Sri Ramajayam

Aanjeneya Swamikku Jai

Vikraman Swamijikku Jai.


Part 20


With the blessings of Swamiji, once again I am summarising my experience with the assistance of his divine hands.




A talk with some devotees made me to say to them, when Swamiji is there who are we looking at. When we tell Swamiji we have and what we are seeking for.


This reminded me, during a pooja in Abbasiya discussion of a person telling Swamiji God is everywhere. For that in simple words, Swamiji told him first you realise that. That was a powerful demonstration of maya and reality. Maya makes a person to say that God is everywhere whereas, in reality when a person see God himself, he ask God who are you. Failure to realise God is our fault and not God’s fault.


After 1˝ years of seeing Swamiji I still remember Swamiji’s words, the words what He spoke made me upset (going to Canada) but before leaving He blessed me with soothing words and showered the boon on me. Young days, I had seen movies where people do penance for years. Then one day God appears in front of them and shower boon. After that, those people feel powerful, misuse, and harass others. Here my Swamiji in simple words showered this boon of “when I am there, why you are worried leave all your problems to me and you relax”. When I asked Swamiji, for the past 1˝ years He said the opposite of me and what He said now is different. He smiling said “on the 1st day if I had said what I told you today you would not have come to see me at all. How patiently Swamiji prepared me to accept the unknown future without fear. That day Swamiji pierced into me and sat permanently where He belongs. How patiently my God made me to realise that He is with me. What I want, He is there to get it for me. Swamiji is the biggest wonder in my life. God is everywhere is NOT philosophy but for us to realise and enjoy.




On this holy day of Swamiji’s birthday celebration, Swamiji kept me so busy in the office. Since I had the pooja in my house, I vanished from the office exactly at 4.30pm. As Swamiji had given permission to celebrate it in my house before everyone could come, I had to pick all fresh things by 7.30pm. Owing to decoration of the house, the previous night I could not have sufficient sleep. Hence, I was feeling bit tired. I prayed to Swamiji to provide me with energy, so that all arrangements would go smoothly without any flaw. When I picked up the cake, perfection of it was very satisfactory for me.


I was able to do everything on time. Since the devotees did not turn up, I started the internet to see Chennai celebration before beginning Kuwait celebration. That was the time I realised I had not activated my real player and were bit worried and said, “I want to see you so do not play with me, please show yourself and Amma faster for me to start the celebration”. I do not know how Swamiji gave me the connection so fast I was able to see Him, immediately and followed with Archana then with my Amma. That smile of Swamiji and Amma gave me the blessing to go ahead and start. What else I need to start up the Kuwait celebration. The happiness did not last for long because I was not happy of the way singing was going on. While singing the second song itself I was talking to Swamiji “I made a big mistake of arranging to celebrate your birthday at home. When you are on the live broadcast who would like to sit over here. Swamiji why did not you stop me saying do not celebrate because I will have live broadcast. Last year also devotees did not turn up because of the bombing they felt it is unsafe to go out. Are you happy to have the celebration this way?” I was singing the songs with bit heavy heart. When I heard the singing of the devotees, I said you did it. Within a short time, Swamiji brought a good number of devotees. From that time onwards, I really enjoyed the divine atmosphere. Swamiji knew what I was feeling so He probably managed to get everybody in.


Due to short of time and next day was a working day I planned to sing only songs on Swamiji except the usual starting and ending songs. I do not know on top of all songs for Swamiji, how He made me to sing the extra songs Choti Choti Gaiyya, Murahara Giridhara, Narayana Narayana and Guruvayoor Valum. Next day from the message of Sowmya, I read that Swamiji was singing same songs over there. If not for Swamiji’s blessing how we could have sung the same songs. Top of the celebration was how the children enjoyed the cake cutting. Since I have diabetes, I do not take any sweet. In the ecstasy of celebration, by mistake I ate laddoo assuming it a potato ball. Since a devotee had taken and kept separately the portion of the cake, I had to take that piece too. Then I was requested by another devotee to have the payasam I really felt that the message was coming from Swamiji so I had that too. I had so many sweet that day because felt Swamiji was arranging it one by one for me. It was such a joyful day for me. Kuwait celebration ended, by witnessing Swamiji’s Chennai celebration ending. Swamiji is the master conductor of the celebration.




