A. Srikrishna- Kuwait - Part-3




It is all by my Swamiji’s grace that I am writing this experience. For me Swamiji is everything in my life and I cannot live without Swamiji. He is always there everywhere every second in our heart, in my heart forever and by His blessings I am going to share my experience. This is just a small bit of all the uncountable blessings, love, care and miracles He has showered on me.


It all started on October 2006 with one line of Swamiji “By God’s grace you will come Kuwait-first in your 10th boards and your picture will come in the paper”. And that was enough to spill the beads. I was speechless and shocked and all I did was kissed Swamiji’s feet which was the most wonderful moment. All his maya started from then. In my mind I used to keep saying “ I have full faith in your words Swami You are my God and your words are Veda for me nothing can change it.. all I am excited to see is how will you do  it… a boy who has not even got 90 percent in 9th  only and whose handwriting is always a complain he will top?? Your leela is adbhutham Swami” that was exactly in my mind always.. I remember I told two of my friend in 9th what my Swami had told and their reactions “ ok  let’s see…” and the other “ see it’s not that you will come first others also can, you know it’s not easy but let’s see.” All I told them was “this time you will see what my Swami can do and you will see the power of faith”.


From then time passed by, and then I finally came to 10th, the first term went second term went but marks were not coming, all I got is 80%. Inside I was having a feeling “I am putting a lot of hard work but something bad is obstructing me and I am not doing well, Swami please take care”. It was October 2006 and that year I decided not to attend Hanumath Jayanti because my model exams, but in a pooja when I was taking Swamiji’s blessings Swamiji himself told “you are coming for Hanumath Jayanthi this year by God’s grace and I am there with you”. I have to follow Swamiji’s instructions and I made up my mind to skip my first model exam. My first exam was to take place on 5th January 2008 (Saturday) as in Kuwait Thursday and Friday are the week days. But the Kuwait government declared Friday and Saturday to be weekdays from September so my exam was postponed to Sunday, but Hanumath Jayanthi was on 5th and 6th January (Saturday and Sunday). But everything changed after all it was Swamiji who had to do the leela, my school postponed the exam to Monday for no reason which they never did in all my years in the school. In my heart I knew that Swamiji told me to attend Jayanthi to remove that bad thing which was obstructing my way and get more blessings to have faith and trust in Him. With a happy heart, I went to Jayanthi and the joy I got there was unbelievable. I was so happy that by His grace I could get His blessings on such an important day and most important I could hear my Swami singing bhajans which took me to another world and my heart was filled with joy and love for my Swami. The divine atmosphere during those two days was the biggest blessing and joy I could ever get. At the end of the Hanumanth Jayanthi I just spoke to myself “how stupid you were to even think of missing such an opportunity just for an exam. Thank you Swamiji I know you are there to correct me, how loving you are Swami.”. Swamiji always says “even if you forget me I will never forget you. Now you are my responsibility, Swami is always watching his devotees and always there with you”. And this is exactly what Swamiji was doing with me.


My flight back to Kuwait was to land on 9th (Monday) by 8:30am while my exam started at 10am , so I was happy that Swami took care of that and I decided to go to school directly from the airport and give my exam. But my Swami has to bring in some drama, so instead of landing at 8.30 He delayed it by 1 hour 45 min and we finally landed by 10:15. We had the taxi ready to take me alone to school so I was waiting to rush out of the plane but first business class passengers had to leave then the economy, so I was waiting. But I met one of the plane staff and this was the conversation

Staff: How come you are alone? Traveling alone?

Me: No it’s just that I have to write my exam so I am going alone out so that I reach fast.

Staff: What time does it start?

Me: (I showed my watch it was 10:20) my exam started at 10:00.

He was shocked so he immediately allowed me to go before the business class passengers and I cleared and reached my school at 10:50 to write my modal exam and by His grace I just took 5 minutes extra (also we cannot get more since the school was over). But He blessed me and I could finish my paper. After the first and second models which got over in January and February first week, now came my board examination. For my board practical examination held on 12 Feb. 2008 (not the practical theory) we had to pick a chit provided by our teacher on which the subject is written (either physics or chemistry or biology). Our seniors had told us that chemistry is the easiest and biology is the most difficult. I prayed to Swamiji and picked a chit and for a shock it was biology. Now again He started the drama (all the twist). My thoughts “what Swami I prayed to you for this. Why Swamiji?”  While some of my friends exchanged with others at the end me and five other friends had to go for biology practical. Then I told myself “Wait you prayed to Swamiji and chose the chit, how my Swami can give me anything wrong. This means biology is the best for me and it will be the easiest no matter what because my Swami gave it to me”. I tried to convince the five friends by saying “ see my Swami has selected it means it will be easy take my words and I promise that not even one of you will come out sad afterwards whatsoever and that is my faith in my God. Today you all who are laughing at me will see the truth yourself”. And all by Swamiji’s grace biology was the easiest and I have one friend who hates biology very much, and it was that easy that he also was happy. I finally went and asked “how many of you doubt God’s   power, this is the truth in front of you”. All His leela He only knows.

And the best thing is the biology teacher likes me a lot so she would surely give me full.


Now came my main board exams -- Will continue in my next part.


A. Srikrishna- Kuwait - Part-3


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