Sri Ramajayam

Aanjeneya Swamikku Jai

Vikraman Swamijikku Jai.


Part 17


With the blessings of Swamiji, once again I am summarising my experience with the assistance of his divine hands.



On 1st Oct 2003 night when I left, my office I was worried to drive my car. Petrol level was very low and I was praying to Swamiji that car should not stop on the road. I went directly to the petrol station to fill up the tank. I was on my way to see my friend Krishna. Before getting off the car I was on the look out for whether the front car engine is off or anyone is talking on the mobile phone. Even though Kuwait filling stations advise while filling petrol not to keep the car engine running and not continue mobile conversation, people ignore it. Since both were not happening, I was relieved of the fear. Swamiji’s plan was different. While filling, the nozzle fell out and petrol spilled on to the floor. I got scared. I bend down to pick up the nozzle. In the process, I slipped and fell on the petrol. Worst part is that Swamiji’s pictures and His blessed money too fell into the petrol flow. I got up, put the nozzle back into the tank again picked up the money and pictures. I felt the pain on my legs, left knee and one of the finger had a cut. I asked Swamiji “why did you do this. You are supposed to be protecting me, with this act what are You trying to teach me. Anyway You take care of me let no major pain develop”. When I drove back, I was afraid that my clothes were wet with petrol and if anything happen, I could have been burned. On my way to Krishna’s house, I thought of eating Dosa. Second thought decided after visiting Krishna, to go to a restaurant and buy the dosa. I went only for one minute to handover some sweet to Krishna and finally ended up by staying few hours with Krishna’s family by having dinner too. Swamiji’s interaction made Praveena to serve me with dosas, which were definitely far superior quality than the restaurant. Swamiji might have staged this experience to educate me “even when I douse you with petrol nothing will happen to you. So do not fear unnecessarily”. All what happens in my life has Swamiji’s stamping.


In part 10, I mentioned about devotee Logan’s wife.

When Swamiji asked him about his wife’s arrival, I was thinking how Swamiji is asking about her arrival knowing very well that she is dead. After her death, I had seen the suffering Logan underwent to bring up his two children who were very small. This devotee lost his wife and after 3 months when Swamiji asked him when his wife is coming, I was stunned. I said to myself “Swamiji definitely you know Logan’s wife passed away, then why are You asking him about his wife”. This was lingering in my mind for sometime and then I had forgotten about it. In addition, during November’02 visit Swamiji asked Logan when he is going to Canada. For this, I told Logan, when Swamiji says it will happen so wait. Latter part of October’03 I visited Logan’s house. While talking to him I got answer for both. For both Logan and me it was impossible for it to happen but for Swamiji it was possible. We are human so we lack knowledge since Swamiji is divine He know everything. During my visit, Logan told his home people want him to marry again. Due to his suffering to bring up the children, now he is considering. I told Logan what Swamiji asked is coming true. Therefore, your wife will be coming to Kuwait. 



November’03- Prior to my departure to Canada, I call Swamiji and get his blessing. This time before starting the trip, I could not reach Swamiji. Anyway, I prayed to Swamiji whatever I am wishing you are blessing, so this trip too you take care of everything. I tried my best to reach the airport well ahead of time, this time too I was not able to reach early. As usual, I was late, but with the prayer to Swamiji managed to get into the flight. At London airport, I was worried that I could not reach Swamiji. Before proceeding to the gate, I took out Swamiji’s picture and asked “where are you, please come with me you know how much I am worried”. Then immediately a phone from a phone booth started to ring. From these phones, only the passengers take phone calls and I have never heard bell ringing. I took it as Swamiji’s blessing and proceeded. It was tough to go through without His blessing but since He always says I am with you, is the only strength I had that moment to face the activities. Immigration and custom process was difficult for others but for me with the prayer to Swamiji it went off without any difficulty. Swamiji provided the officers who were talking to me so smoothly.

