Swamiji Arranging for my First House

I was staying in Abu Dhabi with my sister-in-law Suchitra Kannan. I and Sriram were going through a very tough time. Sriram did not have a good job or a valid UAE visa. He used to come to UAE in visit visa, stay for three months then go to India in shuttle. My only solution is to pray to Swamiji. Every night I used to go to bed with tears in my eyes. At that time we had a pooja in one devotee’s house in Abu Dhabi. I told Swamiji that I am suffering for nearly two years without staying with my husband Sriram continuously. Please give me a solution. Swamiji looked to me and said that it’s been a long time Sriram is suffering. Swami has to do something to Sriram and Swami will do it.

As Swamiji promised, Sriram got a good job with visa in Ajman.

Sriram joined his duty with Swamiji’s blessings and still I was staying in Abu Dhabi due to my job commitment. After my resignation we were planning to shift to Sharjah. I was so worried about everything. We had not enough money and we had no furniture, in short we had nothing. But we always knew that Swamiji was there with us always. Again in one pooja when Swamiji was blessing me I asked Swamiji to arrange a house for us. Swamiji told me that he will arrange a very good house which is going to be very lucky to us and he will come to our house to light the lamp. I got Swamiji’s blessing and I was walking away. Swamiji, called me and I turned towards him. He told me not to worry about anything and Swami is always there and the house is going to be very lucky for us. What more do I need in my life? I was very happy and only tears rolled my eyes. What are there in our hearts even our dear ones will not know but our Swamiji will know everything. 

As Swamiji promised we got a beautiful house near the sea side. It was so beautiful and we were so happy to stay in that house. After the house warming ceremony we went to one pooja and when we told Swamiji that we had completed house warming Swamiji told us that I know you have lighted the lamp and Swamiji had already entered the house.

The house which we stayed was a very small house which had a very small hall, a small kitchen, a small toilet and a small bed room. As Swamiji had told that small house had always been very lucky to us and unbelievable miracles had happened in that house which includes my first daughter Vibha’s birth too. By Swamiji’s grace, blessings and miracle Swamiji gave my daughter to me. She was growing up in that small house.  She started very late for walking say after a year and few months later. When she started to walk and run, our house seems to be very small for her and she started to hit everywhere. She even met with a small accident. That was the time we felt that we needed a big house than the one which we were staying. Who else we have to ask for anything and who else will and can give everything which we need? IT’S ONLY OUR DEAR SWAMIJI.

Swamiji knew what he has to arrange for his devotees at the right time.  We were looking for a bigger house everywhere in Sharjah. We found nowhere. Just at that time our watchman came telling that there is a two bedroom flat available. It was in the same building where we stayed and we went to see the flat. It was a huge house with balcony and from all the rooms we can see the sea which was just in front of our house. We immediately shifted to our new house. What a beautiful house Swamiji had given to us.

When we shifted to that new house people, please believe what I am saying. I and Sriram had not that enough money to pay the house rent. We shifted because of one and only reason that our baby needs some space to move around. And as Swamiji promised we moved to a very big house where our baby was running and playing and enjoying. At that time our fear of how we can pay the house rent, which was creeping up. As usual we left to the hands of our almighty OUR SWAMIJI. When we met Swamiji in a pooja we told about the fact that we don’t have enough money to pay the house rent and Swamiji said that he will take care and nothing to worry. People, we knew that Swamiji will show us 101% a better way but when we are in fear and trouble those words which come out of his mouth gives us 1000 watts energy and confidence. For us the trust with our God Swamiji is so much that anything we do out of our way just by praying to him, he grants us immediately and something more than what we had asked and wanted.

At that time Sriram had an opportunity of getting a new job where his salary was doubled. It was a great surprise for us and everything was only because of Swamiji’s blessings.

Swamiji came to that house also and lighted the lamp. He liked the house and he knew that he arranged for that house. Swamiji likes to breathe fresh air. He used to stand in the balcony and breathe the fresh air from the sea which was in front of our house. After Swamiji leaves the house I and Sriram used to cherish the memories of how Swamiji came, where he sat, what he talked etc etc.

 Again Swamiji visited the same house.  At that time I was pregnant for the second time. I and Sriram were very happy that Swamiji came to our house. He was there for a very long time. The joy we get when our dear Swamiji comes to our house is immense. We don’t know what good we have done in previous birth to have our God in our house.

Swamiji left our house and we were all waiting for the lift to come. At that time Swamiji said that Anjeneya always arranges good house to his devotees. He looked straight to us and told us “From a small house Anjeneya made you both to move to a big house. Next time you move to a new house it will be bigger than the house which you are staying now”. Swamiji said this and waved his hands and left our building. We went back to our house astonished by what Swamiji was saying about our next house. As humans we can only be surprised but as God Swamiji knows the past, present, future and far future too.

