Sri Ramajayam

Aanjeneya Swamikku Jai

Vikraman Swamijikku Jai.


Part 16


With the blessings of Swamiji, once again I am summarising my experience with the assistance of his divine hands. This is the continuation of previous experience no130.




In my part 6, I had mentioned that with Swamiji’s blessing I received a picture back in Dubai. In my mind after lot of debate, I was undecided where I should put that picture. Finally decided, the appropriate location is the shrine room. Since that picture had image of me, I was bit confused whether it could be put in the shrine room. Anyway, finally I hanged it over in my shrine room. One day after the pooja some of the devotees walked into my shrine room and I was talking to them. All of a sudden, one of the devotees said I should not hang that picture in the shrine room. When I asked why she mentioned that Swamiji would not like. I was bit confused. Others too were of the same opinion that I should not have put this picture in the shrine room. For a moment, I was worried. Then I said to them,


My Swamiji knows which Country I am staying,

My Swamiji knows in that Country which Area I am staying,  

My Swamiji knows in that Area which Road I am staying,  

My Swamiji knows in that Road which Building I am staying,  

My Swamiji knows in that Building which Apartment I am staying,  

My Swamiji knows in that Apartment which rooms I am staying,  

My Swamiji knows in those Rooms which is my Shrine room,  

My Swamiji knows in that Shrine room what are the pictures I have,  

My Swamiji knows that among those Pictures I have this picture,  


When I spoke to Swamiji in any of the call He could have told do not put this picture in the shrine room. He never told me, when He tells I shall take action accordingly. I know they did not like it but what my heart said I uttered.


Next visit of Swamiji to my house same devotees were there. He took all of us to the shrine room. After He lit the lamp and after aarthi He looked at the same picture, which created controversy pointing His finger towards that picture and said this is a nice picture is it not. Gave a smile and walked away. I was so relieved. More than anyone Swamiji only knows how to guide. Assuming what Swamiji like or dislike should not hurt others. This is the lesson I have learned from Swamiji. Misconception is what hurts everyone. Once again, Swamiji showed He watched my dilemma.




My family and sister-in-law’s family went to Wonderland (a recreational place in Toronto, Canada). During the water ride (I enjoy this kind of ride in Kuwait with Krishna) generally people get wet. When I went with Krishna and his parents, I used to buy six tickets and go for the ride. Krishna and I get into the boat first and go on the ride allowing Praveena and Rao to come in the next boat. Immediately upon Krishna and me, get down we run and join the queue and get into the boat again. This will leave Krishna’s parents to wait until we return. I am writing this to say how much Krishna and myself liked this ride. When I was with Krishna, I become so young and behave like a child. Now let me come back to Canadian ride. Swamiji tested our patience by stopping the ride, which I really enjoy. When I wanted to take my family on this ride due to lightening officials stopped this particular ride. When my wife forced me to leave, I prayed to Swamiji and this ride started again. Therefore, we finished that ride. Swamiji positioned my family in a way by the splashing water we did not get wet. Moment we finished Swamiji brought down the rain and they stopped all the rides again. Once again, I prayed to Swamiji to stop the rain and He did it. His power to play with nature always amazes me.


When my son wanted to play a game, my wife said no to him. He was very upset. I said to my wife Swamiji would take care and let him try. He threw a ball and it did not go in. Before I could tell anything, he threw the second ball that too did not go in. I made him to wait to throw the last ball. My wife was very angry that he wasted the money. The way they positioned the jar ball will not go in. I asked my son to toss the ball up so that chance of ball going in was little higher. I prayed to Swamiji to make all of us to escape from my wife’s heat wave. My son threw the ball it hit the edge of the jar and went up again. My wife got angry. Next moment Swamiji’s action started. He dropped it on the next jar edge and it went up again and dropped into the third jar. All were stunned. I was smiling. For my son Swamiji won the game. When I instructed him to get the prize and give it to his sister, he refused. Then he smiled asked his sister whether she wants it. When she said yes, he asked her to take her choice. I found his kindness. As Swamiji blessed I want him to be a kindhearted person, who would help people when it is required. In this part of the world to bring up the children with family value is very difficult but with Swamiji’s blessing and protection we could relax because His control on them is very powerful.




I was watching a live tennis match with my children. In between of the match for few minutes with my son I had to go out of the house. While going out, I said to my daughter when I return back tell me the score is five sets to three sets and left. When we returned I opened the door and asked my daughter what is the score. She said five sets to two sets. Then looking at the TV, she said no the score is five sets to three sets. She asked me how it is possible that when you walked in, the score is what you said before you left the house. My son in return asked me how you knew when you return what will be the score. I said to them, this is the power of my Swamiji. I just prayed to Swamiji with my wish and said it to you. See how He made it the same way I wished. I could see the unbelievable look on their face.        




