Kodi Kodi Pranam.

Swamiji always tells “When you need I will be there, when you call I will be there”. These words of Swamiji are cent per cent correct. We have a lot of experiences. With the permission of Swamiji, We would like to mention a few of them.


Once, Swamiji mentioned about my wife’s (Jyothi) job during a pooja at Abu Dhabi. She was having problems with her job at that time. Swamiji advised her “Don’t resign the present job yourself. You will get a good & relaxed job within two months”. After that she lost her job. But the company gave her two months’ salary i.e. during the gap period of two months till she got a job. Then only we understood why Swamiji advised her “not to leave her job by herself”.


Though jyothi attended many interviews she got only one reply “We will let you know”. Then in a pooja at Sri Viswanathan’s house at Abu Dhabi, Swamiji told us,

“I have two applicants for immediate job. One is Jyothi and the other is another devotee”. Swamiji also said that he has already arranged a good and relaxed job for Jyothi. That was on Thursday. The next Saturday itself, one of my brothers telephoned me and gave one fax number saying to send the CV of Jyothi.  She faxed her CV at 8.30 hrs in the morning. At 10 hrs they called her for an interview. She attended the interview. There were many persons who had more experience than Jyothi. However, at about 2 p.m on the same day they informed her that she was selected. This was really a job reserved by Swamiji only for her and the salary offered by them was also better than her previous job.Thank you very much Swamiji. We pray for your blessings always.


With the permission of Swamiji I would like to mention one more miracle. Two Years’s back Jyothi’s mother was hospitalised due to infection in one of the heart valves. She was in a critical condition and doctors told that we need lot of prayers. We tried Swamiji over phone, but got the message that Swamiji was out of station. Then we prayed deeply before Swamiji’s photograph. That day itself we came to know that Swamiji’ is in Dubai for a pooja. Here I would like to mention again Swamiji’s words “When you need I will be there, when you call I will be there.” Swamiji told us that even she is in a serious condition nothing to worry and also gave us vibuthi prasadam saying to send it immediately to her mother.As told, we sent it immediately and she started to apply that. After a few days we noticed that she was recovering gradually and she was discharged from the hospital. According to doctor’s advice she has to undergo for a major surgery after one month depends upon her health condition. After two months, doctors fixed the surgery date. On the surgery day she was taken to theatre at 12.30 PM and taken out at 7.30 PM. According to doctors it should be very complicated and delicate process for making it successfully whereas with Swamiji’s blessings, this surgery went on smoothly and without complications. This matter has already spoken by Swamiji while Swamiji was in Dubai and the same Pooja Swamiji pacified us by saying that it should be very minor and nothing to worry about it.  Ultimately, she was discharged from the hospital very fast after recovering well and now she is keeping fine, because of You, Sawamiji. Thank you very much,


Another miracle, Once the company where I am working was in very bad condition , last 9 months there was no salary for the staff , and also lot of problems inside the company, really everybody was worried about  the situation , because , one by one people started leaving from the company.  At that time swamiji  was in dubai ,  I told swamiji about the present  situation , swamiji told that don’t resign from this company , after that,  because of the swamiji’s blessing , the management changed , and also I got two more promotion with in two years time. Thank you very much swamiji.


In our office we lost one important agency, so the management was so worried about the agency, swamiji told that nothing to worry and the agency will come back to your company. After some days the agency people sent a letter saying that your company is terminated from the agency. We communicated this matter to swamiji, But swamiji told that nothing to worry, the agency will not goaway from your company. After few months the agency people withdrew the termination letter .And still now we have the agency of the product.  Thank you very much swamiji.   


Day by day our confidence level is increasing with Swamiji. The day we met Swamiji that time onwards, swamiji is taking care of us. With Swamiji's permission I would like to share the biggest Miracle in our life.


After several years of our marriage, we didn't have a child. Whenever we used to go to pooja we have only one question i.e. about our child. Every time Swamiji told that you don't worry, you will have child. But we were not worried, because Swamiji told that we will have child means we will have, just we were waiting. And also the experienced devotees were sharing their experiences in the pooja, after listening to that our confidence also increased.


Before we were consulting with one doctor after another, all the doctors were telling no problem for both of you, The same thing we told Swamiji also, then Swamiji told that you try with another special doctor, after Swamiji told this few months later one new doctor came in Dubai, through one of our friends we came to know that, the doctor is specialised for the infertility. Swamiji already mentioned to us that we had to consult immediately with one special doctor. We went to the Doctor, and he prescribed some medication and a small operation for my wife, Jyothi.


After few months, Swamiji came to our house at Abu Dhabi for a bachelor’s pooja. Swamiji asked me, three ‘makam’ stars are there in your family, immediately I replayed that, “Swamiji, My star is Makam and also my sister and another makam is Jyothi's sister's daughter,” After listening this Swamiji smiled. That time really we didn't understand that why Swamiji mentioned about the 3 Makam and also Swamiji asked me when you are planning for the vacation.  We told that “after 2 months”, then Swamiji told this time you will come back with good news. Swamiji already blessed us, and also Swamiji told me, you will go to many temples.


Because of wamiji's blessing I had a chance to go Kodungallur Devi Temple for 12 days continuously.


Exactly it happened, two weeks before we had to return from the vacation, Doctor confirmed that Jyothi was pregnant. Immediately we called Swamiji in the Ashram and told about this miracle. The same time Swamiji told us that I will select the name of the child, after listening to this we were so happy, because it is the biggest blessing for our child.


After few days we came to know that it is twins, immediately we told Swamiji about that, immediately Swamiji told that I knew about that, of course Swamiji knows everything.


During the pregnancy period she had lot of problems, every day we used to apply the vibhothi which Swamiji give to us. Only because of Swamiji, everything went on perfectly.


On 13th May 2009, Jyothi delivered 2 babies, one baby boy and one baby girl, immediately I called Swamiji in the ashram, but I didn't get Swamiji, the very next day


I got Swamiji ,and told about this miracle and also we were asking about the names, Swamiji told us for the boy you can call him as Jyothishkumar and the girl as Janani, with the blessing of Swamiji we did the namakaranam also accordingly.


Swamiji, how much we are thankful to you, we are surrendering to you completely at Your feet.


After that we realised that one year before , in our house Abu Dhabi Pooja Swamiji  mentioned about the 3 ‘Makam’ star , one is me another 2 is my children only ,   That is swamiji.


Without Swmij’s knowledge nothing is happening in this world. If you have 100 % trust with swamiji, you don’t need to worry only, Swamiji will take care of everything.


Thank you very much swamiji, we don't want anything Swamiji other than you


Swamiji we have only one request “ALWAYS BE WITH US “


Jai Sree Ram & Jai Sri Vikramn Swamiji


Venkitesh – Abu Dhabi

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