When I boarded the aircraft at London airport, I prayed to Swamiji that I would do my morning pooja. They changed my allocated seat and asked to sit on a different seat number. The woman next to me started to talk to me. Plane was moving towards the runway. After few seconds closed my eye and started my prayer. While the prayer was going on, I said to Swamiji, “Do not take off till I finish my prayer”. Nearly after 40 minutes when I finished my prayer and opened my eye that woman told me “do not know why the delay in take off”. Then only I noticed still we were on the tarmac. I gave her a smile and told, “Do not worry within 1 minute it will take off”. She asked me “how do you know it will take off in a minute”. I told her “I was praying to my Swamiji, and requested Him not to take off the flight till I finished my prayer”. She looked at me with a question mark on her face. As if Swamiji was waiting for me to finish the prayer, took off immediately and we were up in the sky. This woman went very quite. I was sure she would not been able to digest what happened. After some time we were talking about upbringing of the children and for my part, I told that I have left the kids in my Swamiji’s control and he will take care of them. After that, our talk revolved only on Swamiji’s protection to the surrendered believer. I told few experiences of mine such as the calendar, rain coming down, rain stopping and my promotion and salary increase. She said, “I cannot believe these and you are very lucky. I am lucky that today I sat next to you. Now you increased my faith level. In future I know what I should do to resolve my problems”. This woman is British and was on her way to Canada with her son on holiday. In fact when I told her that I was supposed to sit on some other seat and they changed my seat number she said that means God wanted me to meet you that is why the place was changed. Swamiji really amazed me too by taking off the flight after my prayer.



When I was boarding the flight from London airport, I was uneasy with the slow movement of queue. There were three officers standing. Two were checking the passengers of the queue.

Other officer was simply standing and calling:

“Passengers with first and business class tickets come here please”

He hardly received any passengers because it looked like both these classes the passengers were already in or not yet arrived.

Nearly half-hour this drama was going on. Whereas, my queue was hardly moving. I became impatient. This is the reason Swamiji bring me to the airport late and hardly keep me at the terminal. What else can this Natesan do? Impatient? On the other hand, ready to see another drama. Without realisation troubled Swamiji again.

“Swamiji, instead of just standing and calling for first class and business class passengers why cannot he check passengers of my queue and when business class passengers approach him he could check them in & continue our queue too. So that my queue also can move”

This request drama continued for another 10 minutes. I was not giving up with my request. All of a sudden, this officer moved away was walking towards end of my line. I was wondering whether he was leaving. For my surprise he just stood in front of me and asked,

“Sir Can I have your passport and boarding pass”.

I just handed over both the documents. By this time, I noticed people in front and behind were looking at me. I was puzzled why did this officer target me out of all these people. Oh! Swamiji now what? Did I make any wrong prayer? Officer looked at me and said,

“Sir Can you follow me”

I felt ashamed because now people are going to notice that I am being questioned for something. Like a tamed dog, I walked behind him. Questions were running through my tiny brain. Why? Why? Why? Swamiji take care of me.

Then he pointed his finger towards the door and said,

“Sir, please proceed”

I could not believe it. The timid Natesu immediately realised the power of Swamiji and said to the officer along with my big boss (Swamiji) “thank you” with a proud face lifted my bag and proceeded towards the door. I heard that officer repeating, 

“Passengers with first class and business class tickets come here please”

I happily thanked Swamiji throughout my walk thinking I asked You to clear the queue and how You singled out me from the queue and took me in. Swamiji’s watch is very powerful. Realised when I pray He can get me more than what I ask for.

Some of them use to say Swamiji tells what is my mind, or he reads our mind and gives us the answer. Now, I want to know what kind of mind reading my Swamiji did to shower me with this kind of experience. He was not even any closer to me. From a far distance, how did He shower this blessing? Cannot rationalize any anyway is it? Sure, this power made me to surrender to my simple Swamiji. When He bless it is bliss.


Upon sitting on my allocated seat, I felt very hungry. After the take off I asked Swamiji to get the food served fast. Few minutes time they gave one pretzel packet and a glass of juice. Since, I was so hungry I thought of requesting one more packet. I felt shy and let him go. After eating the packet I told,

“Swamiji, I am very hungry why this steward cannot come back and give me one more packet. Hope this is not the only food we are going to be served as dinner”.

