Shireesh Talwalkar----Dubai. U.A.E.


About fifteen years back, a French doctor told me that I had an incurable eye problem, but would give no details as she was puzzled. Then, about eight years back, a leading ophthalmologist in Bangalore diagnosed that I was suffering from speckled macula which would gradually deteriorate the vision in one eye till it disappeared completely. The vision deteriorated and my internet research said that there was no cure for this problem. When the vision had almost completely disappeared, I decided I would take a last chance to see if any cure had recently been developed. I contacted Aravind Eye hospital in Madurai. They said come and we will see what can be done. Before going, I asked Swamiji’s permission. He said "Go and let them do what they want to, then I will do a miracle for you". The doctors at Aravind diagnosed cataract and said they couldn't see the macula because of the cataract. When they removed the cataract and looked at the macula, the speckling had disappeared and I was not going to lose the vision in that eye after all.


We were in Baltimore to settle my daughter there for her first job, after graduation from another town. We didn't know anyone in Baltimore. Baltimore is the crime capital of USA and finding an apartment in a safe locality with all security was more difficult than we had expected. We had found a suitable apartment but the real estate company had put us off by saying that there was a long waiting list for the one vacancy and we should look elsewhere. We were running out of time as our return was within three days. I called Swamiji in Chennai but he was away and I was told that my problem would be communicated to him. As we drove to another unsuitable apartment, half an hour after the phone call, the real estate company surprisingly called my daughter to say that contrary to their earlier statement, the apartment had been allocated to my daughter and she should come quickly to sign the lease. In the remaining time we were able to furnish the apartment and leave Baltimore satisfied that our worries for the security of our daughter were at rest due to Swami's miraculous intervention.


When I moved my family to Dubai, I asked Swamiji for his permission and he said everything had been arranged and I should not worry though the arrangements were complicated by the fact that my wife was in Bangalore and the two daughters in different cities in USA and I had to get all the documentation together while time was short as my daughters had to vacate their accommodations and take their flights in a few days. The notarised documents from Delhi had to arrive by courier and when I checked with the agent, he said that I had miscalculated due to the holidays in India and Dubai and therefore the documents were not expected for the next four days. I was getting desperate and prayed hard to Swamiji. Of course, two hours later I got a phone call from another person at the agent's office, saying the documents were here and I should come and collect them. Just as Swamiji had told "me everything had been arranged" and it all worked, in time for the family to be together.


Two years back, I had to move my parents (father in nineties, mother in late eighties) from Bombay to a new building in Pune. We were the first to move into the building and in spite of spending two months settling them down, the day before leaving for Dubai, we still had no phone in the apartment. I had made four visits to the BSNL    office but could not produce the documents required by the commercial officer. As I went for the fifth visit, I kept praying to Swamiji to help me get a connection, as I was leaving the next day. I went to see the commercial officer, but one of the assistants asked me why. When I explained my problem, he took me to the clerk for completing the payment, accepting my incomplete documentation. The clerk mentioned that it would take three months and several visits more before we could get the connection. I prayed harder. On an impulse, I went and saw the divisional engineer. He understood the concern I had and arranged everything including getting a temporary line to the building within three days of my departure.


Jai Sri Ram!

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