Jai Sri Ram,

In 2000 I was told about Swamiji by my friend Vaidya, Who is also one of Swamiji’s ardent Devotees and has seen many miracles himself.

Swamiji has many times called me by my name in pooja’s although I had never mentioned to him. This raised a deep faith in Swamiji for me.

 I was attending the pooja after a long gap of 3-4 years. While taking blessings from Swamiji, All of a sudden he asked me about my mother. Where is she? I told him I lost her a year ago. We don’t need to tell Swamiji anything he knows everything going around his devotees.

 I wanted to do extension of my old flat which is in the out skirts of Pune, it was illegal to do the extension of the building at that time. For me it was difficult decision. I was highly confused. At last I asked Swamiji.  Swamiji asked me if any temple is near my house. I said yes Swamiji. The pooja was in Dubai but Swamiji could see my house back home in Pune. Then Swamiji told me to go ahead with the construction and also mentioned that the construction will get legalised.

Presently this construction is legalised and the rent is a great reprieve for my family.

My most recent miracle is about my resettlement in India after having spent 24 years in Dubai. All these years I have been only longing and yearning for this to come true. Many people have given me dreadful experiences of resettlement in India. I had failed two attempts earlier. This time I decided I will do only after Swamiji gives his consent.

Since three months I have been persuading Swamiji. He used to tell not now I will tell you when to go. I also need to take care of your income back home in India.

At Last Swamiji have given me his consent to go ahead with my d Settlement in India. Without Swamiji approval it was an impossible decision for a sole earner of the family like me. Swamiji has also given me the confidence he is with me and will not let me fall.

With Swamiji Blessing I am planning to start my own business. My sister is also planning to help me out financially.

Hundred percent faith fetches you miracles. I have undoubtedly and truly experienced this in letter and spirit.

 Swamiji is my GURU for Ever.


Vidyadhar Medhekar



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