Sri Ramajayam

Aanjeneya Swamikku Jai

Vikraman Swamijikku Jai.


Part 19


With the blessings of Swamiji, once again I am summarising my experience with the assistance of his divine hands.




My realization:

Whenever I prayed, I knew God was listening to me but when God replied saying would take care of my problems I could not hear. When my wishes were actioned, I knew God listened to me. I was not in the same wavelength of God. I was talking to him in simple language but God was replying to me in complex language in low tone. Hence, I could not hear what God said. God knew when He had to do. Due to my misunderstanding that God did not hear, I troubled him repeatedly with my request until He did what I want. Then God decided to come in Swamiji’s form to make sure that my communication with God was made simple. By doing this, I was able to hear God talking and guiding me by telling “Natesan do not worry I am always ready to take care of you. Just tell me I will do it.” Ever since I started to hand over my problem to Swamiji, I got replies, or action on my wish was taken care. Therefore, when my God Swamiji has started communication my worry has vanished. I always tell him my wish and forget about it. He takes the appropriate action. Even when it is delayed, His indication during communication made me not to trouble him repeatedly with my request.


Let me enjoy my Swamiji and be happy because He is there to …….(wipe out my tears and bring smile on my face and take over all my problems) ……. keep me calm in every feel.




For few days, there was no way to reach Swamiji. Military language this is known as MIA (missing in action). Is it fear that makes you to worry? On the other hand, the worry makes you to fear? It was total confusion. Even though Swamiji was missing but was in full action. I consider him to be not as Missing In Action but Master In Action. I had witnessed and Mr. Venkatesh telling me at times Swamiji gets up from his sleep come out then makes a telephone call and gets back to sleep. I felt as Swamiji never sleep but his body sleeps. At times when I know Swamiji would have gone to sleep, still I pray to him the action takes place. By this, I had understood Swamiji never sleeps. He is the protector of His devotees 24/7. We are lucky that due to our surrender to Him we are shown that we are fully protected and guided even though we are not in contact. This made me to feel Swamiji will know the moment we submit our request but action will take place the appropriate time for Him to action.




One Thursday before I left for the weekly bhajan I was praying in my shrine room. Famous lights were put on and after few minutes, it went off. Then I looked at Swamiji’s picture in the middle of those bulbs and said, “now do not play with me and I am not going to touch it, you bring back the lights”. For few minutes, no lights were on the picture. Finally I said “bad of you Swamiji” and went to touch the plug amazingly bulbs lit on its own. I gave a smile and said, “what are you doing”. After few minutes, again it went off. I said to Swamiji “this time I am not going to touch it, you bring it back otherwise no light for you”. On and off I was looking at Swamiji and said, “I am not going to do it, you must bring it back”. After nearly 5 minutes, time lights came back and late night until I returned from bhajan the lights were on. Night before I went to bed I pulled the plug half way and left it in the socket itself. This is my usual way of handling that light. 


Next day I did not put the same lights on and after morning prayers I told Swamiji now the lights are not on, I hope when I come home You would not put it on by yourself. When I came back in the night, I was shocked to see that those lights were on. He is great God.


Next day when I called Ashram Amma answered the telephone call and said one of the bulb in the ashram was not working, but while we were talking, the bulb became ok. What else I could do, other than laughing. I told the previous day’s incident and said now Swamiji is over there and making You to tell me, he is only showing the bulb experiences in Kuwait too.






Part 17, I wrote that my wife wanted to move into a three bed roomed apartment in Canada. My wife called me and said the management needs her to come and see the unit and say whether she wants it. If she agrees, then they want to sign an agreement. My wife got the go ahead from Swamiji to move. When she checked up the unit, she found some of the repairs were major.


Wife: I saw the unit, they will repair the minor damages and paint the unit.

Self  : What is the major repair?

Wife: Kitchen sink, around the pipe there is a big hole.

Self :  Who would repair it?

Wife: Administrator says it is our problem.

Self :  New house they have to do the repair.

Wife:  Yes, this man does not want to listen

Self :  Do you like this unit?

Wife:  Yes, but the repair charge would be very high.

Self :   Then talk to the administrator.

Wife:  He told me if you want, take it, if not leave it.

Self :   What do you want to do? Do you want to take that unit?

Wife:  No, I do not want to spend money on this unit. 

Self :   Do you want to leave this unit?

Wife:  Cannot you talk to Swamiji and buy a house for me.

Self :   Do not talk about buying a house. When He says you would get it.

Wife:  All my relations have houses only I do not have.

Self :   Now do not start anything.

Wife:   Ok I do not want this unit.

Self :   Ok tell him if he is not prepared to repair this unit to show you when the next 

unit becomes vacant.