Within 30 seconds, this steward appeared in front of me, kept two packets, and went off. None of the others around me got any extra. I was stunned. I asked Swamiji for one more and He is doubling up to tell me do not call me repeatedly I am busy. I just gobbled up the packets within no time. Swamiji is a very powerful God. When I talk to Swamiji, He says,

“Swamiji will do everything for you and what has to be done I will do it for you”.

 I am lucky to have such valuable God with me. He is everything to me.

Before I started the trip, I could not get His physical blessing and throughout He was showing He is with me. Is He not amazing?  


Last year I arrived at the Indian embassy at 4pm. I could not enter and finish the work. Therefore, I had to return next day. Therefore, this time I prayed to Swamiji take me into the embassy at least by 3.50pm. Since I had to drive approximately 45 KM, I was speeding up above the maximum limit. I was thinking of the sermon I got from my wife the day before for speeding. Again, Swamiji came and took control of my driving by showing that I passed a police officer. That was enough for me to go at the maximum legal limit only. Nearly 7 km to my destination this officer diverted his direction and went away. Whole time I was telling Swamiji do not have any traffic block on the way and please take me by 3.50pm because I did not want to miss the submission of the documents. Opposite side traffic, nearly 4 km long it was completely standstill. When I walked into the embassy it was exactly 3.50pm and sharp 4pm I completed the formalities and walked out. Why am I always late? I cannot answer this question, but how I am able get what I want definitely I have the answer. Yes, by now everyone know. It is because of prayer to our loving Swamiji, I get what I need.


It is true Swamiji wipe out my tears, bring smile on my face, and take all my problems. When He can do that, what is that I should be worried of. People cherish the philosophical thoughts that God is everywhere. When God is right in front of us, talking, and doing everything the same people cannot accept it. Swamiji know every single activity happening for me. When I hear the ignorant talk of the people I cannot help laughing, what kind of maya covers the people who cannot see how divine is taking care? Swamiji, is true protector, only those who undergo will know how much of pressure He is taking out of us. When my office nurse, check my pressure always tell me “Sir, I do not know how you can have such normal pressure” and I smilingly tell when my Swamiji is there I will have this kind of pressure only.


In office, I had problem with my superior and had very uneasy intense argument with HR officer. I was wondering how my calm atmosphere got into such rough ride and realised that I left the blessed pictures of Swamiji at home. I felt past 45 minutes was such a mess means how am I going to manage next 8 hours. Decided not to take chance on anything so, I took permission and went home to take the pictures. After I returned with the pictures, whole scenario was so smooth and happy. Definitely, without Swamiji my life would be full of turmoil. I am very lucky that Swamiji is always there to give confidence that he is there to take care of me.



Past 3 weeks I had pain in my knee and when I sit, it used to hurt me. When I told Swamiji as usual, He assured me not to worry but to restart my walk. When He said not to worry itself, gave confidence my problem is over. For the past 1 week with serious walk, He has taken out nearly 95% of the pain. Previous Thursday bhajan my knee was hurting but Swamiji took me through the whole bhajan with that pain. When I stood up the pain was extremely unbearable. I looked at my knee and asked one question “what is this Swamiji?” He took it out that pain immediately. Next day while walking felt bit discomfort but with the prayer to Swamiji how confidently He made me to continue my walk. Swamiji’s words are enough to feel the cure. Like how He cured, my painful fingers prayed for knee too and got relief.


My wife wanted to purchase a house. For all kinds of criticism of her and others, the simple reply from me was Swamiji would take care of the purchase at the right moment.

Since my wife was living in a two bed roomed apartment finally decided at least move into a three bed roomed apartment. In the same building few three bed roomed facilities were also available but all occupied. In August ’03 when she checked, her request was on priority number 15. It was very disappointing to my wife and she said it would take couple of years to get to number 1. With prayer to Swamiji, beginning of December’03 my wife informed me now she is number one in the waiting list. I said to my wife when we wait patiently see how God is setting things up. When I heard this, it was a complete reliever for me. I thanked Swamiji for keeping my wife happy to this extent. His blessing only could have given us such a fast priority. People either moved out of the building or were no longer interested in shifting. I could understand my wife’s anguish but there is something which I believe in with due prayer everything can be changed. With Swamiji’s blessing, when all the changes are taking place I am very patient in getting what is due to me. I have realised the reality and left critics to my Swamiji. I was constantly praying for my wife’s healthy surrounding and no way, I wanted her to be in discomfort. My special prayer was to enjoy all the joy what Swamiji showers and for him to ensure non-interference of others in my life.



