My First Experience With Swamiji


Before I explain about my experience let me quote the following line from Sai Satcharita (Chapter-28 page 147)


“ It is always the experience of the Bhaktas that God always helps them in their search for Sadguru and other spiritual endeavors. ”


To start with let me explain in brief my situation before I had darshan of our Swamiji for the first time. I came to Dubai in September 2005 and got a job in a Jewellery group in the Accounts Section. This was a totally different field for me since I was working as a Computer Network Engineer in India for the past 10 years. I was facing a lot of problems both at the office as well as at the flat with people pressurizing me in all respects and testing my level of patience to the full extent.


Now to come to the point, those days I was a frequent visitor of the Temple at Bur Dubai. One Friday, after having darshan when I was coming down, I saw a board saying “Everyone can attend the Satsang”. I went inside the Hall and took part in the Satsang and then on, I used to attend the Satsang regularly with a heavy heart praying every time to help me come out of this sorry condition of mine. In between the Satsang was not there for a few weeks and I was totally upset. May be Swamiji had come at that time and the pooja was at some other place. But I did not stop going to the Temple. Then all of a sudden again the Satsang started and I was Very much Happy. Then I gave my office Landline No. as my Contact No. to the person entrusted with the task of informing every bhaktas. But most of the times when they tried to contact me, I was not present at the office. But they somehow or the other they made it sure that the message was passed on to me.  I am very grateful to them because they were the only contact persons I knew who could guide me to Our Swamiji.  In fact, it was Swamiji who brought me through them. At this juncture, I am quoting Shirdi Sai Baba’s sayings (vide Sai Satcharita Chapter-28 page 146) which is as follows


 “ Let  My man (Devotee) be at any distance, a thousand kms away from Me, he will be drawn to Shirdi like a sparrow with a thread tied to it’s feet.”


This literally happened in my case. I did not know anything about Swamiji, there was none to tell about Swamiji. In spite of all this I am now a strong devotee of Swamiji.


The first chance I got to see Swamiji was when a pooja was arranged at Shri Ashok Sharma’s House. Though I had taken permission from my office and came for attending the Pooja, I couldn’t find the house and I returned back with an upset mind. The next day, with a heavy heart, I called Gayathriji and told her what happened. She told me that I can meet Swamiji at Sharjah on Friday and gave me directions of how to come there. On the next Friday I went to Sharjah. With great difficulty, I crossed the road. But again I lost the way. I asked many people if they could guide me. After some time I came across a person owning a grocery and he drew the directions on paper as how to reach Al Safa Building where the Pooja was to be conducted. At last I reached the hall and was waiting patiently for Swamiji to come. Here I wish to tell you all that may be Swamiji was testing the depth of my devotion and patience. Since I had not seen Swamiji before, I thought that He might be wearing Saffron clothes and with long beard etc. On seeing Swamiji and his simplicity, I was surprised. But I was sure that He possesses some kind of divine power because on seeing His pleasant smile I had a feeling as though my worries have vanished. After he came and the Pooja started, he started talking to the devotees assembled in the hall. He then called my name and asked some questions which surprised me because they were pointing to the very same thought which arose in my mind at the sight of Swamiji. I answered the questions. He then asked me whether I believe in Him now, for which I answered in the affirmative. He instructed me to have full faith in Him and he gave me the assurance that Hanuman Swami will take care of all my problems and told me to have full faith in Him and He will take care of me. It was a very soothing experience which I had after taking great pains in coming to meet our Swamiji. He gave me the confidence to face all the problems.


Though I did not know anyone in Dubai, I was very much lucky to meet Swamiji, who guided me throughout my bad times and is taking care of me always.


Anil Kumar.K,



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