The company which Sriram was working was doing fine until his manager targeted at him for no reasons and started to disturb him. Sriram was very upset and he had sleepless nights as such to what to do with one baby in hand and the other one yet to come. He called Swamiji to ask him what he should do. Swamiji told “whatever you want, you decide and I will be there with you”. Swamiji give full freedom to decide whatever he feels right. Sriram said that he wants to resign from his job immediately. As a wife I did not want to stop him because I saw him very disturbed because of his manager. We did not know what to do but we knew that Swamiji will take care of us. My second daughter was born and Sriram got a proposal from one of his friends for a new job. This job was like he being one of the shareholders of the company but without investing anything. I should say that Swamiji always protected Sriram from starting any business where he needs to invest money. Swamiji knows that if he invests money he will be very disturbed. Swamiji had told Sriram be peaceful just by doing some job and Swamiji will know when and what has to be done.

His new job was like his dream come true. The investor told Sriram that the business can be started only if he moves near the office. The office which the investor had was in one of the most expensive areas in Dubai. He also told Sriram that he will pay 75% of the house rent. We were in Sharjah and if shifting we have to go to new Dubai which is the most expensive place and the dream place for many people. We found a house and the house number is 702. We went to do house warming. It was like blind people doing everything. YES blindly we trusted only our god Sri Vikraman Swamiji!

After our house warming we were just moving out and we came to know that popular actress Nagma is one of our neighbors. We also went to her house to meet her. At that time we realized Swamiji what place he had decided to move us. It is real or dream. People I should say a truth at this point. When we moved Sriram had absolutely no money. He just had 100 US dollars. Somehow and anyhow Swamiji arranged everything for us and we shifted to our new palace. This house is a very beautiful house with all facilities. “SWAMIJI, FROM WHERE TO WHERE YOU HAVE LIFTED US?”

I used to ask Swamiji whenever I travel in the famous road of Dubai – Abu Dhabi that Swamiji why don’t you get a job for me in these Sheik Zayed road offices. It was a dream for so many people across UAE. I never realized what Swamiji had done to us until I looked out of my master bedroom’s window. I was just facing Sheik Zayed road. Swamiji even without my saying or asking him directly, he knew my wish and had arranged this. And as he had promised this house was more spacious than the house which we stayed before.

Everything went on like a dream to us in this new house until problems crept in Sriram’s business because of recession. The company gave him some time to wind up the entire business. We did not know what to do. But we knew the first thing which we have to do is to shift to another house. We were seriously looking for another house. During that time Sriram called ashram to speak to Swamiji. Sriram told Swamiji about all the happenings at his office and just one month is there to decide on anything. At that time Swamiji told Sriram” STILL ONE MONTH IS THERE TO DECIDE SO DON’T’ WORRY SWAMIJI WILL TAKE CARE”

That week Swamiji’s pooja was happening in Chennai. My sister-in-law Yamini Shankar, a very strong devotee of Swamiji attended the pooja. At that time Swamiji called her to ask how Sriram is. Since she too knew the problem which we were facing she narrated everything to Swamiji and she also told that we are in a state of changing the house. Hearing that Swamiji told her, “NOTHING BAD IS GOING TO HAPPEN, EVERYTHING WILL GET SOLVED AND SWAMIJI IS ALWAYS WITH THEM, REGARDING THE HOUSE THEY WILL NOT CHANGE THE HOUSE AND SWAMIJI WILL GO AGAIN TO THEIR HOUSE TO LIGHT THE LAMP”

Yamini called us to convey the message from Swamiji. We were surprised to hear it since we were counting our days for the stay in our house. In that month all the problems which Sriram was facing were getting solved one by one and the only problem which was left was our house issue.

Sriram called our house owner and told them that we were planning to move to another house since we can’t afford to pay the house rent.  Our house owner who follows Islam asked Sriram what is the amount you are planning to give to the new house. Sriram told them that we can pay only so much. Our owner told Sriram don’t take any decisions and both husband and wife will come to Dubai to meet us during the week end. That week came and the owner came with his wife from Abu Dhabi to our house in Dubai. Our house owner asked us how much we will be able to pay for that house. I and Sriram told the amount and nothing more we can pay. Our owner told us how much ever you can afford to pay for this house you can pay to us but my only condition is you both should not leave this house and I don’t want anyone other than you people to stay in my house. Sriram and I did not know what to do and we just signed the cheque. YES AS OUR DEAR SWAMIJI SAID WE ARE STILL STAYING IN OUR SAME DREAM HOUSE AND AS PROMISED SWAMIJI CAME TO OUR HOUSE TO LIGHT THE LAMP.

Please believe us the state in which Sriram and I had been was terrible. It was like we should have fled to India. But still we are in Dubai attending our dear swamiji’s pooja and bhajans. Without our Swamiji’s blessing and protection from all evils people do you all think that this would have been possible? NEVER

Only Vikraman Swamiji has the power, love and affection to turn all impossible issues to possible. Believe in Swamiji 100% and leave all the issues to him. He will take care and do the best for us. Trust and belief is everything.

Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji


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