Jai Shree Ram


We had the good fortune of meeting Swamiji 7 years back. We came to Dubai in July, 2003 without any idea as to what we were going to do. In October, my sister told me about Swami’s puja. Her colleague, one of Swami’s Bhakta told her that Swamiji was here and she asked if I would like to go to the puja in Sindhi Ceremonial Hall. Earlier on she had given me the book on Swamiji to read. This book had the various experiences of the bhaktas and also many of Swamiji’s prophecies.


They say that you do not seek a Guru, the Guru seeks you. This is exactly what happened with us. We went for the puja and since then have never looked back. At that puja we were amazed and it won’t be wrong to say that my husband and I were baffled by the things that Swamiji mentioned about our life in West Africa. The details he gave us were no co-incidence. Details about our house having 5 rooms and one of the rooms not having much natural light and there being a mosque on one side and a church on the other were so true. The colour and make of our car back in West Africa and my husband’s attachment to it left us absolutely speechless. At that very first puja Swamiji told my husband, “Don’t leave Dubai.” He also mentioned that he wanted to come to our house to light the lamp.


That first meeting with Swamiji was such a divine experience. I cannot say that all our problems disappeared overnight or things just changed. But what we experienced is beyond any words can explain. After we came under the divine protection of Swamiji, we have felt an inner strength which helps us to face our problems (big and small) with a smile on our face and a faith that HE is there right beside us holding our hand and guiding us through. Swamiji always says, “I will put you through an exam and I will also make sure you pass it.” And that is exactly what He has done.


Swami, please continue to bless us and all your bhaktas with your Divine protection and guidance always.



When we came to Dubai in 2003, my family and I were staying with my sister in her house. After 2 years we moved to a sharing accommodation. In June, 2007 our landlord with whom we shared the house told us suddenly that we had to move out as he needed the space for his relatives. Exams were going on and when I came to know of this I was in tears. We had to move out in 3 weeks time and we had no accommodation. One person I knew through my office contacts had promised to get me an apartment in Development Board flats through his influence. When I called him, he said not to worry and 3 weeks was a long time. But when after a few days there was no positive news from his side, I kind of started panicking. In the evening, I called Swamiji in Chennai. One of his bhaktas received the call and said that Swamiji was not there but asked me what the call was about. I told him everything and he said to call the next day and not to worry as Swamiji would take care of everything.


I called the next day at the same time, but they said that Swamiji had travelled. I was quite sad that I couldn’t speak to him, but as Swamiji always says, “Even if I am unable to take your call, the very fact that you have called, be assured that what is in your heart has reached Swamiji and I will take care of it.” I was still thinking about Swamiji when I got a call saying that Swamiji had come and that there was a puja on Friday. What more could I ask for??????????? Swamiji had given me a direct answer to my question by actually coming to Dubai. From then on, in spite of all the hassles, I experienced a kind of peace and inner strength. When we went for the puja, Swamiji said, “Don’t worry all will be taken care of.”


We finally had to shift to another sharing accommodation, which was much smaller and we had to leave some four cartons in the common passageway. But Swamiji never leaves you alone…the moment I entered the building where our “temporary” residence was, I met one of Swamiji’s bhaktas at the elevator. I was happy to see him there as that in itself for me was a sign from Swamiji – I AM THERE WITH YOU WHEREVER YOU GO, FEAR NOT. To add to my bewilderment, the Bhakta stayed on the same floor right beside the flat we had our sharing accommodation in. My worry dissipated and I sensed a peace within me.


The next puja I attended before I could even say anything, Swamiji said, “I know you are going through a difficult time. Your room is very small and you are not happy. Don’t worry; I will take care of everything. The house you will get will be a very lucky house and you and your family will be very happy there.”


We were under a lot of pressure as firstly, we were travelling to India end-July and we couldn’t leave our things scattered in the passageway. I kept praying to God that I wouldn’t mind shifting into a new place even 2-3 days before travelling, although it would be tough but that was also accepted. Secondly, my boss who had promised me a loan for the house was also travelling for the next 2 months. I was worried that I might have a problem due to lack of funds.


But Swamiji took care of it all. My boss before travelling called me and said, “I am signing this blank cheque for your use. I don’t want you to miss out on your house due to lack of funds. Fill in the amount you need and you can repay it in easy installments. And the day you get your house, you get an increment too.” Now, which boss would do that for his employee??? I had tears in my eyes and was thanking Swamiji to have taken care of this in such a wonderful way.


Then came the next hurdle…..the person who had promised us an apartment said he could not arrange for the Development Board flat, but that there was one flat in Sharjah and that this was the last resort. His friend was leaving the country and wanted to leave the house with the furniture and he didn’t want anything.


I was a bit disappointed and not too keen to go there and neither was anyone else in the family. But we had no choice so the next day we went there together. However, the moment we entered the house, we just felt as though this was the one for us and all else seemed insignificant.


We called up to ask Swamiji if we could proceed and Swamiji has said yes go ahead. We checked with the children’s school and they said they have pick-up in that area. So everything seemed to be going well and falling into place. We called our common person and agreed on the house.


When we spoke directly to the occupant of the flat said he wanted a certain sum for the furniture. We bargained and agreed on the price. Then he insisted that he would keep the contract going for the next year in his name. My husband was not too keen, but since time was running out, we were almost going to agree. Then we again called to ask Swamiji what to do. Swamiji had insisted the contract be changed to our name or not to take the house. I was close to tears. Just when all was going well, we did not need this issue.


After a lot of back and forth, with Swamiji’s blessings, we finally got the contract changed to our name, paid the occupant what needed to be paid. We finally got the keys to the house and when??????……………..Just 3 days before I was going to travel to India. We moved in on Monday night and Thursday night we were travelling. So Swamiji really took us to our word!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right from the word GO, this house has been a miracle - the way we have got it!!!!!!!!!!! Swamiji has His way of doing things in a way that all and everything just falls into place beyond our expectations.


Somewhere in my heart I still wanted the Development Board flat due to its convenient location from the office. But Swamiji could see beyond and much ahead of what we could. We later came to know that the rents of those houses had gone up by double of what they originally were as the Development Board had handed over the Management of those flats to a private company. Thank you Swamiji for taking care of us and protecting us from every possible side.


I used to always pray to Swamiji for a house that was blessed by him and where we could feel his presence in every corner of the house and He has blessed us with exactly that……….much more than we had expected and much more than we could have asked for. THANK YOU SWAMIJI FOR BLESSING US AND BEING SUCH AN IMPORTANT PART OF OUR LIVES.



- Manisha, Ashok, Neelam and Karishma





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