All crucial subjects when my wife and I talk next call to Swamiji, when He asks us the same topic showed that we were under 24/7 protection of Swamiji. When I called Swamiji, He inquired from my wife about our discussion I could not help laughing. Especially when Swamiji too laughs, it turns such a joyful thing for me. One serious issue when my wife spoke to me I told her do not worry Swamiji is listening. When my Swamiji is there, why are you worrying and spoiling your health. Swamiji know when to tell me what to do at that time only I will do it. For that, she gave me a lightening snap. Next time Swamiji asked the same issue from her and gave a reply saying He was thinking about us and will arrange it at the right time. It was such a joy for me, when Swamiji said at the crucial time, He know how to arrange it for us. Yes, numerous occasions only Swamiji’s blessing gave us comfort and made us calm down and wait for His green light.


This reminded me, when I was small in my Hinduism books I had read how God was kind enough to appear in front of the bakthas after testing them heavily. I used to be amused thinking how can God come in front of us, these are stories to discipline or scare us. In these modern days how God would come to us. Now for me GOD has come in Swamiji’s form and taking care of all my needs. Before I met Him, difficult times I used to ask God where are you please do it ok. I wait patiently and worry until the problem finishes. Of course, I never left God in peace kept reminding of my plea until I got it. Now once I pray and tell Swamiji I could feel the protection and joy His shower on me. Swamiji fulfills every request of mine at the right time, when He decides to grant us. Honestly now without Swamiji I cannot manage to live so calmly in this world. For me God has come down to talk and console me and give assurance saying, “Right time I will do what is needed by you”. We are lucky to have God living among the blessed ones.




My daughter narrated how during her last temple visit, she saw something in priest’s hand and she wished to get it from him but she did not get. She had asked Swamiji how He disappointed her by giving what she wanted to another person. When she went to the priest and got the prasad found the same thing she wished given to her. She was so happy with Swamiji’s blessing.


Next day morning I just wished to Swamiji for a pigeon to come to the balcony and not even ¼ second when I turned towards the balcony a pigeon flew and sat right in front of me. With Swamiji’s blessing, only instant fulfilments are possible. Wonderful God eh! As Swamiji tells me ¼ second we would experience, it happens the way we wish. In front of Swamiji, I am just a child.




Upon my arrival in Kuwait, my immediate boss would be leaving on vacation. My wife wanted me to extend my stay by few more days and stay with the family. I had to go on time. Hence, I refused to extend my leave. When I spoke to Swamiji prior to departure, he said to me, if I wish, I could stay in Canada for two more days. I said to him of my plight that for changing the date additional funds are required to be paid. In addition, few hours only were remaining to leave to the airport. So trying to change the date may be a problem. Swamiji blessed me to proceed as planned that he would take care of me the way it is suppose to be. I did not understand what he meant by that. That evening I left to Kuwait via London.


From London Heathrow airport, I was to go to my wife’s relations house. I was rushing to catch the underground train. All of a sudden, devotee (now) Shanthakumar saw me and requested me to come to his house. I stayed with him and was talking of my Swamiji’s experiences. He works at the airport I do not know how he ended up taking me to his house. His wife is a family friend of my wife. In the evening, he dropped me back at the airport but unfortunately, due to strike at the airport last minute my flight was cancelled. As Swamiji said, he would take care of me he did. I felt his protection at the airport through unknown people. Two unknown people guided me and they helped me by calling the devotee. Since it was closer to midnight when I called Shanthakumar, he asked me get a train and come to a particular station and he would pick me up from there. I was bit scarred to travel at that time but the person who helped me kept talking to me unto that station and he proceeded. Shanthakumar picked me up and arranged for me to rest at his place.


Next day morning I went to the temple with Shanthakumar, I felt what Swamiji showed. I was asking Swamiji why He stopped me in London like this, and when I came back from temple, I called my wife and from that talk, I understood why Swamiji took me to the temple. I was bit relaxed.


As Swamiji told, I could leave Canada after two days, he knew my flight would be delayed in London that is why he asked me to do delay my departure. I started from Canada landed in Kuwait, after two days the way Swamiji wished. Swamiji knew all the details what would unfold that are why Swamiji wanted me to stay back in Canada. Anyway, in London Swamiji arranged me to stay closer to the airport otherwise if I had gone to the place originally I planned was very far from airport. It would have been a bigger trouble for all concerned.




Once more, I had my wisdom tooth ache. The same tooth what Swamiji asked me to leave as it is. I prayed to Swamiji and applied the vibuthi within 5 minutes pain vanished. Amazing power of Vibuthi or Swamiji. Surely, it is Swamiji because he is giving the confidence of us by making us to apply the vibuthi. 