Next day when I left to work, one of the resident, blocked my car by parking his car in an awkward position. The way my car was blocked, I was so worried that I will not be able to take the car out. From the building keeper I came to know who is the resident, went, and rang the doorbell. After seeing through the eye viewer, the person did not even come out of the house. I went back to the building keeper, complained, and asked him to go and get this man out. He did not want to see this man. The resident being a native of the country he was too arrogant. To navigate the car out through the poles, on top of it front being the wall I had to have very painstaking diligence. As usual I said “Swamiji, You know today all what I have to do in the office and what is this drama. Now I do not know You better take the car out”. With what kind of difficulty the car came out. That skill was not from me with that gap to reverse between the poles no way I could have done. Even the building keeper was witnessing the way I took it out. So many front and back operation each time the poles and wall were touching by hairline distance. Car came out without any scratch. Definitely, Swamiji had made the entire operation. I was very angry with this person. I said the building keeper I wish that this kind of people should not live among us. After one week, the keeper saw me and said as you wished the troublemaker had given notice to vacate immediately. I asked him how did this happen. For which he explained that this resident did not pay the rent for two months and the owner requested him to be out of the building immediately. I am sure God wanted to keep out such troublemakers from this building.    


These days with the satellite connection, data transfer is fast. Still it can have breakdown in communication. Whereas communication with Swamiji 100% data transfer is done at any time. There will be no communication disturbance at any time. What powerful central computer of God we have got in our life. If we do not communicate properly, we are the losers.




One-day morning when I woke up, I was feeling awful with nausea and terrible vomit effect. After the prayer when I had theertham I said to Swamiji “I do not want any medicine with holy water You cure me”. Within one hour, I felt complete change in the condition. Swamiji’s thought itself with His blessed vibuthi cured my sickness completely. As He taught, faith on Him moves everything, especially when we are under His vision He know how to reach and calm us at the right time.


How a Tylenol can cure some sickness, I have found Vibuthi blessed by Swamiji cures my sickness and faster time. In addition, all my previous sickness acquired is controlled. Is He curing me with my faith on Him or is His Vibuthi cures me? No arguments on both I just take the vibuthi water and tell Swamiji to cure. Remaining is in His hand. When we wish good for others I have noticed Swamiji showers good things for us too. Without asking also, He solves our problems. 






Mobile rang.


Ranji    : Nates, is Swamiji coming to Kuwait tomorrow?

Self      : No. Why did you ask this question?

Ranji    : I felt that he is coming tomorrow.

Self      : Tomorrow is New Year how can he come to Kuwait He should be with Amma.

Ranji    : I felt that He is coming to Kuwait it is ok.


Then she talked some other matters and cut the line.


After 30 minutes, again mobile rang.


Swamiji : How are you Natesan?
Self        : I am fine Swamiji, to get New Year blessing I wanted to call you tomorrow.
Swamiji : Ok. Tomorrow morning come to the airport and pick me up.
Self        : Swamiji tomorrow is New Year why do not you stay in India with Amma, and     

                 come here after that.
Swamiji : Morning I am arriving you pick me up once I come there I will tell you what to

                do. Until such time, do not tell anyone. Did you speak to your wife?
Self        : Yes Swamiji. 30 minutes back my wife called and asked whether you are

                 coming to Kuwait tomorrow.
Swamiji : What did you say?
Self        : I said tomorrow is New Year how can he come here, he should stay with

Swamiji : Ok.
Self        : Swamiji, you had been postponing this trip several times. Why do not you
                delay at least one more day?
Swamiji : No problem I am coming tomorrow morning.
Self        : Swamiji, can I talk to Amma.
Amma    : Hello, how are you?
Self        : I am fine Amma, why do not you keep Swamiji there for New Year.
Amma    : He wants to come over there.
Self        : Amma, I am feeling bad to get Swamiji here on this day.
Amma    : No problem, take care of him.
Self        : Amma he is taking care of us.
Swamiji : Natesan, be there on time. Jai Sree Ram.
Self        : Jai Sree Ram

Oh! My God. What is happening now? He is coming here. Is he going to stay with me? Am I to take off and stay with him? What will I prepare for him to eat?  Oh! My God. What is your divine play, how did you plan tomorrow morning so wonderfully.

That evening only my office announced that next day there would be a power shut down for upgrading the electrical facility to the factory and office. Hence, no morning session and work will commence by 12.30 pm. Not to give me any tension in the morning how did Swamiji plan like this.  