Wife:  Ok, I do not know what to tell you.

Self :   Can you talk to this administrator?

Wife:   No, he would not listen. I will tell them I am not interested.

Self :   Pray to Swamiji, he will do everything at the right time. Now tell them you do

           not want this unit.

Wife:   OK.


Just after this conversation prior to going for the Thursday bhajan, I started my evening prayer. During the prayer, I felt that I went against Swamiji’s instruction and gave an instruction to my wife. This hasty decision made me to feel very bad. Since I started my evening prayer, I could not stop in between and call my wife not to go ahead with my instruction. Right through of my prayer I was pleading how I gave an instruction like that. Who am I to tell my wife do something opposite to what my Swamiji asked her to do. Therefore, I requested Swamiji to make the administrator change his mind, so that he would agree to do whatever my wife requires and after the prayer, I would request my wife to approach him again. Since, Swamiji had told me He is always with me I decided where ever He is would listen to me. After my prayer, I called my wife.


Self : Did you go to the administrator?

Wife: Yes.

Self : Oh! My God.

Wife: What is the problem?

Self :  Did you tell him that you do not want the unit?

Wife: Yes.

Self :  What happened?

Wife:  He said ok leave it.

Self :  Ranji, we should have gone for that unit because Swamiji said ok.

Wife:  Now what to do?

Self :  Cannot you go and talk to him?

Wife:  Relax. I am taking that unit.

Self :   What about the repair?

Wife:  He agreed to do it.

Self :  How did you change that person’s mind 180 degrees?

Wife:  Not me. It is the secretary of that office changed his mind.

Self :  How?

Wife:  Do you remember once our son found money on the floor and second time 

inside the lift.

Self :  Yes.

Wife:  Both time I took him to the office and got him to return the money.

Self :  Yes.

Wife: Secretary informed these two incidents to the Administrator and asked him to

agree to my request.

Self :  See your good gesture rewarded.

Wife:  Sure.


I could really feel the inner happiness of my wife. Next day my wife told they had completed major portion of the work. If my wife is happy, the whole family feels it. Swamiji fulfils what comes in my heart for my wife. All the moments I want Swamiji to fill my life with simple values. After 3 days my wife moved from two bed-roomed apartment into the three bed roomed apartment.




I love to listen to loud music. The music system what I had was good could not be connected with a sub woofer. It had a special connection. I decided to go for a new mini system with a sub woofer. I prayed to Swamiji to get me a good system for a cheaper price because in Canada I had a nicer system. The salesperson showed me a nicer system and became very friendly. While talking I told him about my system problem, where I could connect a sub woofer. Then he told me I have a better solution for you. I have very powerful subwoofer only one unit is there. It will cost only C$5 more than the music unit what you are planning to buy. Your existing system is a very good one take this subwoofer everything will change. Even the movies through this system you can enjoy better. I really felt that my Swamiji was arranging this special unit from nowhere. Therefore, I bought and fixed it to my existing unit and found the music and watching movie was far superior quality.  




Pooja room I had fixed a string of four coloured lights. I requested Swamiji to make only green brighter and yellow dimmer and later make yellow brighter and green dimmer. Also, ensure blue and red does not come up. To my surprise, Swamiji really made it happen. As Swamiji always says, He is living with us He shows us with these types of unbelievable activities. Moment this happened my eyes were tearing. I could not believe that for me Swamiji broke the electrical principles.




In my office clinic weekly, I check my blood pressure. One day I wished to Swamiji how about 120/80. Nurse looked at me bit strange and moment he said it is 120/80 I burst into laugh. This nurse was puzzled and asked me why your pressure is like a 20 year old. I explained to him always I told you my Swamiji would take care of my health. Since I am 20 years in respect to my attitude, my Swamiji keep me as young as 20 years. My physical look can deceive people of my strength of abilities. I told the nurse while he was checking I requested my Swamiji to give me this reading and he did exactly what I asked for. I said to him secret of my health is my Swamiji is re-energizing power. I am sure this person must have really got confused.





Problem with my bosses continued. One day I was called by my superior and unwarranted attack was there. He accused me that I caused an error, which I denied. Therefore, he was angry and started to question unwanted issues. It came to such a state I was thinking of telling him terminate me or should I tell I am resigning. If I am terminated, I will have full benefits he will not do it because he would lose the opportunity to attack me. If I would resign then I will get half the benefits that also he would not like because he will cease the opportunity to attack me. Both ways he will not let me go. Most importantly, Swamiji told me stay in this company. In any case, until Swamiji tells I would not be able to leave.


So, in my mind I prayed to Swamiji.


“Swamiji, where are you what is this problem. Please take care of this problem. I cannot accept the blame, which I did not cause. If I have to leave then You must tell me whether I should resign or get terminated. Please help me.”


