Jai Sri Ram


On 29th September, 2009 one of my friend (Subhash ) and devotee of Swamji invited me to have Swamiji’s Darshanam and blessings at Sharjah. As usual, I was very reluctant and did not give him any positive response.


On 1st October, 2009, I was sleeping after my lunch. Suddenly, I woke-up as if God Hanumanji was telling something. Immediately, I told my wife “we have to go to Sharjah to have Swamiji’s Darshanam and blessings”. I called my friend (Subhash). He agreed to take us to Sharjah. At the same time, I just realized that I promised of visiting to my other friend’s (Sudhakar) house on the same day. Instead of going at 8.00 PM, we decided to go there at 5.00 PM. We rushed there and stayed till 7.00 PM. When we discussed about Swamiji, my friend (Sudhakar) had also shown interest to have Swamiji’s Darshanam and blessings. We had very nice Darshanam and left Sharjah at 4.30 AM on 2nd October, 2009 morning.


When I touched Swamaji’s feet for the first time, immediately he called me with my name “…….Mohana”. I was very surprised, because I had not told Swamiji my name . I was praying my Ishta Devatha “Godess Raja Rajeshwari”, immediately he asked me, “Have you been to Mookambikamma temple recently? I had seen you there”. Later, when I told him I had lost of my job. He promised that I will get a new job within one month.


 After 3-4 days I dreamt of my wife’s uncle, He was sitting on a chair and we gave him a cover for sending it to India. I could not understand the meaning of that dream.  When we went to Sharjah (on the 16th October, 2009) for Diwali celebration with Swamiji. Someone announced to give covers for Hanuman Jayanthi pooja. We filled our cover for Archana. I understood on that day it was Swamiji and the cover was for the pooja.


Once again after few days in my dreams, I saw Swamiji in Pink dress sitting in between Devotees, My wife was singing Bhajans for Swamiji, Swamiji was very pleased.


After Diwali celebration with Swamiji at Sharjah, we came back home. I was sleeping; it was 17th October, 2009 morning. I saw a dream. In the dream somebody was performing pooja in white dhoti and shawl. I couldn’t recognize the person. I was telling someone next to me in the dream that it must be Swamiji. On that day some body called me at 11.30 AM for the Bhajans at 5.00 PM in the Jumbo building. Me and my wife rushed at sharp 5.00 PM. People were still decorating, we too started helping them. It was 7.00 PM they did not start the Bhajan. After some time I came to know that Swamiji is coming. I felt so happy. I told my wife, it was Swamiji only doing pooja in the dream.


I did not have a job since 7th September, 2009. On 2nd October, Swamiji promised me that I will get a good job within one month. During my 2nd visit, Swamiji asked me, if you get three jobs what you will do? I was so excited that I forgot what I replied. In my third visit Swamiji told me that I will do two businesses. He asked me “who is Sundara!” I have no clue of which Sundara Swamiji is talking about. Swamiji had also asked me “do you want a vehicle and driving license”? He also promised me that everything will be alright before his next visit.


Everything happens with the blessings of Swamiji. I started praying to all the Gods. I Started thinking positive and stopped talking negative.  After having Swamij’s Darshanam, I have peace of mind, sound sleep and no depression. I am also a diabetic patient. It seems my sugar level is getting normal. It was 265 during last test on 6th September, 2009. On 5th November, 2009, it was 145 (random). 


It was. Probably, some day during October, 2009 end. I dreamt that Devi Raja Rajeswari was asking me, why did you keep Swamiji’s photo in between all Gods, and she told me to remove that. I was thinking on that day till evening, Finally, I went to remove the photo from the present location. I was supposed to touch the photo, suddenly, I experienced some kind of shock and with a jerk, Devi stopped me and told me, why you remove the photo. He is my devotee. Why can’t he remain with my Paada Sparsha. I felt so sorry. I understood both God and Swamiji must be testing me. I love my God. I love my Swamiji.


Swamiji promised me on 2nd October, 2009 that I will get a job within 1 month. I and My wife were under great depression. It was 9 O’clock on 2nd November, 2009. There was no clue of any job. We were totally helpless and in the dark. We performed pooja, immediately my wife asked me to call Swamiji. I tried several times and received repeated message, saying “This number is temporarily not working, try after some time”.  But, without talking to him Swamiji received my message. On 3rd, November, 2009, I got a call from a Company in Abu Dhabi to meet the CFO next day at 5 P.M. On 4th November, 2009, I got the Job offer letter with 33% increase in salary from my previous one and also promised another 33% increase within next 3 months. I came home happily and kept the offer letter in front of Swamiji for his blessings.


