Experience About the Rudraksh


This is an experience from which I learnt a lesson.


Before I narrate the experience, let me put forth some facts. I had an intense desire of owning a Rudraksh. I was waiting for a suitable chance for obtaining the same. Now to narrate my experience, it goes as follows. This happened some time in July 2007. One Friday, I was getting ready to come to Sharjah for attending the Guru Poornima Celebrations. There was a knock at the door and when I opened the door two Sadarjiís were standing outside. They told that they are coming from Bur Dubai and some pooja is being arranged and they wanted some Donation. They asked for Dhs 25/- and I gave them the amount thinking that it is for a noble cause. Then one of them started talking about my problems, about my family at India. He gave me a photo of Guru Nanak and told to give him some Dhs 125/- for performing some Pooja for me, I gave the amount to him.Though I was running short of money, I gave them this much amount. I was doing all of this in a half conscious state. He then placed a picture of Guru Nanak, Guru Govind Singh and Golden Temple in my hands and again asked for more money. Then I donít know what happened. I refused to give him more money. He again insisted on getting more money. I was repeatedly refusing him. At last he gave me a Rudraksha and told to keep it with me. After they went away, I was totally upset because I was not at all in my consciousness while giving the money to a person whom I had not seen previously. I donít know what happened to me at that time. I attended the Pooja at Sharjah with a heavy heart. I was praying to Swamiji to help me because I was in a confused state and was not sure whether whatever I did was correct or not. Though I am a strong believer of Swamiji, I believed in the words of a person whom I never knew before. I forgot what Swamiji had told in the Poojas he conducted (i.e. beware of people misguiding you). For a few minutes, I became somewhat unstable. But there again Swamiji came to my rescue in the form of Guru Nanakís Picture. It was because of that only I refused to give him more money in spite of the insisting of the person who came. This was a great lesson to me.


Now about the Rudraksh, I showed the Rudraksh to Swamiji, when he came to Dubai in the month of August 2007 and narrated the whole incident to him. Literally I was shivering lest Swamiji should be angry with me. He was annoyed but being very kind and understanding my plight, He consoled me. He told me that the person who came mesmerized me. But it was Swamiji who protected me from further disaster. He then blessed the Rudraksh and returned it back to me. See how kind our Swamiji is. He knew about my desire to own a Rudraksh. He fulfilled my desire and at the same time He taught me a lesson not to be too much superstitious in religious matters.


What I want to convey through this experience is that under any circumstances donít let your faith to be wavered. It might take some time but there will be very good result of your whole-hearted faith. It is the matter of having patience and 100% confidence.



Miracle regarding curing of Ear Ailment


This happened in the month of January 2010. I was suffering from severe ear pain due to which I could not sleep well. My right ear was totally blocked. I went to a nearby hospital at Dubai. The doctor told me that it was due to throat infection and gave me medicine for three days. After taking the medicines, the pain in the ear was decreasing. But all of a sudden the pain again increased. Even then I continued taking the medicines. After the medicine was over, I again consulted the doctor. He examined my ear and told me that there is swelling in the ears. That night, I put a pinch of the Vibhoothi given to me by Swamiji in water and drank the water. At about midnight, the diaphragm of my ear got busted and some type of liquid was coming out continuously. With this the ear pain subsided to a large extend. But my right ear was fully blocked and I could not hear anything through my right ear. It was a matter of concern to me. In the following day, I went and consulted an ENT Specialist at a reputed hospital. He on examining my ears told that there is a hole in the ear drum and it will take at least one to one and half month for the block to be cleared. More over there was some sort of tissue growth also in my right ear. He gave me an eardrop and told me to come back after one week. I was finding difficulty while traveling and also communicating with co-workers during my work. When I went after one week, the doctor was surprised to find out that my ear was recovering at a fast rate. The secretion from the ear stopped totally. But he told me to continue the eardrops till it got over. As per his instructions for further follow-up, I again consulted him after one week. He then told me that the recovery was almost 80% and the ailment will be cured 100% and I will be able to hear clearly. But he was surprised and told me that in most of the cases, an operation was needed to remove the extra growth of tissues and set the ear back to its normal condition. But in my case, it will not be necessary and I will get cured fully. It took another week for the block to be cleared and now I can hear very clearly. Though the whole episode took nearly one month to get over, I was never ever in any stress or tension by the grace of Swamiji. Moreover, I was saved from the procedures of undergoing an operation, though minor, by the grace of Swamiji only.


At this juncture, I want to tell all of you that though this was a matter of concern, I was totally confident that I will be able to hear properly. I had a feeling as though Swamiji was telling me not to worry and He is there always with me. This feeling gave me more confidence. If you pray intently and with full faith and devotion to Swamiji, He will surely answer your prayers and come to your rescue. This is my experience till now.


Anil Kumar.K,



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