Sri Ram Jayam


You are my God Swamiji .You are my only one God who I believe and trust in my life. You have helped me a lot. I thank you from my heart for that, my children also pray to Swamiji very well from their heart. I know my Swamiji since 10 years. I will face the future with your blessings. Even if I don't have anyone I am not afraid, as I have my Swamiji with me all the time. These are what I keep in my mind and live. My younger sister in Sri Lanka was facing some problems; they had no business in their shop. After I sent my Swamiji’s calendar and some photos of Swamiji and Hanumanji before six month they are much better today.


My younger brother had lot of problems in Sri Lanka. When he was driving the vehicle, he faced an accident and someone died. My brother had to pay them 5 lakh Sri Lankan rupees, I called to my Swamiji and requested him to help my brother form this problem. Finally he only had to pay them 12,500 rupees. All this is from my Swamiji’s blessings. Whatever I think and ask, everything if fulfilled by my Swamiji’s blessings.


Before I meet Swamiji, I faced a lot of problems and troubles with my three children. I was left alone three times without much food to eat. My husband had run away with another woman. He disappointed me. I was alone for fourteen years with my children; he did not look at us for these fourteen years.


After I met Swamiji, I am living very happily. I started to get success in my life and with my children. With Swamiji’s blessings my children have a very good standard, study well and are in a good position. My children's father divorced that lady and started to help my children and look after them. I faced lot of problems in the last fourteen years. All that I have achieved today is from my god Swamiji’s blessings. I am praying day and night for you. You have helped for me and other members in my family a lot. They are also living in Sri Lanka and are doing very well now.


Now I am living without asking for help from anyone because of Swamiji. I couldn't go to Sri Lanka to see my family for nine years because of problems. After that I was able to go Sri Lanka with my children to see my mother and family members. This was arranged from my Swamiji’s blessings. He is there for us all the time. I am living for him, I am happy for him, I will die for him. What can I do for my Swamiji? However much I do, it’s not enough. I have a lot of faith and devotion for you. I love you so much Swamiji. I wish you long and healthy life my Swamiji.






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