Jai Sree Ram Jayam”, “Jai Sree Anjaneya”,

 “Jai Sree Vikraman Swamiji”


Date: 15th November 2010.


Experiences of Subhash Y. Shetty – Abu Dhabi, UAE.


Part – 1.


Swamiji, Amma, Koti Koti Pada Namaskaragalu,


I would like to share my few experiences with our beloved Swamiji.


I came to know about Shree Vikraman Swamiji in February, 2006 through one of the Devotees of Abu Dhabi to whom I will be ever grateful.

I had my first Darshanam of Swamiji in July-2006 at Sharjah Pooja hall. As usual all the devotees were getting Viboothi Prasadam from Swamiji, I also stood in the queue. When my turn came, the first word Swamiji told me “DON’T LEAVE THE COUNTRY, YOU HAVE MANY THINGS TO DO HERE” and he put his divine hand on my head and asked me “WHEN DID YOU LAST HAVE YOUR EYES CHECKED?” I took the fruits along with Viboothi Prasadam and left the pooja hall for the day.

During my second Darshana of Swamiji at mini pooja in Mr. Venkatesh’s house, Abu Dhabi, Swamiji repeated the same word, what he told in Sharjah.

Miracles started happening from the very next day in my life.

1.      After 2 days of pooja in Abu Dhabi, I visited an eye clinic for check-up. I was surprised, when the Doctor told me that the glass what I was wearing for the past 2-3 years with wrong power. The power got reduced by 50% and I replaced the glasses.


2.      I came to UAE in the year 1989 and never thought of going for UAE driving licence. But suddenly, in a pooja in the year 2008, Swamiji asked me “Do you want the driving licence in UAE?” Though I had my doubts said “Yes”. He told me immediately “I have already arranged the licence for you”. Very next day my boss called and told me that he would give me a car provided that I had UAE driving licence. By remembering Swamiji’s blessings, immediately, I opened my file with the traffic department and started attending the driving classes. My boss reimbursed all my fees and expenditures in connection with the same. I got my licence in very first attempt. Swamiji had also told that he would arrange a Mercedez Benz car for me. I got it very recently with the blessings of Swamiji.


3.      During early months of 2010, my mother got cancer in the lower bladder. We have taken her to Manipal hospital for check-up. The Doctor has not answered us the stage at which she was passing through. Finally, we came to know that she was in 3rd stage. She stopped eating food. But, I have faith in my Swamiji and started praying to him. I told the matter to Swamiji in the Pooja. He gave me the Viboothi prasadam and told that he would pray to God for her speedy recovery. I sent the Viboothi prasadam to my mother and she took the same daily. Meanwhile, Doctor also started the treatment. There were improvements from that day onwards. She started eating food. The Doctor got surprised and told that it was a miracle. Now, she is alright with the blessings of Swamiji.



4.      During October 2010 my wife was suffering from fever and she was taking medicine prescribed by the Doctor of a reputed hospital in Udupi. But the fever did not reduce. Day by day she was becoming week and loosing weight. Meanwhile, as per the advice of her friend, she referred the case to another hospital. After blood check up, they came to know that she was suffering from Dengue fever and also in the last stage. Had she delayed for a day, the consequences might have been critical. Her white blood count was very low. Immediately, she was admitted in the ICU for 7 days. As soon as she was admitted in the hospital, her father called me and asked me to start immediately. When the call came, I was in Shree Sai Baba’s bhajan, I started praying for her health and recovery. The same day (Friday) there was Swamiji’s Bhajan between 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm at a house in Abu Dhabi. All devotees prayed for her recovery. Meanwhile, I was planning for my travel. I called Swamiji and he told me that he would pray to God for her speedy recovery.  Very next day she recovered by 90%. The blood count started getting normal. She was discharged from the hospital after one week. With the blessings of Swamiji she has regained her health.



Like this, I have experienced many miracles in my life, I have highlighted only the unforgettable incidents.


Manadallu Neeve, Maneyallu Neeve, Ellellu Neeve,

Shee Vikraman Swamiji

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