Real Life Experience

Ditto Devadas



I like to share with you all some of my real life experiences.


I met Vikraman Swamiji for the first time in 2003 at Dubai, that time I was facing lot of problems in my life. The company where I was working was not paying me salary properly, so I was not able to send any money to my family. I really did not know what to do and where to go. I used to go every day to the temple in Bur Dubai and participate in Vishnu Sahasra nama parayan every evening. One day when I was returning to home from the temple, I saw a notice on the notice board of the temple about the pooja of Vikraman Swamiji, I went to the pooja hall and sat patiently waiting for Swamiji's arrival.  Swamiji came and we sang bhajans together after the bhajans Swamiji called one by one, some by name some by their birth dates etc. When my turn came, Swamiji first asked me do you want to change your job. I really don't know what to say because I was really new in Dubai and I didn't know about the rules in Dubai. Swamiji said you will come to know everything when time comes, and Swamiji asked some names of my relatives and asked me who they are. I was really surprised on thinking how Swamiji came to know all this about me.


After the pooja I went home with complete peace of mind, because I understood that there is a divine power in Swamiji, who knows all my problems. On that day I fully surrendered to Swamiji and left all my problems to Swamiji. I really believe that Swamiji will take care of me.


After that I regularly attended all the poojas of Vikraman Swamiji. One day Swamiji said that the prayers of my Dubai devotees are so strong; they bring me to Dubai very often.  My company’s condition became worse after few months and all the workers started to strike. At the end we filed a complaint to the labour ministry, only my case was not settled in labour ministry. I had to file a case against my company in the Dubai court.  I was not having any money at that time, but with Swamiji's help I could arrange a advocate to appear for me in the court, and he did not ask any money from me. He told me that only after getting all my money from the company I had to pay his fees.


When my case was running in Dubai court, Swamiji came to Dubai. On the first pooja Swamiji asked me whose case was going on in the court. I told Swamiji that my case is going on. Swamiji said to me that you will win the case and you will receive your money. You will go back to India and marry. Swamiji said I have already arranged a girl for you.


My parents were really worried about me; they asked me to withdraw the case and come back home. I told my parents that my Swamiji told me that I will win the case and I get all my money.


While my case was running, Swamiji arranged a good job in Dubai where I was able to work comfortably. In November 2005, I won my case and got all my money. As I was planning to marry, I bought my wedding chain and a wedding ring from Dubai. On the same day, I got a call informing about Swamiji's pooja in the night. I brought my wedding chain to get it blessed by Swamiji. Swamiji took the chain in his hand and told me that I was about to buy another chain but suddenly I saw this chain and bought this one. This is exactly what had happened in the jewelers shop that morning. Swamiji said I was with you and I only arranged this wedding chain for you. Swamiji blessed the chain and told me that he had already arranged a girl for me; even though I will have to drink some more tea but I will find a girl.


Also Swamiji asked me when you are going to buy your new shoe. I told Swamiji I had recently bought a new shoe it’s ok for me, but Swamiji said you have to buy another shoe, and told that now a day’s girls are looking what shoe boys are wearing while they come to see the girl for marriage. I really did  not understand what Swamiji meant at that time by this remark,


At the end of November 2005 I went back to India with Swamiji's blessing, I started bride hunting for my marriage. I saw almost 20 girls and drank plenty of tea as Swamiji said, but still I could not find my real soul mate. One day I was about to go see one girl, I found that my shoe was damaged by the workers who was doing the painting work in my house. I had to buy a new shoe before I went to the girl's house. I searched in three shops but I could not find a suitable shoe. Finally I bought a shoe and went to see the girl. I liked the girl and my marriage was fixed, only then I understood the meaning of Swamiji's remark about the buying of a new shoe.


In December 2008 I planned to go to Nanganallur with my family to see Swamiji, I booked the train ticket through the internet. That was the first time I had booked a train ticket from the internet. On the day of journey we all reached the rail way station on time but the train was two hours late, so we waited for long time in the station. At last the train to Chennai came we all got in the train, as the train was late the train moved from the station quickly. As we were searching for our seat in the train we found that the seat number was already booked by other passengers. I really shocked when I showed my e-ticket to the TTR of that train, he told me that we had taken the wrong train and this ticket was for a different train number.


The TTR told me that the train number which was written in the ticket was not a regular train. It ran only during peak seasons, I really didn't know what to do. My mother, father, wife, my two year old son and my brother were with me. When they came to know about this they really got angry with me. They blamed me for taking the ticket through the internet and for not doing proper enquiry about the train. I felt really humiliated in front of them, I told them what ever happens I will go to Chennai. If you all want to go back you all can go back, I prayed deeply in my mind to Swamiji. Why has this happened to me, as this is the first time I am bringing my father, mother, my wife and my son to see Swamiji. I prayed to Swamiji to show me some way to solve this problem, I keep silent for some time. Suddenly an idea came to my mind, I saw another TTR passing by us; I went to him and showed him the e-ticket and explained the situation, he checked the ticket and told me that you got inside the wrong train. My train was also late and it was coming just behind this train. He advised me to get down at the next station and wait for the train.


Tears of joy came from my eyes, in my mind I touched the feet of Swamiji and thanked Swamiji for saving me from this difficult situation. We all got down at next station and took our dinner from the station and relaxed for some time till the train came. The train was not crowded like the other train and we all had a comfortable journey till Chennai. We reached Swamiji’s ashram the next day morning and had Swamiji's darshan; Swamiji talked to my parents and wife. They all were very happy to see Swamiji, after the darshan Swamiji ask one of his devotee to drop us in the railway station in his car. With swamiji's blessing we all reached home safely without any trouble.



As Swamiji always says that if you believe in me 100% you will feel my presence in your life in each and every second,


I pray to Swamiji to be with me in this life and in my other births.




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