I decided to end this conversation so I told my superior “If you think I am wrong you decide what you want to do with me. Now I have to finish some urgent work let me go. Since, I said urgent work he let me go. I walked towards my room by asking “Swamiji, where are you, Why all these problem? You said You would take care to stay back in this company. I was scared of this treatment. Now I do not know what to do. Please help me.” 


Moment I entered my room my mobile rang. My mobile phone number is with my wife and my Swamiji only. My wife must be sleeping. Is it Swamiji?


Self        : Hello.

Swamiji : Natesan how are you.

Self        : Sri Ramajayam Swamiji.

Swamiji :  Jai Sree Ram.

Self        : I cannot believe this Swamiji.

Swamiji : What happened?

Self        : Swamiji You know what is happening here. I was praying now.

Swamiji : That is why I am calling.

Self        : I know Swamiji. You are really God Swamiji.

Swamiji : Natesan do not worry. Whatever you want to talk you may do so except two   


Self        : What is it Swamiji.

Swamiji :  Resignation or Termination.

Self       : Swamiji that is what I wanted to tell him but since you did not tell, I did not

want to use it. Now you are telling not to use. You are really listening.

Swamiji :  I am there with you.

Self        : Since You told me that You would take care of me, I am positive Swamiji.

They are provoking me Swamiji. I listened to You and stayed back and not to

him. Therefore, he is very angry with me. That is the reason he is taking on


Swamiji : Ok Natesan you leave it to me. I will take care. You do not worry.

Self        : Thank you very much for the blessing Swamiji. 

Swamiji : Jai Sree Ram.

Self        : Jai Sree Ram Swamiji. 


After the call, I closed the door and was crying for few minutes. Surely, it was because of my God’s blessing. Since Swamiji has taken over my problems and give solutions in His ways, I am what I am. If not for Swamiji I would have been a confused man. Since Swamiji is there, to conquer fear is effortless.


Human could plan all planning, but God would have to give the green signal for action. When Swamiji start directing only the actors can do their role perfectly, otherwise no synchronization with others will make the drama flop. So let me continue to do the act the way Swamiji wishes. 


I know my God is very powerful. 




When I visited the embassy due to official timing was over (30 minutes late) I was not allowed to go in. I wanted to gather some information to apply for a visit visa. While walking back I said, “Swamiji, again we have to come back for information or what. Why did not You make him to allow me in”? Immediately the security called me back. He said, “I do not allow anyone like this, you go in and wait until the last number to go and then you go to the counter”. I did as what the security asked me to do. I managed to get the information from a visa officer. I was confident that Swamiji only tackled the situation. Positive response from official that they would grant me a long-term visa was more than sufficient to boost my confidence. All what mattered was the thought that Swamiji is always with me just made a difference in situation. Swamiji is wonderful.


Just with simple prayer to Swamiji, how that security did called me back and allowed to go in. Normally visa officers would not talk to anyone off hand and assure without any application. With Swamiji’s blessing, I got what was impossible.




I was searching for a document could not get it. Therefore, I went to bed with disappointment.  When I asked Swamiji did not get it and made me bit upset. While thinking on bed what to do how I could get the process complete without a document Swamiji took a swift action. He did not allow me to sleep unhappy. Out of the blues, He took me to a spot and made me to just push a paper. Yes, Swamiji, the way I play with Him by requesting all kinds of needs He had the right to play with me with slight delay to test me. After desperately searching, I could not get it. Whatever it is after He came into my life, I am really enjoying my life. Ever since He came into my house this house is always filled with His presence and shows me all unbelievable experiences.




When it is holiday in Kuwait, my friend Krishna goes berserk. This day he wanted me to come and spend the night with them. I excused with a point to tell morning I need to pray hence, I cannot sleep anywhere else. He promised next day morning he would not disturb me until I finish my morning pooja. Being I am the elder brother (accepted) of Praveena when both of them execute pressure on me, I had to give in to them. The love of this family is immeasurable. I am very lucky. When Krishna and I sit, there is no time limit. Until he gets tired, he would make me to talk and play with him. Finally, late night we went to sleep. Since I was sleeping in his room and the pooja room was in that room before sleeping he said, “Uncle when you get up take bath and pray. Do not worry about me.” I said ok and went to sleep. Morning woke up took my shower and did my pooja. While I was doing, Hanuman Chalisa Krishna got up and gave me a smile. Being 18 steps next, I saw Krishna was ready standing next to me. Moment I sang the 17th step he held the aarthi for me and 18th step handed it over to me with the camphor on it. I did the aarthi and was enjoying the love of Krishna. After the pranam, my Krishna asked, “Uncle are you satisfied with the pooja, Are you happy”. What else could I tell other than giving a kiss on his forehead? I love this Krishna.


