Unbelievable miracles have happened and keep happening by the grace of our beloved Vikraman Swami.  I, Madan Luhana, staying in Abu Dhabi with family, am here just because of many miracles bestowed by loving Swamiji in our lives.


I had given loan to my friend in 1996 in bits and pieces which later amounted to around Dhs. 67,000/-.  He was a spiritual person hence I never doubted him.  However later whenever I would ask him to return the money, he would just brush off the subject. So far the timings were good, I too did not pressurize him much.


In end of 2001, our lives took a serious turn.  The shop where I was working, the owners had to leave the country and go.  In 2002, I lost my job followed by my wife losing her job in 2003 after the birth of our third child.  For almost 6 months both of us were jobless but just because of Swami’s grace we were surviving in this country with our kids.  During this period I was scared to talk to this man and ask him to return our money since we were in great trouble.  However still at times, I use to gather some strength and request him to please return my money.  Though he was very well aware of our situations – both of us jobless, 5 members to feed and live in this part of world without income is not a joke.  Yet he was not interested in returning any amount. Later I came to know he had taken money from many other people also and like me all were scared to ask him money.


Right from sometime mid 2006, Swamiji repeatedly asked me to go and demand my money back.  Having mixed feeling within – scared of the person and at the same time having confidence in Swami, I approached him several times to return my money.  Although both he and his wife are working along with their two daughters in very good companies having good paymasters yet he always pleaded that he has no money to pay. After much initial hesitation, he finally agreed and paid Dhs. 500 - 1,000/- at times every month but again stopped after 3-4 months. 


Each time I met Swami he continued to inquire about how much I got back from him and kept on pushing me to go ahead, not to get scared of him and ask for money.  One day finally I do not know from where I accumulated so much strength. I am amazed at myself whenever I think of it now. I went to his house and with full power demanded him to return my money.  We had heated arguments over the amount, shouting, fights etc. His wife denied having taken this big amount.  I gave them complete listing of the amounts taken along with the dates.  After much acting, denial etc. they finally agreed the amount and his wife promised to payoff very soon.  However after all this also they returned only Dhs. 1,000/- and nothing more.


Sometime later this person went out of country alone.  Swamiji also was there in town that time and he kept on pushing me in every pooja to go and check for money from them.  I went to their house again and created a scene with his wife.  After that again few days I fail to understand what got into me. One fine morning I just went to their office.  Both husband and wife work together in same company.  Since husband was out of town, only wife was in the office, I went and shouted in the office reception and started talking to their entire staff advising them not to employ such people who have habit of taking money.  I insulted them, called them robbers and threatened to take them to police and oh my God I do not know what all I had spoken.  Today when I think back I feel as if Swamiji himself was sitting inside me and talking such things that time which I normally would never have spoken. After all the chaos and commotion, I left their office.  Next day there was pooja and I informed Swamiji all that had taken place.  While we were returning back, my wife called and mentioned to me that the wife of that person had come to our house and had promised to pay back our entire amount in two installments very soon and asked her to stop me from coming to their office.  Within a few days from then, one day she came and gave me copy of the amount she had deposited in my account.  I was surprised to see she had repaid half the amount at one go.  Then again next month beginning, when I checked my account for my salary transfer, I found she had deposited balance half of the amount also. Later she came to our house giving copy of the deposit slip. The amount which was pending since so many years was thus cleared by Swami’s grace within a month’s time. 


This is just one of the many miracles that have taken place in my life since I met Swamiji. 


Jai Bolo Vikraman Swamiji Ki .   Jai




 - Madan, Neha, Nimesh, Jyothika and Hemani. – Abu Dhabi.


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