Om Ganeshaya Namah!

Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji!

Jai Sri Hanuman!

Jai Sri Ram!


With the Blessings of Sri Vikraman Swamiji, I have experienced many many Miracles over the past four years. Swamiji lifts us both materially and spiritually to Divine heights through His Blessings and Words. Being in Swamiji’s presence is a unique experience, which fills us with Joy, Happiness and Bliss. Swamiji says that taking care of our family members, children, and parents is itself God’s Puja. Swamiji says that one should not avoid responsibilities and go to the Himalayas and sit in meditation; but we have to realize God here and now in our living and working in this world / Samsara.

1.      During the last year 2008, we performed the Upanayana ceremony of our elder son Parthasarathy in Hyderabad. Swamiji had already told us long back that the ceremony would be held during 2008(13th year of Parthasarathi). I took the Blessings of Swamiji, and performed the Upanayana (Thread ceremony) Ceremony in Hyderabad; which went off smoothly, without any obstacle. When we returned to Kuwait, I met Swamiji at Puja in Ganesh’s house and to my surprise, Swamiji told me and all the Devotees, about the entire proceedings of the Ceremony, including the types of the food which was served, our relatives who attended, and the mistakes we committed; Swamiji informed me that He was sitting in the audience!

2.      Since the past few years, I was intending to bring my mother to Kuwait on a dependent (Resident) Visa; but I was skeptical whether I would be able to do so, considering the changing and volatile visa rules in Kuwait. I put the request before Swamiji, and Swamiji said that my mother will come to Kuwait soon. True to His word, I could process the Visa documents in the Indian Embassy, Ministry of foreign affairs, Kuwait and then the visa office in Kuwait. Everything went so smoothly that I could not believe myself; and in the month of April 2008, my mother Usha Vaidya arrived in Kuwait on a Dependent Visa; which is yet another Miracle of Sri Vikraman Swamiji. Now my mother Usha attends the Puja’s of Swamiji, and she is very happy and Blessed to be in the Presence of Swamiji.

3.      Our Elder son Parthasarathi topped the computer exams in Kuwait, by Swamiji’s Blessings; these exams are conducted by an Australian based organization. Parthasarathi (Partha) is passionate about computers, its software and the hardware, and he spends most of his time on the PC. I and my wife Ananthapriya were rather worried about Partha’s obsession with computers; and one day he told us that he wanted a new PC with a better configuration for his Birthday. We already have two PCs and two Laptops at home, and when he asked for yet another PC, we thought it was not required, and we spoke to Swamiji about Partha’s demands. Swamiji Blessed Partha and told us that Partha is extremely competent in Computers, and that he had outgrown the functionalities and utilities of the existing computers at home, and that Partha would create or discover something new in the world of computers. Swamiji told us that in the future, Partha will design and direct the manufacturing of more efficient PCs, and he would travel to different countries to train people on computers. We were very happy to hear the miraculous words of Sri Vikraman Swamiji.  Swamiji’s every word will come true! Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji!

4.      During March 2009, Swamiji Blessed Mr.S.P.Venkatesh and me, that we would soon start a training organization in Kuwait. True to Swamiji’s Words Mr.S.P.Venkatesh has already prepared the ground for starting a Training agency (Efinserve Training) in Kuwait, with the help of a Kuwaiti National. The process is moving so rapidly that we are amazed at the progress of events. All things are falling in place, as though by a Divine Order. When Swamiji says something, it is bound to happen without fail.

5.      Once during my visit to Hyderabad in April 2008, I had gone for a morning walk, and after completing the walk, I proceeded to Balaji Temple on the Hillock behind our house. I went to the Temple and waited for about half an hour, but the Priest of the Temple did not come to open the Temple door. I tried to have the Darshan of the Deity through the slit in the Temple Door, but was not successful. So, I waited for another ten minutes and left back for home. I had forgotten about this incident. When I met Swamiji in Kuwait after my return to Kuwait, Swamiji asked me if I had gone to the Temple in Hyderabad, and Swamiji described my entire process of going to Balaji Temple, and told me that even though I could not get the Darshan of the Deity, I had already received God’s Blessings. This shows that Swamiji is Omnipotent and Omnipresent, and He knows even the smallest action which we are performing. This also proves the fact that God observes us every fraction of a second, and nothing goes unhidden from God. Glory to Sri Vikraman Swamiji!

6.      Swamiji told us during Puja in our house in Kuwait, that He had just visited Moon ten minutes ago, and He had seen creatures on the Southern side and Mountains on the Northern side of the Moon. Swamiji even told us that soon Construction will begin on the Moon’s surface. Swamiji also told us about the existence of Precious Stones and Metals in Moon’s Crust. Swamiji also told us that He has devotees on different Planets in the Universe. This proves that Swamiji is all-pervading and Triloka Sanchari.



-Sameer M Vaidya & Ananthapriya (Kuwait)

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