On 6th November, 2009, I and another devotee went to Al Wahdah Mall for purchase  fruits for Swamiji’s pooja. When he started, the car did not start. He made 3-4 attempts. Then we prayed to Swamiji, immediately the Car started. The same thing happened after Bhajans. We prayed to Swamiji the car started. But after one week my friend called me and told me that it never happened again. Swamiji is conveying us the message that “I am with you, don’t worry”.


It was 10th November, 2009 I took my Certificates for translation. But the person in the typing centre had refused to translate. He told me to get it attested by the Ministry of foreign affairs. But it was 1 O’ clock and I could not do it on that day. On 11th, November, 2009, I called the branch office (Marina Mall) of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But the number was not working. I prayed to Swamiji and went directly to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Head Office) and got the attestation within 20 minutes. On the same day, I came to my previous office, got the NOC letter, and gave the Certificates for translation. By evening, I could give complete set of documents to my new Company for Visa transfer.


On 11th November, after daily pooja in the night, I started reading Swamiji’s Ashtotaram. My wife switched on the TV, But the the TV channel got stuck. I finished Ashtotaram and pooja, came out. My wife started telling, why the TV channels  is not coming, but before she finished the sentence and before me standing in front of the TV started working. We were stunned, and understood that Swamiji did it intentionally so that I could finish the Ashtotaram and the prayers without any disturbance.


On 12th Morning, I dreamt that God Ishwar’s marriage was going to take place with Parvathi (Gowri). And in my dreams I was writing on a paper that this marriage is taking place with the consent of Parvathi. Suddenly I woke-up and the dream was incomplete. Later again I went back to sleep and the same dream continued, I was trying to attend the marriage. The route was very tough and slippery. With great difficulty I could climb the place. Again, I woke up and could not see the marriage.


On 14th November, 2009 I and my wife went to Bank for opening an account for my wife. While filling the application form my wife told me to keep one pen always in my pocket. Just after 2 hours one of the devotee’s came to my house and gifted me a pen. I kept the pen in front of Swamiji for his blessings.   


On 15th November, 2009 after pooja, I thought of writing Swamiji’s name with the new pen. I searched around for the paper. I did not get any thing except a packet of Swamiji’s Vibhoothi. The pen did not write on that. I started searching again for a piece of paper. Finally, I could get my wife’s Bhajan book. I opened a page and there I found Swamiji’s Photo. I did not know that my wife had kept Swamiji’s photo there. Swamiji made me to write in that page by seeing his photo. From this it is clear that he is observing everything and he is there every where.


On 19th November, 2009 I got up very late i,e. at 10.45 AM. Immediately, I got a call for the next day’s Bhajans. Within a minute, I got a call from my new Company to collect my Visa transfer papers. I prayed to Swamiji, he wishes me with the good news, this way.


24th November, 2009 was our anniversary. During our Darshanam on the 17th October, 2009 Swamiji told us to make kheer / Payasam on anniversary day. Previous day we were discussing to whom to call. Because, every body is having office and we cannot afford an anniversary party. But Swamiji observes everything. My wife came home at 1.30 PM after her duty. I too came home same time from outside. Within no time one of my friends and a devotee of Swamiji pressed the bell. We got a surprise. Immediately, I told my wife to make payasam. We offered the payasam to Swamiji and did the Pooja. All of us three had the sweet and lunch.


On 25th November, 2009 I got a call from my new office. The concerned person called me to come and collect the copy of the Labour card after 2.00 PM. It was last working day before the Eid. Banks and offices will reopen after 10 days. I thought if I don’t collect my new labour card before 1.30 PM I can not get my settlement from my previous office. Because, usually the GM of my old Company leaves at 1.30 PM. I prayed to Swamiji at 1.00 PM and left home and gone directly to my new office. Meanwhile, the concerned person was not there in the office. But within 1-2 minutes another staff from the same department came and checked with me the purpose of my coming to office. Immediately he called the concerned person and traced the copy of labour card.  I rushed to my old office and submitted my new Labour card. Luckily the GM was there. He signed the cheque. Without making any further delay, I rushed to HSBC and presented my cheque in the Bank. I was very happy on that day and conveyed the message to all my friends and relatives that I got the new job. Everything happened with the blessings of Swamiji.


