Jai Sri Vikraman Swamii!

Swamiji the great rescuer.

After my second daughter Subha’s arrival I was not able to spend some quality time with my first daughter Vibha. It was time for her to step into school from nursery. Getting admissions in good school at Dubai is very difficult. In one of the pooja in Dubai Sriram and I asked for Swamiji’s blessings to arrange for a good school for Vibha. Swamiji promised that he will arrange for a good school and they will also call us that she has got an admission.

The day came when she had to attend the interview. In this well known school the interview is conducted by the principal and the vice principal with the child alone. We were very tensed and this school being one among the few good schools around was the only school which we had in our mind to make Vibha study.

On our way to the school I was just asking her to recite few rhymes which were taught in Vibha’s nursery. To our surpise she had even forgotten the most common rhymes which children used to recite. Our tension rose to the peak. She was totally blank. She is our Swamiji’s blessed child to us and she was born very intelligent. When she went blank I knew it was the impact of the second daughter Subha’s arrival.  I was in tears and in front mirror of our car we had Swamiji’s photo. I saw him and prayed with tears very deeply to take care of Vibha during the interview and do some miracle.

At school we were watching the children going into the principals room for interview and each child was spending at least half an hour for the interview. We knew the competition was very tough. Out turn came and we were called inside the principals room for the interview. We went inside and we wished the principal and the vice principal who were there. And then the rapid fire questions started. The first question was to tell her name and then they asked her how she will come to school and the color of the schools bus. She answered the question. My daughter was wearing Swamiji’s pendant and before entering the principal’s room I just put the chain outside because I want Swamiji to take care of the interview. Whenever the principal was about to raise the question she was very keen to know who was there in the pendant. The next question to Vibha was about the pendant. The principal asked her who is there in your pendant. Vibha touched Swamiji’s pendant and told it’s my Swamiji. Her tone was as if don’t you know my Swamiji. Principal came very near to her to see who was there in her pendant and then she asked her what you do to your Swamiji. She answered that she will sing bajan’s to Swamiji. The principal asked her to sing one bhajan. She sang very loudly “Rama nama bholo” which is one of Swamiji’s bhajan. Vibha sang a stanza of the bhajan and immediately after her song both the principal and vice principal clapped hands and the principal gave her sweets telling that usually she will give one sweet to all children and this bonus sweet is for her bhajan. Saying so she kept Vibha’s file separate and then only we knew she was selected.

After the interview I went to my work and my colleagues asked me what Vibha answered during the interview. I told them she was asked to sing Swamiji’s bhajan. Everyone busted to laugh. Only I knew how Swamiji had saved Vibha during her interview.

The results came and this school uploads the result in the web.  We checked for Vibha’s name and “YES” she was selected. There had been thousands of applicants for 300 seats and Vibha is one among them.

We were very happy and I was wondering at what Swamiji had told us because no one will call since the results are published in the internet. One day I got a call congratulating that Vibha had got admission in this particular school. I was shocked not knowing who was calling me until the other lady herself told me that she is calling from Vibha’s nursery and her name had been forwarding to the nursery after getting through her interview at school. Then I realized what Swamiji was telling me.

People trust Swamiji’s saying 100% because whatever Swamiji tells it WILL COME TRUE 101% and whatever Swamiji tells WILL NEVER GO WRONG. Trust is everything. Swamiji never leaves his devotees alone and he always keeps up his promise.

I am very proud to say that both my little daughters Vibha and Subha, 5 and 2 years old, are very strong Swamiji’s devotees. I always pray that my daughters must be Swamiji’s strong devotees because I know Swamiji is everything to us.

Swamiji, a million thanks  for all the unbelievable miracles and divine blessings which you have done to me, Sriram, Vibha, Subha, our entire family and all your devotees all around the world.

Jai Sriramji! Jai Sri Hanumanji! Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji!

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