Then he ran to Praveena and Rao and said, “Get up after the pooja uncle has his breakfast so prepare it now”. I use to wonder what a strong love of this boy on me. I enjoy being with him. Unless my Swamiji arrange these special people in my life, I would have never got them in my life.          




Thursday bhajan was in Salmiya Banerjee and Mithu’s house. When I drove to their house, I found expressway was getting crowded due to Liberation day celebration in Kuwait. At the entrance of the Gulf road, there was heavy traffic. I knew it will a terrible task to drive now unless Swamiji take over the whole path. My prayer started towards Swamiji by saying “if You make me to get late how could I sing for You. Therefore, do not delay, please take me faster and keep the road clear. Moreover do not forget to keep the traffic low in nightmare roundabout (this is the one I escaped accident as narrated in my part 16), which leads to the Gulf road again. This road too would be crowded so keep the traffic very low. When I approached the roundabout, I found unusually it was almost empty and was able to merge in without any difficulty. The next thing what Swamiji did was so hilarious to me. Normally we have to take one complete round to go to this devotee’s house instead of one Swamiji made me to miss the exit and to go one more full round before exiting. This too showed Swamiji was in control and taught me the lesson that He would decide how He would take me to the bhajan’s. 


At home while I was cleaning the fruits, to be taken for the bhajan, a weird thought pass through my head. Everybody brings different types of food. One day if more devotees bring same item what would happen. Especially Vada means big confusion. That day after the bhajan’s, when prasad was served I went to the table. Swamiji was ready to amuse me. Yes as I felt the previous day, there were lots of Vada’s and dahi vada’s. At that moment, I realized previous day how did Swamiji make me to feel the exact thing. Swamiji definitely is the planner and executor and I am merely a spectator who is enjoying what Swamiji shows. What Swamiji make me to feel only let it happen because that would be more healthy way to live.




I prayed to Swamiji about the crucial matter and left it to Him. Next day He magnified it as a big issue. I looked at Swamiji and said, please make P (V’s boss) to inquire with me about V (my boss). After an hour nothing happened and again I asked Swamiji “what is happening, please make sure P will call me”. Few minutes time P called me and what took place is all Swamiji’s arrangement. The pain that I went through for sometime Swamiji, removed it just like that. Since Swamiji is with me, I felt the issue but never worried about it. Since, my boss V did some inappropriate actions without following proper procedures and made some personal gains I was able to spot those. When I was questioning about it from the cashier he said I could not ask him. I refused to sign off those papers. Since, personnel officer was my friend I mentioned to him that do not know what kind of a person we have employed as responsible. Do not know where he will lead the finance department. When P spoke to personnel officer, he mentioned V’s episode to P. When P inquired, I just replied to P saying since P is in charge of V it is P who will be responsible for V’s mistakes and actions. P immediately said from that time onwards I would be dealing with all the payment approvals with him. Without my signature cashier will not pay anyone. After P spoke to me, I was feeling extra light, because Swamiji spoke few strong lines of action through me. Few minutes before that only, I was talking to a person about Swamiji as my talking God. Who listen to my wishes, perform those instantly, and will stop my actions if it is not appropriate at that moment. Swamiji already blessed me that He will make P to realise and He did it.


Swamiji’s feet are the best seat for me. Let me go through that happiness until my soul’s disappearance. Truly, when I call Swamiji is there, when I need He is there, all these He provide for just trusting and believing Him. Moment I feel for an action He is there to fulfill it. None can give me the pleasure what Swamiji is providing every moment of my life.




Recently Swamiji took me to the visa office before going there I prayed, Swamiji let them not refuse the period I have asked for. Since you are coming with me, I want you to get me number seven, keep me in the visa issuance section for 5 minutes, and take me out faster. Upon entry, got number 9 and immediately I thought what happened, Swamiji why did not you get me what I asked. Anyway, I am sure you are with me now so please perform the activities faster. At the initial verification, the person had a look at the papers and gave me the number. Swamiji, confirmed His presence with what I requested, yes the number was seven. When I went inside, I was bit nervous because the person from whom I got information last week was not there. Then I said to myself no problem Swamiji will take care relax do not be nervous. Within a minute, one officer called me, same moment the other officer whom I was looking for also appeared from nowhere and called me. With a big thank you to Swamiji proceeded to the officer whom I wanted to see. It was over within 5 minutes. Definitely, with Swamiji’s divine arrangement I got the visa for 5 years, which I wanted. When I walked out, I felt so light and flying.


I am very lucky to get all the protection from my Swamiji.

Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.




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