I was going to join my new job on 1st December, 2009. Before going there, I was willing to call Swamiji and wanted his blessings. I could not get any chance to talk to Swamiji over phone, earlier.  I prayed to my God and my Swamiji and dialed the number. The dial tone and voice was so clear as if Swamiji is in front of me and blessing me. I was so excited that I got the blessings. Tears of joy and Excitement trickled down my cheeks. After that I just thought to myself that, now, I can join the new Company, happily. Swamiji you are there everywhere.


On 1st December, 2009, I went to my new office at about 9.30 AM. Unfortunately, CFO of the Company was out of the Country and even the HR Manager was out of office. I called both of them, but did not get any response. I waited for some time in the office. Meanwhile, I got a call from the CFO and told me to join on 6th December, 2009. However he agreed to include my name in the payroll with effect from 01.12.2009. If the CFO had been willing, he would have advised the HR Manager to take my joining report. Instead he asked me to join on 6th December, 2009. Swamiji knows everything (good and bad).  Later I joined on 6th..


In fact on 11th December, 2009, we went to the Shri Krishna temple. By the time we reached there, they had closed the temple. If we had reached 2 minutes before, we would have got the Darshanam. We went to Ishwar temple also and got the  Darshanam. Unfortunately we did not get the Kumkum (Prasadam). I was very disappointed, upset and came back to my friends house. I was willing to come again in the evening, but could not. In the night I dreamt. I was crying and making pradakshina of a temple in my village.


Next day, we went to the temple again. We had Pooja at Shri Krishna temple. When I went near the photograph of Shri Krishna, a big garland had fallen. After that we went to Ishwar temple. I went to take kumkum, which was kept in a bowl. Every body was in the queue. But, I did not see themand went from the other side. When I touched the kumkum with my right hand ring finger, Suddenly, a lot of kumkum had fallen on my hand. I turned around. Every body was in the queue. No body questioned me for not coming in the queue, even the volunteers who were standing there. I was surprised, turned around, who must have sprinkled the prasadam (kumkum) on my hand. I was in very good mood on that day. I had the Darshan, Pooja (which I did not attend since my coming to UAE) and kumkum. Swamiji, you are there everywhere.


On 27th December, 2009, my Company allotted the Altima car for me. When I had Darshanam on 17th October, 2009, Swamiji asked me, “Do you want car? Do you want a driving licence?”. I don’t have licence. I have opened my file with the traffic department. Now, I have engaged a driver till I get the licence.


Swamiji wished me a “Happy new year” on 1st January, 2010 morning.


On 31st December, 2009 night I came late from my friend’s house. My wife has gone to India for 15 days. I was alone at home. When I got up in the morning, I was very sad, dull mood and feeling loneliness. I switched on the TV. It was not working. I have check cable, later connected the TV to my DVD player. It was working. I put Hanuman Jayanthi 2009’s 2nd part of the CD. Because, I had already seen first part .It was Friday also. After watching few minutes, I saw that Swamiji himself came for the  Bhajans. I stopped the DVD player. Because, I did not take bath and did not perform my daily pooja. Before watching the Bhajans further I thought of taking bath and performing the pooja, So that I can watch the Bhajan with full Devotion.


After finishing pooja, I switched on the DVD player. The first word came from Swamiji’s mouth was “Wish you happy new year”. It happened to me as if Swamiji told it specifically for me. Swamiji you are my Swamiji.


After about half an hour or so the cleaner came to my house for cleaning the house. I shifted the CD to my laptop and took it inside where I perform my daily pooja. Meanwhile, I was attending telephone calls, people started wishing happy new year and I was not concentrating on Bhajan also. Suddenly, after some time I came inside for some reason by keeping a call on hold. I saw that Mangala Arathi was going on. Swamiji called me for the pooja. I would have missed the pooja, if I did not put the call on hold and had not came inside. Swamiji is watching everything.


I pray to Swamiji and God for peaceful life and also to bless everyone in this world.


Om Sri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama

Om Sri Jaya Vikraman Swamiji Jaya Jaya Vikraman Swamiji.

May God and Swamiji bless all


Manmohan Rai

Abu Dhabi


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