Obeisance to Sri Vikraman Swami!

Obeisance to Amma!

This world and life is a much better and happier place to live in with the Blessings of Sri Vikraman Swamiji.I usually write down my experiences and Miracles in a Diary/notebook .Every day, I note down at least a couple of Miracles which happened during the previous day. Whether it is my professional career, or my wife’s success or my Children’s’ education and health, Swami Blesses me with smooth sailing all along. Even if I commit some mistakes, Swami rectifies these mistakes on my behalf, and things go smoothly again.

·         Once Swami told me, “Sameer I know what you are doing every quarter of a second”. How that could be possible, I wondered. But the way Swami guides us, educates us, enlightens us, gives us so many rewards, name and fame, I am now totally convinced that Swami is always with me wherever I go. If it is going to a job interview or a new place or writing an examination, Swami tells me, “You go, I am coming with you”. And when Swami says this, I always emerge successful from the situation. As Swami’s Devotee what I need to do is to Pray and pass on the responsibility to Swami, and Swami does my task.

·         Swami once asked me, “Sameer, do you have brown colored shoes”; and I told Him that I prefer to wear Black colored shoes. Then Swami answered, “When I come here next time, you will have brown colored shoes”. And many months passed by, and one day, I bought Brown colored shoes. And within a few days of this, Swami arrived in Kuwait, and he asked me if I had brown colored shoes, and he explained to me how comfortable they were! This proves that when Swami says something, it is bound to happen; there is no other go. Whenever Swami tells me something, I usually write it down in a Note book, and refer to it frequently, and I later on correlate what Swami said with what has actually happened.

·         I had introduced one of my friends to Swami during one of the Pujas in Kuwait. My friend was blessed with a daughter, but the couple was having problems with giving birth   to their second child. When the couple and their daughter went to seek Blessings of Swami, during the Puja, Swami asked them, “Where is your second child”, to which my friend answered that they were having only one child. Swami told them, “Go and check .Next time you will come back, with a lucky child”. When they got the pregnancy test done, to their amazement the report was positive, and today they have a son, and they are leading a happy and prosperous life. They now keep going to Swami’s Pujas with their family. Swami’s Blessings is like the Alchemist’s stone, whomever He Blesses, their life becomes happy, healthy, Wealthy and prosperous.

·         Swami Blesses us with all the four objectives of our Human life; namely Dharma (practice of righteousness, Artha (Wealth and prosperity), Kama (worldly desires) and Moksha (liberation from the cycle of Births and Deaths).He also teaches us that Dharma is more important than Artha and Kama, through his various sayings and demonstrations. A few years ago, I was a dejected, confused and disappointed person, and I always thought of renouncing this world and going to the Temples/Himalaya mountains/Forests and lead a life of Spirituality. And Swami during one of the mini Pujas told me that we have to do our duties and worship God, God is always with us, He is moving, sleeping and eating with us, and He also comes with us to our office and work; and our objective is to realize the presence of God while living in this world. Swami told me that, even if we went to Himalayas and start worrying about our families, relatives, possessions, then that going to Himalayas, would be of no use at all. He told me that taking care of our family is also the Puja of God. We have to perform our duties to our Parents, Wife, Children and others. We have to live in the Grihasthashrama, perform our duties and do God’s Namasmarama. This opened my eyes, and I understood that there is no need to physically renounce the world and go to the forests; instead I have to perform my duties and mentally renounce the worldly attachments, and surrender all our actions, their results to God. This proves the fact that Swamiji understands the problems/issues in our minds, and gives the appropriate solution to the problems. Glory to Sri Vikraman Swami!

·          Once during Puja, Swami asked me if we were planning to go to Tirupathi and perform Kalyanotsavam Puja, and we were indeed planning to do so. With Swami’s Blessings, we got a nice accommodation at Tirumala & the entrance ticket for Srivari Kalyanotsavam Puja. I also prayed to Swami, that I should have a long and satisfying Darshan of Lord Sri Venkateshwara in Tirumala, and when we went to the Garbha gruha(Sanctum sanctorum) of the Temple, one of the Temple volunteers took me to the front, and asked me to have a long(as long as I intended) Darshan of the Lord, and with Swami’s Blessings I had the opportunity to see the Deity of Lord Sri Venkateshwara for almost five minutes(which is impossible under normal conditions).Once during Hanuman Jayanthi ,Swami told me that I could see the Brahmotsavam Puja(of Tirupathi) during the Jayanthi,and yes, I experienced the Brahmotsavam of Tirupathi when I attended the  Hanuman Jayanthi procession, Sri Ganapathi Homam,Arulvaku Pujas and the Bhajans sung by various devotees of Swami.

Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji!

Jai Sri Hanuman!

Jai Sri Rama!

---Sameer M Vaidya & Ananthapriya Vaidya (Kuwait)

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