play with any bhajan sung in any language. This is my life’s first miracle. This is possible only due to Swamiji’s blessings and kripa.


When we were preparing for my daughter’s marriage, my wife was not well and the house renovation was going on. After the renovation work was over they found that the jewellery was lost. My family didn’t inform me thinking I will get worried. A friend from the neighboring village called me from India informed me about the theft in my house. I dint know what to do other than Pray to Swamiji. I also happened to convey the message to Swamiji. By Luck Swamiji came to Dubai at that time and assured me “Not to worry and I will get back everything”.


As planned I left for the marriage when I reached home the first news I got was that the stolen Jewels were back. Even Before me Swamiji had visited my house and arranged everything for me.


My family of four daughters and two sons have never met Swamiji but only heard from me about him. After this incident they have fully surrendered at Swamiji ‘feet and they trust and believe in HIM 


I had just returned from India, I got a call saying my wife is badly sick. I didn’t know what to do and how to arrange my trip. When I called the airlines they told the fare was Dhs 1450/. This was too much for me at that time. I started praying to Swamiji to do a miracle. Next Day When I called the airlines again they told is fare is only Dhs 1000/. I was very happy. Even this money Swamiji arranged very smoothly that I could go for my wife’s treatment. With Swamiji’s Blessings my wives is much better and able to walk without any problems now.

Also once My Daughter was sick in India. Swamiji asked me to send 5 packets of Vibuthi to her, which I could do so. My daughter got fully cured by taking this vibhuthi water.


From the time I have come to Swamiji’s sharan, small and big miracles have taken place in my life. These are all fruits of Swamiji’s satsang. We need to have trust and belief in our hearts and mind. Koti koti pranams to Swamiji’s feet from the bottom of my heart. Many many thanks to Swamiji.


There is a saying

‘Guru Govind dou khade, kake lagu pay

Balihari guru aapne Govind deeyo dikhay


The meaning is that only by Guru’s grace one can reach God.

Guru shows us the way to God that is the reason Guru comes before God.


We are now preparing for my youngest daughter’s marriage. Swamiji has told me that He will arrange the marriage. I am not worried about anything, as I believe that due to Swamiji’s grace everything will be taken care of automatically. I have left everything at His feet.


My heartiest wish is to participate in Shri Hanuman Jayanthi and visit Swamiji’s ashram. I will wait for Hanumanji and Swamiji’s kripa and blessings to fulfill my wish


My koti koti pranams to Swamiji. I pray to him to keep His boon bestowing hands on our heads and correct our short comings and forgive our mistakes.


Thank you very much Swamiji.


Ram Dular Sharma






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