Siva Gowry Arooran - Kuwait , Part-II


I am unable to find words or do not have words to describe and write the greatness of my Sat Guru Shri Vikraman Swamiji and his miracles.


With the blessing of my Swamiji, I would like to share some of my experience as a continuation of my Part 1 experience.


Selecting the Hospital for delivery


In my part 1 experience I mentioned that with the grace & blessings of my Swamiji I conceived in May 2009. During the fifth month of my pregnancy, me and my husband started discussing with our friends & well wishers in Kuwait to find out which hospital give more care & good medical service for delivery, but we were in confusion and we could not take any decision. We prayed to our Swamiji and ask him to guide us.


Swamiji know his devotees problems and confusions. Because most of his miracles I experienced, shows Swamiji is always with me.


To clear our confusion, we felt that Swamiji visited Kuwait in October 2009 and gave his dharsanam to his devotees in Kuwait.


On the first day of bajan I asked Swamiji, please guide me which hospital should I go for my baby’s delivery. Swamiji immediately told me to go to Farwaniya government hospital and Dr. Ananthapriya is working there, she will take care of every thing. Dr. Ananthapriya is also a strong devotee of Swamiji and she was there in the bhajan that day as Swamiji’s Arul Vakku was held at her home. I believe all of this was pre-arranged by Swamiji. That day itself we discussed with Dr. Ananthapriya. She gave me lot of advice and told us not to worry about the delivery she will take care of it. Actually, when I was talking to Swamiji Dr. Anandapriya was not there and she does not know anything about what Swamiji told to me. So Swamiji only arranged everything for our blessed child delivery.


Still I wonder and cannot believe this Swamiji’s miracle and had his first bajan & arul vakku at Dr. Ananthapriya’s home.


Swamiji’s miracle at the government clinic


As per procedure in Kuwait, before being admitted in the government hospital for delivery we have to go for monthly checkup at the local area clinic.


I was little nervous to visit the local clinic because I do not know Hindi, Malayalam or Arabic to communicate with the staffs there and we could not find a contact in the local clinic. I was thinking and murmuring Swamiji’s thiru-namamVikraman Swamiji”, “Vikraman Swamiji” and praying Swamiji please be with me. As I entered the main entrance of the Maternity section a kind-hearted nurse called “Baby” approached me and asked what you are looking for in Malayalam, I told her I am from Sri Lanka and I do not know Malayalam, what a surprise immediately she started talking in Tamil. She helped me a lot to open the file, get the doctor’s appointment. In addition, she gave advice on pregnancy and related during pregnancy.


From the first day, during my all monthly checkup she helped me a lot. Swamiji only arranged her to help me. Because when my husband told about the kindness and helping nature of that nurse to his friends who were in Kuwait for a long time they were surprised, because without a contact or reference it is mostly difficult to get this type of help from a nurse in the local clinic.


Getting three months on arrival visa for my father-in-law and mother-in-law


My father-in-law and mother-in-law wish to be with us during my delivery, but unfortunately, they got their Canadian passport in the last moment. Therefore, we could not apply for their visa in advance.

My husband checked with everyone how to get three months visit visa on arrival and the result was we can get only for one month and then we have to try our luck with the immigration department to get extended it further.


On 16th January 2010 before leaving to airport my husband asked Swamiji please help us on this and we arranged the “airport help service” to bring my father-in-law and mother-in-law from the flight and get the visa. While making the payment my husband asked them to try to get three months visa. They told do not worry, will arrange three months tourist visa for them. We were shocked and happy. It was arranged by Swamiji.


Swamiji’s miracle at the Farwaniya Hospital.


19th January 2010 as usual I went to the local clinic for monthly check and it was the last visit to clinic as per schedule. When I visited the doctor at the clinic she told to get admitted to the hospital immediately as my due date is the same date as per their record.


In my previous monthly visit to clinic, I used to go with a known taxi .However, on 19th January I went with my husband, father-in-law and mother-in-law because Swamiji knew this will happen.


As per the clinic doctor’s instruction to be admitted to the hospital, thinking of my Sat Guru Shri Vikraman Swamiji I called Dr. Ananthapriya to get her advice and find whether she is available in the hospital. She told us to come to the hospital as she is on duty, but do not worry or get excited because your due date will be on 20th or 21st. Dr. Ananthapriya checked my private clinic reports and examined me at Farwaniya hospital in November 2009 so she know my exact due date, as she took more care on me and my baby.


Immediately with my husband and mother-in-law, leaving my father-in-law at home in case of emergency to bring the necessary items, we went to Farwaniya hospital. My husband waited outside as he cannot enter the maternity ward as per Kuwait custom and law. I went to the ward to meet Dr. Ananthapriya with my mother-in-law, while I was with doctor my mother-in-law waited out side the doctor’s room and found 2, 3 Sri Lankan hospital assistants working in the same ward. Who were very helpful during my stay in the hospital. After checkup, Dr. Ananthapriya told me not to worry and go home, if in case I get pain just call her before coming to hospital.


So I left the hospital around 12 Noon on 19.01.2010. There were lot of exciting miracles happened on the same day night and next days until 21.01.2010 on which our little angel born. Those will continue in my next part of experience of my living God Shri Vikraman Swamiji’s miracles.


Swamiji, I surrender my self at your lotus feet, please protect and guide me, my family members, all your devotees and all in the world.


I believe all happening in my life are because of my Lord Shri Vikraman Swamiji and what I believe is if we surrender 100% to him and believe him full hearted then he will take care of everything. Then only Joy, Happiness and bliss will be in our life. This is from my experience.


Shri Vikraman Swamiji is living God, whom we can talk and touch.


We have done some good karma to live with Swamji and have His dharsanam.


Swamiji saranam

Swamiji saranam

Swamiji saranam

Shri Vikraman Swamiji saranam.



Siva Gowry Arooran - Kuwait.

30 June 2010

End of part 02

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