My Experiences – Very Special in My Life
A. Srinivasa Rao

Jai Gurudev

Jai Yogeswar

Jai Sri Krishna

Jai Sri Vikraman Swami

Dear divine brothers and sisters,

My experiences with Swamiji occupy a special place in my life.

My first experience

In February 1997 when Swamiji came to Kuwait, due to my ego and ignorance, I did not get the opportunity to have His darshan contrary to my desire. However, when He visited Kuwait in January 1998, I realised His divine touch, i.e. the right way to seek spiritual progress in life is to surrender and not by any other means. Like a child going to its mother. This fact He made me realise.

God is One – A Great Realisation

I used to differentiate various forms of God and was unable to accept any form other than that of Sri Krishna. By Swamiji’s grace, within a short period of a week, I was able to whole-heartedly accept every form of God - something I could not accomplish or realise in 37 years. Now I have full faith that with His grace anything is possible.

His Healing Touch

Swamiji has a special way of healing the heart of the tormented. Whenever I attended His poojas I could sense His healing touch on my good heart (i.e. love, compassion, strengths- the good qualities), my bad heart (i.e. raga, dwesha and such weaknesses), and my consciousness. The beauty of His healing is that He also made me realise His grace on me.

Universal Love – His Great Teaching

I have been attached to my family members and have always perceived their problems as mine. But I never knew that the love was due to attachment. It was Swamiji who made me aware of love without attachment. It is a wonderful experience and I sincerely seek His grace to enable me to extend the same universal and divine love towards the entire mankind without attachment.

A Divine Guide

Swamiji knows about me more than I know myself about me. He reminded me of my commitments and promises to others which I had failed to fulfill, as well as my limitations.

These, in brief, are my experiences with Swamiji during a short span of one week.

I bow at the lotus feet of Swamiji with a pure heart and seek His ever loving divine blessings.

Jai Guru Dev

His ever-loving disciple

A. Srinivasa Rao

Kuwait 610 003
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