My Experience with Swamiji.


Jai Shree Ram


My humble pranam at our Swami’s lotus feet.


I came to Swami’s fold with the help of Shri Vishwanathji to whom I will always remain grateful.


The first experience with Swami was seeing and believing and accepting him as our Guru.


During the first meeting with Swamiji in Shri Khanna’s house and next day at Shri JK’s house in Abu Dhabi, Swamiji had told me that you will be accompanied by your wife and afterwards with your son who will also become Swami’s devotee, which has happened as a greatest miracle in my life.


Since young age I had been having darshan and taking blessings of various gurus but after seeing Shri Vikraman Swamiji, I felt and believed that I have found a living guru in the form of my Ishta DevataSai Baba” who always guides me. From my rough and tough behaviour, Swamiji has moulded me as a soft gentleman which nobody could have done.  When my son Prajwal came to Abu Dhabi he did not believe in any Swami or Guru.  We invited him to visit Swami’s pooja which was to be held in Satish Bhaskar’s house.  He agreed only on one condition that as he enters Swami’s pooja place, he should be called by his name.  And the miracle happened!!! As we entered the hall, Swami called him by his name and told him all the things and discussions that had taken place at our residence and his condition.  He also told about his past, present and future and made him his strong devotee.


One thing I believe is that we should have 100% faith in our Guru who will take care of all our needs and responsibilities.


As to cross a river, we believe in the boatman, we should have faith in Swami and he will make our life easy, smooth and we will become a devoted soul.


Jagadish Rao

Abu Dhabi

Jai Shree Ram


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