My Experience About Swamiji’s Birthday Celebrations


            This happened on the day when we celebrated Swamiji’s birthday (i.e. on 19th March 2010) in a hall at Sharjah. A few days before this day, whenever I turn the pages of Sai Satcharita after reading it, the page having the photo of the Chavadi Procession of Sai Baba was coming in front. It was getting repeated daily. I thought that this is something auspicious. But I was not aware of the significance of it till the day of the birthday celebrations of our Swamiji. It was the indication to the proceedings that was to take place on the day of the celebrations. On the day of our Swamiji’s birthday celebrations, all of a sudden I was told to carry the Chathra or decorated umbrella and follow Swamiji upto the place where the photos of Lord Hanuman, our Swami and the Holy Mosque at Mecca were kept to light the lamp. I was surprised and in tension because it was the first time I was going to hold the umbrella. The other cause of the tension was, the umbrella should not cover the face of Swamiji, the top of the umbrella should not hit the ceiling of the hall and there should not be any hindrance to the children standing on both sides of the path to welcome Swamiji. But I was feeling some kind of confidence in myself because when Swamiji is there with me why should I be worried. Finally when Swamiji came and started moving forward and at the same time blessing all the children standing on both sides, I followed him with the umbrella over his head upto the photo and lamp. There was not even a bit of fear in me. My hands were very steady and I could manage everything perfectly. I had a feeling as though I had done this many times previously though I had not done it before. Swamiji congratulated me and blessed me by touching my forehead. Such is the power of our Swamiji. When you are having full faith in him, you can feel your confidence level increase many fold. I will remain grateful to Swamiji for giving me such an opportunity to serve him. I bow before our Sai Vikrama.


Anil Kumar.K


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