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Miracles in my Life:


Someone calls you Ram, someone calls you Shyam, someone Allah, someone Jesus but for the Devotees of Abu Dhabi and me, Swamiji is, all in one, called Vikrama Ram. Under the banner of Unity of Universe, Swamiji has been urging everyone to come under one umbrella and realize God through any form. Indeed we are blessed to have the divine contact of the Living God... Modem God... the God approachable, see able, touchable, and affectionate and ever acceding to our needs, however trivial the need may be. Swamiji, we are the blessed and fortunate to be under your divine grace.


We met Swamiji in 1999 at one of Abu Dhabi devotee’s house, after several vain attempts, to solicit his blessings. Swamiji, with his uncanny abilities to sprint names of relatives/friends, birthdays and other mundane things like clothing, mixie etc caught us in an awe inspiring and spell bound attention. His inimitable and simple ways of pooja attracted us in that no slokam/homam was preached and imbibed/ performed. Luckily we were caught in the divine web of Swamiji's devotees spun through utter dedication selfless approach. In order to assure and assuage the new devotees, his nonchalant approach of telling the currency notes /God's photos was awe-inspiring. One has to realize that he/she is facing the Para Brahma, the triumvirate Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma, the unfathomable and timeless Infinite. My attempts to ink few of my experiences will wane into nothingness without his divine blessings and I invoke the same to translate thoughts into something readable for the devotees:


In the year 2000, somewhere in March, Swamiji before proceeding to USA, informed me that I should be ready to proceed on leave in October to Chennai to attend a marriage. Non-plussed, I said that there was no plan in Chennai for anyone's marriage. While returning from USA in May, he repeated the same and I pleaded ignorance. Later in October, I visited India to perform the obsequies of my Father who had a natural death. Swamiji during his December visit asked me whether I attended a marriage and I narrated about my Father's death. Swamiji said that I had distributed new clothing in celebration of his soul reaching its heavenly abode. I was stunned and stumped at the lucid explanation of the phenomenon. Little did I realize that Swamiji coined the allegory of marriage for the heavenly abode?


 During his visit to USA, I spoke to him over phone to seek his blessings. While saying that there is no problem, he said that there is some small problem and that He will take care of it. I relayed this to my wife over phone from my mobile and on the spur of moment saw speeding Pick-up (truck) approaching my car while being stationed before a red signal. I yelled saying" that's the end of me "while having a fleeting glance over the rear view mirror. Swamiji performed a miracle in that the Pick-up, at the last moment, swerved to the right and passed the red signal. I was saved from a certain catastrophe.


 In one of the Poojas a devotee asked me to play the Jhanak instrument and I accepted it without a clue of its euphony. I started playing to the mellifluous voice of Swamiji while rendering the Namashivaya song and I was transported to another world. On seeing this, Swamiji ordered that I play the jhanak for all future poojas. Indeed this gave me an opportunity to be near this Deity.


I used to write some bhajans and Swamiji said that I would write English bhajans also. Inspired by the chat session we have in the internet, I wrote the Bhajan" Chat chat chat, it's a holy holy chat, Ram Shyam here, Baba Hanuman here; it's a holy holy chat, Vikraman Swamiji's chat; it's a holy holy chat Vikraman Swamiji's chat. It was an instant hit and Swamiji liked it so much that the Abu Dhabi Bhajan Group sang it at all Poojas concluding with the Guru Poomirna celebrations held at the Emirates English speaking school. In fact I was blessed to get the blessing of Swamiji the last, somewhere at 3 pm on Friday. It was a pleasant gift to be by Swamiji's side from Thursday night till the next day counting to almost 18 hours. Subsequently, during the Birthday celebrations held at the Ambassador Hotel, we staged a Das Avatar show, depicting our Swamiji's avatars rendered by the children and it was a fabulous show. This was followed by a song ... " Vikram jai jai, Vittal jai jai; Das avatari meri Swamiji ki jai and then goes on to narrate each avatar and its purpose, concluding with the Kalki avatar."

Afterwards, Swamiji blessed us to enact the miracles of various devotees in the form of a skit performed by the children. We wrote the script on the basis of actual experience of the devotees and trained the children to enact the scenes. The children gave memorable performance and we were asked to stage several such miracles at several subsequent Poojas. The prelude to the miracle show was a song rendered by a Bagwathar attired in saffron clothes and it goes thus ………..Suno Suno Bhai Suno Suno, Vikram Swami Ki Katha Suno; Jisne Bhi Vishwas Kiya, Uska Beda Par Suno.   Needless to say the skits were a super hit.


I was blessed to write the bhajan....

Someone calls you Ram,

Someone calls you Shyam;

You're my Vikrama Ram, SWAMY

You're my Vikrama Shyam.


The rendition of baby Karishma was super and it became an instant success too. Staging the miracles of the Lord itself was a miracle...

We were dilly-dallying about our Son's marriage as we felt that the girl was not compatible to our son. Swamiji said that everything will be fine and that the marriage will be a success. With his blessings we performed the marriage and his words have come true. Thanks a lot Swamiji for guiding us once again.


My daughter although a good student, was nervous when she was to face her 12th exams. Swamiji comforted her saying that she will get the first Rank. True to his blessings, she not only came first in UAE but in the entire Gulf. Thank you Swamiji once again. Subsequently, when Swamiji visited our house to light the lamp, said that my daughter will study very well and her papers will appear in the international magazines and will do research for the good of human race. Recently I was informed that her paper on Electronics and communication was accepted in an International Magazine and she is the only student whose paper has been accepted this year from her college.


During one of the Poojas Swamiji said that I would appear in the Asianet T.V. programme. I was perplexed as to how I, being a Tamilian, would appear in the Malayalam TV Asianet. In fact I did appear in the Asianet TV while on a talk show relating to NRI Investments of Gulf Malayalees. Miracle again.


For the past two years, I have been pestering Swamiji to relieve me from Abu Dhabi! Bank, as the work place has not been conducive enough to be at peace, sequel to the management change. He has been advising me to hold on, as there will be light at the end of tunnel. In fact his words on the sacking of my Boss came true. I am hoping for the silver lining in an otherwise dark cloud of office.


We are living in the age of Living God" Vikraman Swamiji" and I pray Lord Hanuman to bestow best of health and make Swamiji's pursuit" Unity of universe" a resounding success.


Bolo.... " Shri Vikraman Swamiji ki Jai "



V Sasikala




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