Major Accident Averted


            This is about the miraculous escape of my wife from a major accident which happened in the month of August 2010. My wife and my brother-in-law were going to our family temple. My brother-in-law was driving the scooter and my wife was sitting at the back. When they were nearing the temple, all of a sudden a small child crossed the road and my brother-in-law frantically tried to avoid knocking down the child and in the process lost his control. The scooter took a turn and both of them fell down. My brother-in-law was wounded. My wife fell backwards and her head hit the road. But there was no injury to her. There was no problem to the child also. This road links to the main road which is a very busy road. But at that time no vehicle passed the spot from either side. By sheer luck only my wife escaped. If any vehicle had come from any of the sides, it would have been a great tragedy because anything could have happened at that moment. This miraculous escape was only due to the grace of our Swamiji. My wife is a strong devotee of Swamiji. Though she has not seen Swamiji, she is having tremendous faith in Him. She always prays in front of His photo kept in the Pooja room and tells all her problems to Swamiji. This faith only saved her from a severe disaster and this faith came due to many surprising experiences which I and my family members had in the past few years. It was due to this faith only she was saved.



Jai Satchitanand satguru Shri Vikraman Swami




Anil Kumar.K Dubai

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