Unbelievable miracles which happened at my first house

With our Dear Swamiji’s blessings I and Sriram were blessed with a house in Sharjah. The amount of happiness which I got when I moved to our home was immense. I thanked Swamiji a million times for making us stay in a beautiful but small house.

Here I am going to share with you the miracles that happened in our house. People who read this might find it very strange and unbelievable. For those people, I would like to tell you that “HAVING OUR SWAMIJI NEXT TO US HE WILL ALWAYS DO UNBELIEVABLE MIRACLES”.  Please sit back and read our miracle having full trust and confidence with Swamiji.

In one pooja Swamiji asked me “did you eat sweets this morning?” I said, “yes, Swamiji I had kadalaimuttai (Peanut Sweet)”. Swamiji said that he saw some sweet on my gas stove and he was there when I was eating sweet. Then since we had just moved, our entire luggage were scattered.  Here I should say that when I moved to this house I did not have any furniture.  All I had was, one cot, bed, one old dressing table, one broken cupboard, and bags which were to keep our clothes. At that time Swamiji was in town and we went to the pooja. Swamiji was speaking to all devotees. He saw us and asked “how is the new house?” We said we loved it and thanked Swamiji for arranging such a beautiful house. Swamiji then, told us that he visited our house and when he entered he was jumping and getting inside the house. We really busted to laugh. Because we knew how we had just kept all the luggage on the passage and anyone who enters just have to jump and come inside. How Swamiji literally explained the way the house was??? ONLY SWAMIJI KNOWS THE ANSWER.

Again in another pooja in Dubai, Swamiji asked me “how is your house?”. I said Swamiji, it’s a beautiful house and I love my house. Saying so, I always thank our Dear Swamiji million and million times. Swamiji then told me “I visited your house. I saw my face on your mirror. It was not clear. I think you have to dust it” All the people in the pooja just laughed. We came back from the pooja and I went to my mirror and I saw Swamiji’s photo from my cupboard reflecting on the mirror. I thought that ok Swamiji is watching from behind and probably from behind when he is seeing his photo on the mirror it would have not been clear because of the dust on it. Then I went to sleep. The next morning Sriram was getting ready for his office. I too got up and just went near to my mirror to see Swamiji from behind. I still did not dust the mirror. I was shocked to see something written on the mirror. I SAW NUMBER 19 WRITTEN VERY BIG ON MY MIRROR.   People may not believe what I am saying. No visitors had come to our house. I called out Sriram and asked him why did you scribble on the mirror and what is that 19 you have written on the mirror. He said to me not to be crazy and he had never been near the mirror. Then I showed him what was written and then we realized that it’s our Swamiji who had made his presence in our house and written number 19 on the mirror. But why Swamiji wrote number 19th? What is the speciality on writing the number 19th? Who knows the answer at that time? IT must be only Our Dear Swamiji.

So many good things Swamiji had done to us during our stay in that small and beautiful house. Swamiji, had blessed us to get furniture’s, vessels, home decorations, plants etc etc. Even if it is a small thing which I needed for my house I just ask Swamiji. Swamiji, please I want that, I would get it immediately. Swamiji, had given me a to z for my house. Everything means everything. Let me recall a small thing. I always like plants and that too it was a season where everyone was getting magic bamboo plant.  I came to know that it’s not that lucky to get a magic bamboo by yourself.   Some other person should get the plant for you. Our family visited a fair in Dubai. In the fair a Chinese pavilion was selling magic bamboo plants. There had been a huge crowd getting the plant. At that time I was praying to Swamiji asking him Swamiji, please can you get a plant for me because I love it so much. Just in front of me a middle aged man who was holding a bunch of 5 magic bamboo plants turned to me and told these plants are for you take them. It is unbelievable. How Swamiji takes care of even a small issue. Today those plants are still there and they are more than 6 years old.

