Jai Sriramajayam

I am very proud to share the truth that each and every member in my family and my husband, Sriram’s family are very strong devotees of Sri Vikraman Swamiji. My experience with Sri Vikraman Swamiji happen every millisecond.  I am not exaggerating this point. For those who trust and believe Swamiji, they can experience him each and every single milliseconds and see him everywhere.

I feel writing Swamiji’s miracles itself is a miracle. When I was writing my experiences I felt the presence of Swamiji. Trust Swamiji and have patience to read my experiences. My experience may be a solution to many. I have written my experience in different parts. After writing all the experiences I showed to one of my colleague to correct my documents. This lady believes in Christianity. After reading all my experiences she went speechless. She said that my miracles are like a story, like a movie, unbelievable etc etc. After reading my last part of miracle she gave the title “The Living Testimony” to Dear Swamiji and she is waiting to see the sight of Swamiji. Please start to read from Part I.

I got married to Sriram in 2000 Feb. After my marriage I came to Abu Dhabi, UAE. Only God knows the difficult time which we had gone through those days. Sriram did not have a steady job and in this state he was not able to sponsor me. Somehow after hard struggles I got a job for a very less amount of salary.  The company gave me the visa and I had very hard time at my job. I was very new to UAE not knowing what to do and what not to do. Sriram stayed in visit visa and once if the visa gets expired he used to go to India and come back in another visit visa. I was finding life very difficult. 

One day when Sriram was coming from Chennai his sister Yamini Shankar told that there is one Swamiji, whose words never become false and he comes to Dubai also. Yamini Shankar who was then speaking about Swamiji had not even met Swamiji. Even before she met Swamiji she started to believe Swamiji and became his strong devotee. She had a chance to talk with Swamiji. During her conversation, Swamiji had told that he will meet her brother Sriram, sister Suchitra Kannan in Dubai and they all will become his strong devotees. What a strange conversation to us? It’s because we are someone who don’t believe a human talking like God and we never had been to such person.

Sriram came to Chennai to travel to Dubai. Something struck him and he went to Swamiji’s ashramam. But he did not meet Swamiji. He came to Dubai. We contacted Swamiji through the number given from the ashramam and we told that we wanted to speak with Swamiji not even knowing that it was Swamiji who picked up the phone. How lucky we were we never knew at that time. We just spoke to him casually not knowing who Swamiji is. One day we got a call telling that there is a bhajan in Dubai Krishna Mandir. At those times we neither had a license nor a car. We got a cab and we went to Dubai. I thought it is just a waste of time and money. I was not at all interested to meet Swamiji. When we came to bhajan Swamiji was sitting and devotees were singing songs. I did not like to sing or to clap my hands. I forced myself to sit for the bhajan.


Then came the summer time and I had my work load little less. I happened to do a free lancing project for a company. I accepted this project. Please believe me at that time when I picked up this project I did not know anything about coding.

Since only I was in the lab I had put Swamiji’s photo in one computer and I was doing the coding in another computer. The photo was there because I was browsing his web site and nothing sort of belief in Swamiji.

Casually I looked to the photo of Swamiji and asked him “people say that you can do miracles. If can do show me now in doing this coding to me. Try to give the solution for my coding”

After asking to Swamiji I started to work. PEOPLE PLEASE BELIEVE ME I STILL DO NOT KNOW HOW I COMPLETED THE PROJECT. Swamiji started giving me solution by making my brains work, through some very good web site links, through books and through some people whom I never knew before.

I thought that there is some power with this Swamiji. Then again my heart did not accept him completely. One day Sriram went to Kish island for his visa renewal. That was a very bad decision which we took from our family because I heard through people that it’s not safe staying there. Immediately after he landed we did not get any news from him. Sriram was not able to communicate with us. Both my sister in law Suchitra Kannan and I tried to reach him in different ways but could not reach him. During that time Swamiji was in Dubai. I tried calling and I was able to speak with Swamiji. Swamiji told me nothing to worry and Sriram will come soon back to Abu Dhabi and we both will meet Swamiji. He also told me that he will speak with me. Just after my conversation I got a call from Sriram from Kish island. Then we came to know that there was a very peculiar satellite failure and hence he was not able to reach us. But how Swamiji made him to contact us immediately after my conversation with Swamiji? I really do not know.

Then again I did not surrender myself to Swamiji. I had so many reasons for not surrendering to Swamiji. Whenever I close my eyes to pray I saw so many god and goddess faces coming in front of eyes and me getting totally confused as such to which god I should pray. This is in spite I knew the fact that God is one.

One day I was in my lab and I switched on my computer. I had Swamiji’s web site as my home page. When I clicked on the internet explorer immediately the link which opened for me was a picture of Swamiji sitting in his ashramam and just above him I was seeing a huge picture of the Goddess whom I was a strong devotee. My eyes filled with tears. Swamiji had made me to see that picture to actually tell me that he appears in different forms and only trust and belief is everything a human needs.

-How Swamiji had not let me go away from him in spite of me not surrendering to him for so long?

            -In spite that I had not totally surrendered to him, just because I asked for something how Swamiji gave me immediately.

-In spite of me not surrendering to him, how well he treated me with love and affection during my presence for his pooja’s.

People just imagine if I had lost my Swamiji where on earth I would have been in this wild world?

 Million thanks Swamiji for keeping me near to you. At this moment I deeply pray for all those people who are not Swamiji’s devotees should know about Swamiji to get the real blessing for this birth of theirs.

My Dear Swamiji, how fool I had been not surrendering myself to you at my first site. Swamiji, there is no one in this world just like you. IN FRONT OF YOUR LOVE AND AFFECTION WHICH YOU SHOWER TO ALL YOUR DEVOTEES IRRESPECTIVE OF THE CASTE, COLOR, CREED, RICHNESS, POOR, YOUNG, OLD IS IMMENSE. I have never never never seen you leaving your devotee alone. I have always seen you holding hands of each and every devotee to lift them from the pit of evils and guide them to achieve greatest of all success.

-Swamiji your divinity is unique.

- Swamiji your love is unique.

-Swamiji your caring is unique.

-Swamiji your miracles are unique.

-Swamiji, your bhajans are unique.

-Swamiji your poojas are unique.


Vikraman Swamijiku Jai!

Always your strong devotee

Ranjena Sriram, Dubai

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