When I entered into a roundabout, I had a bad feeling about a driver coming from my right. He had to either join the roundabout or take the right road, which I had to exit. He was actually driving to his right as if he was going to exit and when I put the signal to take right exit he suddenly turned towards the roundabout. I was sure 6” touching distance my hands turned the steering and that car just passed in front of me. After hitting his car sideways, my car could have toppled towards the roundabout. I turned with a sharp angle to the right exit and passed just 1” from the pavement. My car could have toppled by going over the high pavement. It was so swift, I do not know how I handled the whole thing. All these acrobats would have been possible only by Swamiji’s divine hands turning the steering the way He wanted. That complete scenario should have made me shocked. Instead, I honked at him and continued my journey. Lord Yama would have been following my car to take action. Once again, Swamiji saved me by making Lord Yama angry. It is Swamiji’s protection, which is keeping that no harm can come my way.




There was a telephone call from a person who was working previously in one of my group of company. He joined a rival company. He requested me to apply for a senior position in his company. I was not even thinking about a change. Moreover, it was not in the offing of my Swamiji’s instructions. Since, this was a greater move for me I did not reply to him positively instead asked for sometime to think about it. When I was able to reach Swamiji,


Swamiji: Hello.

Self      : Sri Ramajayam Swamiji.

Swamiji: Sri Ramajayam Natesan.

Self      : Swamiji, I do not know how this happened but it happened Swamiji.

Swamiji: What happened?

Self      : Swamiji, a known person approached me with a job offer.

Swamiji: Ok what do you want to do?

Self      : Swamiji I do not know what to do. You only must tell me.

Swamiji: You can apply for that job.

Self      : Swamiji, you know my situation. I have done my immigration to Canada.

Swamiji: You do not worry go ahead and apply.

Self      : Swamiji, if there is any drama in my present company you must take care of


Swamiji: Do not worry go ahead and apply. I will take care.

Self      : Ok Swamiji.


I called this person and sent my application to his company. After one week, I attended the first interview and two days time they asked me to appear for another interview with the owners. That too was successful and they offered me the package. I called Swamiji,


Swamiji: Hello

Self      : Sri Ramajayam Swamiji.

Swamiji: Sri Ramajayam Natesan. What happened to the job?

Self      : They are offering me the job. Swamiji, you must tell me what to do?

Swamiji: What are they going to pay?


I explained the package.


Swamiji: You accept it.

Self      : Ok Swamiji. You must take care of my present company. I do not want

              trouble in getting the release. (I was worried because of the Middle East visa

              release system)

Swamiji: Leave it to me.

Self      : Ok Swamiji.


I accepted the Job offer and signed the agreement. I went to my office and gave my immediate boss (M) my resignation letter. He asked me if the company want to retain me what I want to do. I said no way. (Since, my Swamiji has asked me to join the new company why will I backtrack). M said Ok, I should talk to my boss (P) after sometime. I went for lunch and told Human resources in charge who is my friend about my resignation. He gave me a smile. M came to the canteen and said after my lunch to go and see P. When I went to him, I received another bomb. M too had submitted his resignation along with mine. Two key people to leave at the same time it were a big blow to the chief. P tried to convince me that he is allowing M to leave and he wanted me to stay back. I asked him to keep my boss back and let me go. He was very adamant that I should stay back. Reason was unknown to me. Since P has seen Swamiji before, I explained to him about Swamiji has already blessed me to go ahead hence I will not be able to stay back. P asked me to proceed to have my lunch and come back. So I went back to have my lunch. After 30 minutes when I returned P was talking to his boss in the parent company to match the offer I received by increasing the salary and promoting me same as the offer I got. Then he called me in, explained the whole thing, and asked me to call Swamiji and get the permission to stay back. Finally, I agreed, that I would try to do so. It was Thursday, being half day and already parent company was closed nothing was possible. Hence, he promised Friday being a holiday he would get everything sorted out on Saturday. I agreed and left.


Saturday morning when I returned to work my boss asked me what happened. I replied, as I could not talk to Swamiji. After sometime, VP-operations called me in with P.


VP  : Why did you resign? I want you to stay back in the company.

Self : I already explained to P. My Swamiji has asked me to leave I cannot do


VP  : I will get everything what you had been offered by the other company.

Self : Whatever happens I cannot do anything against my Swamiji’s words.


VP immediately asked P,


VP  : What is wrong with Natesu (N) why he has to ask from somebody about when  

          he has to take decision.

P     : N will not listen to anybody other than his Swamiji.

VP  : (Offered his phone) can you call and tell your Swamiji that you want to stay


N    : My Swamiji is listening to the whole conversation. Let me talk to him later.

VP  : I cannot understand what is going on. How can somebody listen to our


N    : Just leave it I will talk to him after sometime.


