Efficacy of swamiji's vibhuthi.
My humble pranams to Swamiji, before I start writing my experience.


Almost  2 years back my new laptop[which my daughter had sent to me after getting her first salary from UK.] went out of use. There were only waves on the screen. A mechanic was called and he immediately told me that he needs to take the laptop to his service center. I wasn't willing to part with it nor was my husband. I was dejected and applied vibhuthi ,and believe it or not everything became okay and the laptop became functional. After this I used to apply swamiji's vibhuthi whenever I felt something was going wrong and it used to be set right.

The latest incident which I remember very clearly is when I had been to swamiji's ashram for a puja and I was feeling very hungry. On that particular day swamiji gave bananas to those who were there, but he ignored me. I was feeling sad and so I took little of vibhuthi and swallowed it .Then my hunger disappeared. I did tell swamiji about it, when swamiji told me you write it down as one of your experience.

It has taken such a long time for me to sit and pen it down due to various silly reasons.


May SWAMIJI'S blessings be ever bestowed on us throughout our life. I also request swamiji to forgive me if I have done anything knowingly or unknowingly.


Jai Sri Ram

Jayshree Sreevatsan


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