In that house Swamiji had done bundles of miracles. One of the greatest miracles of our Dear Swamiji is me conceiving to bear a child. One day in the pooja volunteers announced that whoever wants Swamiji to come home to light the lamp can write their names and contact numbers. I never thought to do so because I imagine Swamiji coming home with few of his devotees. I wonder how Swamiji can be made to sit comfortable in our small house. How will he eat any food we offer? The house is so small how we can invite Swamiji. I was just thinking of these things. But my husband Sriram went to write his name and contact details. One day we got a call telling that Swamiji is coming to your house. I was stunned. I was so happy and I was totally lost not knowing what to do and how Swamiji will feel coming to a small house. I was carrying my baby. I was not supposed to do any work. At that time I never knew how Swamiji gave me the strength and time to arrange everything for him. Sriram prepared curd rice for Swamiji. We were waiting for Swamiji to come and since it was going to be our memorable day in our life we looked for the date of the day when Swamiji had decided to come to our house. IT WAS 19TH OF DECEMBER 2003. I was shocked. Swamiji was coming out of the lift and I just cried out loud asking Swamiji, “Swamiji, you came to our house to write 19 on the mirror. But you never told us that you are going to step into our house on the 19th” After saying so, we both did pada pooja for our Swamiji’s golden feet and invited Swamiji into our small house. Swamiji entered into our house so happily. He got his keyboard to our house and he started to play the keyboard and sang bhajans in our house. It was like a dream come true. It was only me, Sriram and one servant in front of him. After the bhajans, Swamiji went to see our small house and then lighted the lamp. We asked Swamiji to have the Prasad which we made. Swamiji happily accepted to eat the curd rice and he had food telling that it’s nice. It’s our love, trust, belief and everything which we had for him. Swamiji says that in front of his devotees love and devotion he surrenders. And he says if you come towards me 10 steps I will come hundred steps towards you. It’s because of our love and trust, Swamiji, in spite of his busy schedule came to that very small house and made us so happy that literally we felt that we were in sorkalokha. Our memories when Swamiji came first to our house to light the lamp is still green and that itself is unbelievable miracle to us. No matter how rich you are or how poor you are or how young you are or how old you are, Swamiji is the same God in front of his true devotees.

With Swamiji’s blessing I gave birth to a beautiful and intelligent baby girl, Vibha. After her birth Swamiji came to our house again and blessed our daughter. He was so happy to see her and lifted her up with joy. Only he will know how he struggled hard to fight against all evils to give our little daughter to us. Swamiji had given her to us as a very valuable gift that each and every moment whenever we see her we think of our Dear Swamiji and touch his golden lotus feet to thank a million and million and million times.

One day we returned from Abu Dhabi and I was very tired and slept with the baby. I forgot that I had kept the baby feeding bottes in the gas stove for sterilization. It had boiled all the water and then it had started to melt the bottles. Thick fumes started coming out from my kitchen. My daughter just choked and I woke up to see only smoke in front of me. I lifted my baby and ran to the kitchen to put off the fire and ran to the lift. It took several months for the smell of the smoke to come out of the house. It was only Swamiji who saved me and my daughter’s lives.  Without Swamiji in my life I would have been lost in this wild world.

Again in that same kitchen Sriram was trying to cook something with lots of oil. Switching on the fire he forgot the pan. It got fire and luckily he put it off because of Swamiji’s blessings. The smoke was so high even the fire alarm started to ring and somehow he managed with the watchman to settle the issue.

During the next pooja Swamiji was talking to me. He was so angry at me. He asked me what is happening in your kitchen. I came to your kitchen and Swami himself was finding it very difficult to breathe. Why are you so careless in your kitchen? I see your gas stove not that good. He said “THROW IT OUT AND GET A NEW STOVE.”

Look at how Swamiji is protecting his devotees at all times.

In that flat where we stayed outside our front door in one of the tiles just below our calling bell in a lead pen it was written as “Vikraman”. Till now we do not know who and how it was written. Only our Dear Swamiji knows. It was like that house belongs to Vikraman Swamiji.

Who is there at the critical moments to look at you, protect you and give a solution to any problem? IT’S ONLY OUR DEAR SWAMIJI. For me he is my one and only savior; he is my one and only redeemer; he is my one and only saint; he is my one and only GOD.


Jai Sriram! Jai Sri Hanuman! Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji!




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