1) On a Thursday night 11pm I panicked because where could I buy the camphor for Friday Morning Aarthi. Since I had exhausted the stock of camphor, I was praying for a particular shop is opened until I reached. Previously always I had noticed sharp at 11pm this shop closes down. After praying to Swamiji, I reached the shop at 11.10pm, what a surprise it was still open. Immediately after I purchased they closed the shop and walked away.

2) One day I took a friend and two kids for shopping. After the shopping, we went to buy some food. Since I was hungry while waiting for the ordered food I was thinking whether to get 4 pieces of a particular item or pray to Swamiji to get the ordered food faster. Swamiji decided to do what I originally thought of. Cashier picked the same item I wanted and gave it to me by saying while you are waiting for the ordered food you all could eat this. When I checked there were 5 pieces. I thought Swamiji when four of us are here why did you make the waiter to give 5 pieces. Swamiji always has His plans. Yes when my friend took one piece, it fell down so were left out with 4 pieces. That extra one piece I am sure Swamiji would have tasted and dropped out. What a plan.

3) On a late evening suddenly, I wished that I should fall sick and rest completely for 2 days. Later by looking at Swamiji, I said, because I have too much work no need for two days leave. Swamiji is such a divine He played with my words. Yes, I told Swamiji no need for leave and forgot to tell about sickness. Swamiji made me sick for 2 days but I did not take leave.

4) During 75% of a prayer session, I realised that I did not put the three-layered lighting. When I put it on Swamiji made me sad. Only two layers were on and one layer completely dead. I looked at Swamiji and said, “When You are there with me why this has to happen. Swamiji do something” and pressed the plug. All three layers started to work with flashing. If I had pressed the layer I could have thought loose connection but main plug means already electricity is flowing so what was the problem. His divine touch was somewhere.

5) When my wife took me to the temple, I was praying for Swamiji’s presence over there. When I saw the steps built for a deity and did not realise for which deity they kept it. In fact, I counted the steps and found it to be 18 steps. The necessity of the steps was lingering in my mind. When I finished the complete routine, at the end I saw Lord Ayyappa’s statue and understood why the steps were built. (Before this day, in this temple they did not have Ayyappa statue). I went in front of the statue and did 18steps song for Swamiji and Ayyappa. 

6) In Kuwait when winter comes thermostat should be adjusted by the mechanic. For that, the building keeper will have to keep an appointment and get them. In my case since I work long hours I always wanted them to come during weekend off. Winter had started on a weekday I felt very cold and whole night could not sleep properly. Next day I thought temperature would change but when I came home, temperature was worse. When I informed the keeper to get the mechanics that day itself, he said no way. He is a nice man but he said it is late in the evening so no way those mechanics would come. Anyway, he asked me to call and there was no response. Whom else I know? I prayed to my Swamiji, to change the temperature for me to sleep comfortably. After ½ hour bell rang. When I opened the door building keeper was standing with the mechanics. They changed the control from cold to heat and I slept comfortably. How did the mechanics arrive even the building keeper did not know. 100% Swamiji’s action.

It is truly pleasure. When Swamiji decide to give us what we pray for. It is even more pleasurable, within ¼ second, Swamiji fulfill our wishes. Without Swamiji, no happiness can come my way. For that matter, Swamiji would show happiness to me, because of a simple formula of trust and belief in Him. 100% of Trust + 100% of Belief = 100% Swamiji. For all the simple expectation Swamiji, simply bless us great happiness. These days Swamiji make me to cry because of over joy.

These happenings are small but when we feel and He blesses those, we cannot explain His amazing blessings and presence.


I am very lucky to get all the protection from my Swamiji.


Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.





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