I was wondering whether to reach Swamiji, when He had specifically instructed what to do.


After two hours, P came to me and said your promotion has been agreed upon and now I have to do the paperwork. I could not believe it. In this group of companies to get 1% increase itself, it had to go through so many levels. It is a mammoth task. I was wondering how and the speed it was approved. Now I did not know what to do, when blessed to proceed how I could stay back. As I mentioned to my bosses Swamiji was witnessing the whole thing. I left it to Swamiji and called him. Moment I called,


Swamiji  : Hello

Self        : Sri Ramajayam Swamiji.

Swamiji  : Sri Ramajayam. What happened Natesan.

Self        : You know everything what will happen, why did you put me into this


Swamiji  : What is the problem?

Self        : Swamiji now they got the increase and promotion, which I did not think of.

Swamiji  : What have you decided?

Self        : Oh! Swamiji what can I decide. I already told them my Swamiji has asked

                me to join the new company.

Swamiji  : What do you feel?

Self        : What can I feel Swamiji? You know everything I know nothing.

Swamiji  : Whatever you wish go ahead with it.

Self        : Swamiji You tell me stay here OR tell me go to the new company. I will    

                just do that.

Swamiji  : As you wish, you do.

Self        : As You say, I will do. I do not have any liking Swamiji. You decide.

Swamiji  : OK stay back.

Self        : OK Swamiji.

Swamiji  : Your time is also coming for you to go to Canada.

Self        : OK Swamiji. Only thing if I am going to stay here, there will be problems

               You only must take care of me.

Swamiji  : Do not worry, I will take care of it.

Self        : Swamiji, now I shall go and tell them that I am staying back.

Swamiji  : Ok Jai Sri Ram.

Self        : Jai Sri Ram Swamiji.


I went to P & VP and said that I spoke to my Swamiji and I am staying back with them. What a drama but it gave me immense confidence what a blessing I got. Since the resignation took place on 11th Sep 2003, I really felt that it was like 11th Sep 2001 effect. For me it was like twin tower attack of US. Imagine my plight to communicate the whole thing to my wife. Talking to Swamiji is few minutes. Relaying to my wife take few days and money spent on calls. Wow what a relief. 

Swamiji tells us that all of are actors in this world and we have to do our part properly. He directs me and makes me a good actor. When He is, watching and listening all what I do and say, I am sure I cannot go wrong because He is there to do the direction properly. All the agony what I faced so far in the office theater, He made the peak performance. Whatever it is, He gave me the last scene script for me to conclude the job drama to His satisfaction. I could not believe what He has done now. I am sure Swamiji has started to play the game now.

Whatever Swamiji say it has to happen, because He do not merely tell but ensure what He says would be done. With this experience, He had shown two things. First is that Nangal Sollath Thevai Illai Engal Kuraikalai Sollamalae Theerththiduvar Engal Kuraikalai. Second is Santhegamillai Santhegamillai, Sonnathu Nadakkum Swami Sonnathu Nadakkum, Amaithiyai Peralam Swami Arulal Amaithiyai Peralam.


My biggest worry that day was buying flowers. When I went to the shop to purchase Jasmine flowers by seeing the bad condition, I was very worried. I stood in front of the flowers and thought “Swamiji what is this, because the flowers are not fresh enough what I should do. For Your pooja, do you want flowers like this? I am unhappy.” I am sure Swamiji would have ordered that shopkeeper, next moment I saw the shopkeeper in front of me, took out fresh flowers from a box, and gave it to me. That moment I said Oh! You have decided to take charge of everything and get fresh flowers for Yourself.

That evening when pooja was conducted, I was worried about singing the song Oru Jathy Oru Matham Oru Deivam. When Swamiji sing for us, I cherished. Swamiji made me very worried because I could not even practice the song properly. Since it was, a different language pronunciation was very difficult. My wife always criticize that I do not sing with raga and I always tell her I sing for my Swamiji if he accepts that it is ok for me. Previous day morning I was highly worried whether I could sing this song next day. One side of the mind was telling me you are not a singer so do not sing. Other side was telling that last week you got Swamiji’s blessing to sing tomorrow so go ahead and sing do not backtrack. When I spoke to Swamiji I asked him whether I could sing this song. He simply blessed go ahead and sing. I worriedly told Him “You must sing on my behalf”. Swamiji said all arrangements would happen the way I want. The height of the happening was truly to sing that song. I thought of Swamiji and sang. When I finished the song truly, I was relieved and gave a big thank you by looking at His feet. As I finished, learnt the message from Swamiji that sincerity is enough, He would perform the rest. True, Swamiji is there to fulfill what we wish. Swamiji gives confidence that He is not KM’s away from me but He is residing within me. Otherwise, how could I have performed this song?


I am very lucky to get all the protection from my Swamiji.


Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.




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