Miracles done by Vikraman Swamiji in my life

Sriram Bahrain

Travelled with the Cancelled Passport

Myself and my family members have lots of miracle with the grace of our Swamiji, for a start I want to share the below miracle;

Jai Sriram!!!  Sri Vikraman Swamiji Ki Jaiiii!!!

 I am working in Bahrain, with Swamiji’s grace I am attending Hanuman Jayanthi every year from Year 2007.  This miracle happened on Year 2009.

On 11th Jan, 2009 Swamiji mentioned “Sriram you will have a miracle again in your passport (1st one happened in year 2002 mistakenly put my passport along with my pant  in the Washing Machine, regarding this will write soon)” I was thrilled and immediately thought maybe it will happen similar like earlier one ie.  After my vacation we came back to Bahrain on 24th Jan’2009, when I check my passport only few pages left, so I had applied a new passport in Indian Embassy Bahrain on 5th Feb’2009, they issue it on 8th Feb’2009 not transferred the RP to new passport.  Due to urgent work I had to visit Dubai on next day ie.9th Feb’2009  so  I travelled with the old passport and kept the new passport in our Pooja room,  during that visit that I had stayed  for 5 days, return flight I booked on 13th Feb’2010(Friday) evening flight because it a holiday and finished the tasks I thought of going back in the morning flight, because of Friday our travel agent offices are closed, so I directly went to the airport I requested them to change the flight they told me I have to pay AED300 extra, I had an argument with them finally I decided to pay the fee and catch the morning flight and reached Bahrain Airport.  When I gave my passport to immigration officer he asked me how did you travel with this passport, I replied what’s wrong with the passport it is main, and I left from Bahrain on 9th Feb’2010 and coming back.  Then he asked me again did you see the 1st page of your passport,  I realized somewhere something is wrong, then I politely asked him can I see it please, when he  given back I was shocked because it clearly stamped “CANCELLED” in middle of my photo on the passport 1st page,  he also asked me do you have any magical power, because even you escaped from Bahrain side  how Dubai immigration missed it because they are well advanced in their security checks, I politely told him all my master’s grace because of that I have not faced any difficulty on this trip.  Then I asked him what is the solution, he told me if I stamp in the cancelled passport my job will be at risk so please tell your wife to bring your passport we will mention a note in the passport and stamp in the new passport, so I called and informed my wife, she brought the new passport with the help of Mr. Lingam and submitted to the airport immigration counter, they stamped and allowed me to go out.  Finally I would like to share, during this incident my cancelled passport was handled by around 10 different people but no one has informed/noticed until the final exit, if Bahrain immigration also not informed it will go unnoticed then only I realized our Swamiji’s words which he mentioned on 11th Jan’2009 “Sriram again you will have a miracle on your passport”.    It is not possible without Swamiji blessings.  Jai Sriram!!

After that my mother went for Saturday Pooja in Chennai and informed to Swamiji about my experience, Swamiji has mentioned to her in the future Sriram will visit other country without passport. If we have 100% faith on our Swamiji, our life will be an effortless journey.   

During that trip my Passport was handled by following places:

1.      Gulf Air(issuing a boarding pass to Dubai)

2.      Bahrain Immigration (exit Bahrain)

3.      Dubai Immigration (enter Dubai)

4.      Land Mark Hotel(Check in)

5.      Land Mark Hotel(Check out)

6.      DAFZA (office related job)

7.      Gulf Air(ticket counter –requesting for propone trip)

8.      DNATA(Issuing a new ticket, taken the passport copy)

9.      Gulf Air(Issuing a boarding pass to Bahrain

10.  Dubai immigration(Exit Dubai)

11.  Bahrain immigration(Enter Bahrain, informed me I am traveling with the cancelled passport)

Jai Sriram!!!  Sri Vikraman Swamiji Ki Jaiiii!!!



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