Sri Rama Jayam!                           Jai Sri Hanumanji!                   Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji!

We met our beloved Swamiji in Kuwait during May 2007 through our family friend Sameer Vaidya an ardent devotee of Swamiji. Our lives have completely transformed and we have stopped worrying and started living. We now feel more secure and confident by having immense faith in Swamiji and total submission to him. We have realized God through him. We have been experiencing many miracles with Swamiji’s divine blessings and to begin with a few of them are illustrated below:

Our land problem and misplaced documents:

During May 2007 in the very second Pooja we attended Swamiji asked us ‘Do you have any property and where were the documents?’ We replied ‘We have a site in Hyderabad and the documents were safely kept with my in-laws’. Understanding the deeper insight of Swamiji, we thought he was cautioning us on the subject and next day I called up my in-laws and enquired about the land documents. They replied documents were safe in place. I forgot to ask my in-laws to visit the site. 

During June 2007 when we went to India and visited the site in Hyderabad we surprised to see that the fencing with granite stones and barbed wire which I got it done in March 2006 before leaving for Kuwait to secure the site was completely broken. Later when enquired we came to know that the landlord gave power of attorney to the land developer who did not pay the full amount to the landlord as agreed and later the landlord filed a litigation case in the court claiming that the land belongs to him and stop all the registrations.

Added to this even my in-laws surprised me saying that the site documents were originally misplaced somewhere when we called them over phone from Kuwait but replied to us they were intact to avoid any worry and tension to us. Later they could find the documents, preserved them carefully and we took divine blessings from Swamiji during one of his Pooja. This was a wonderful experience we had with Swamiji and later he told us that a miracle will happen and the land belongs to us for which we are waiting.

Lost Wallet got back intact:

In October 2008 we went with our children and family friends to watch a movie in a theatre in Kuwait and I lost my wallet containing very valuable documents such as Kuwait Government issued Civil IDs of mine and my two children, my Kuwait Driving license, Refinery gate passes, Bank ATM Card, Credit Card and Professional Auditor Certification Cards along with some cash. In a foreign country like Kuwait it’s a very cumbersome, tedious, time consuming and costly exercise to get back the lost ones.  Being an expat  lots of procedures are involved including registering a police complaint, notification in local News papers, police enquiry and investigation.

It is also essential to have the knowledge of Arabic language to fulfill the Governmental procedures & formalities and I have no knowledge of Arabic.  Moreover I cannot move out freely in the country without Civil ID and I can’t attend my office without Refinery gate passes.  

The procedure for obtaining driving license in Kuwait involves attestation of Engineering Degree Certificate by many Govt. authorizations in India and Kuwait. For e.g. attestation by state Government where I have studied followed by attestations by Ministry of Human Resources, Ministry of External affairs and Kuwait Embassy in New Delhi. Later it involves translation of degree certificate in Arabic by an approved agency followed by attestations by Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Social Affairs in Kuwait and so on. It’s a marathon exercise and I was worried very much what to do?

I and my wife prayed to Swamiji to take care in this difficult time. Out of this entire episode one good thing I did was I kept the photos of Shri Vikraman Swamiji, his Vibhuthi Prasadam and Shirdi Sai photos given to me by Swamiji in the lost wallet. Though I am confident on one side that I would get back my lost wallet by Swamiji’s grace & blessings, on the other side I was worried what would happen if I do not get it.  My wife who is very sensitive and emotional by her nature was this time very bold, confident and unperturbed with what happened and told everyone “Swamiji will take care, he will do a miracle and we will get back our lost wallet without fail”. Seeing her strong faith and confidence in Shri Vikraman Swamiji our neighbours were stunned and they too started believing and experiencing Swamiji’s presence.

Till next day morning I did not realize I had lost my wallet.  I could not go to office in the morning.   I requested my bank to cancel my credit card to prevent any misuse. In the evening I went to the cinema theatre, took management permission to search inside the theatre and I was amazed to see my lost wallet safe and intact between the seat and back rest. The color of the wallet exactly matched with the color of the seat and no one noticed.

To my surprise I came to know that after screening our Telugu movie there was one more movie screened at 10.00 pm in the night and after the last show the entire theatre was cleaned by the cleaning staff. Despite all the possibilities of wallet taking away by anyone who came for the next show or by any cleaning staff the wallet was safe. Even the theatre management was very cooperative, friendly and helped me. I and my wife strongly believed that getting back my lost wallet intact without spending money, time and efforts was truly a miracle and wonder done by Swamiji to his beloved devotees.

Sri Vikraman Swamiji! we are blessed and thankful to you for showering your love, care and concern for us. Our heartfelt pranams to you and humbly request you to please be with us always.

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