Next day I went and received Swamiji. I was on real tension. Knowing my tension divine would have been smiling. Coming, out of the airport Swamiji smiled and took his purse pulled out few Kuwait notes and gave it to me. I looked at him and asked,

Self        : For what Swamiji.
Swamiji : You can spend on me.
Self        : Oh! Swamiji you have given me money already. I have money to spend. 
Swamiji : No problem. (Pulled out some US$ and gave me)
Self        :  Swamiji, what is this for.
Swamiji : You can change and spend this.
Self        :  Swamiji, you keep it with you Swamiji, when you go to USA you can spend
Swamiji : No problem. (Pulled out some UAE dirham and gave me)
Self        :  Oh! Swamiji what is this for.
Swamiji : This also you can change and spend.
Self        :  Oh! My God Swamiji. I do not know what is happening today. Let us go
                 Swamiji. Otherwise you will keep giving something more and more.

Gave me his great smile and said let us go shopping. We first had some breakfast and went for shopping. What kind of pooja is this?

When we returned home, Swamiji knew my dilemma of going to work at the same time how to leave Swamiji and go.

Swamiji : Natesan, you have to go for your work right.
Self        : Yes Swamiji, but I cannot leave you and go.
Swamiji : I am going to sleep now. When you come, I will get up.
Self        : Swamiji in case you need anything in between.
Swamiji : I know how to manage you go and finish your work.
Self        : Swamiji, I am feeling very bad. 
Swamiji : (Smilingly) Do not worry. You proceed. If I need anything, I will call you.

Swamiji used a phrase “whole world is searching for me and I am with Natesan”.


Half-heartedly, I went to work. In the office, my mind was on and off thinking what is he doing. After sometime, my wife called.

Ranji : Did you speak to Swamiji and get his blessing.
Self   : Yes.
Ranji : When?
Self   : Today morning.
Ranji : I tried now and they said he is out.
Self   : Try later he will talk to you.
Ranji : If you reach Swamiji, please let me know.
Self   : Ok.

What a problem Swamiji? I cannot tell her because you said until you say not to tell anyone.

I finished my work for the day and came back home. On the way picked up some food. 
When I came home, Swamiji was still sleeping. After sometime, he woke up and we both had the food. Then he told me to inform the devotees he is there to come and attend the pooja. I managed to call all the devotees, said the message and asked them to attend the pooja in my house. Afterwards I informed Swamiji whom all I called. He asked me to go ahead and arrange the pooja. When I called Mrs. Bannerjee, our talk was very funny. (I hope she would write this story in her experience)

When the devotees arrived, I gave the phone to them and started arranging the things for the pooja. My wife called and one of the devotees answered the phone. My wife heard the talking sound and asked for me. I told the devotee to say that I am arranging the things for a bhajan. She insisted that she must talk to me immediately. 

Ranji      : What is going on there?
Self        :  New Year bhajan.
Ranji      :  Since when you started to celebrate New Year.
Self        :  Ranji, I will talk to you after the prayer finish.
Ranji      :  Is Swamiji there?
Self        :  I will talk to you later.
Ranji      :  Do not tell me that Swamiji is there?
Self        :  (Got caught) Ranji, Swamiji will talk to you. He knows that you are looking  

                  for him.
Ranji      : Oh! My God. You are having Swamiji with you and I am calling India. You

                 know very well why I am searching. 
Self        : Ranji, now you cannot talk to him after the pooja I will tell him that you called.
Ranji      : When did he come?
Self        : Today morning.
Ranji      : Give the line to Swamiji now.
Self        :  No, I will tell him after the pooja. Bye.
Ranji      :  If you cut the line, I will keep calling.
Self        :  I will close the line.
Ranji      :  I will call your mobile.
Self        :  I will close that too.
Ranji      :  Get me Swamiji now.
Self        :  Ranji, not now try to understand.

Swamiji opened the door smilingly asked,

Swamiji : Who is on the line? Is it Ranji? 

Nodded my head. Swamiji asked for the phone.

Swamiji : How are you Ranji?
Ranji      : Sri Ramajayam Swamiji. I wanted your New Year blessing Swamiji.
Swamiji : Sri Ramajayam. (Wished her for New Year)
Ranji      : Swamiji, I called Chennai repeatedly. He knew very well. He did not utter a
                word that you are in Kuwait.
Swamiji : I told him not to tell anyone. When I tell him, he will just do that. 
Ranji      :  Swamiji I am his wife.
Swamiji : I know that, you were giving hard time to him that is why I picked up the

                 phone from him.

Swamiji talked to her and calmed her down.

Swamiji : Ok now I have to go for the pooja. Devotees are coming.
Ranji      : Ok Swamiji.
Swamiji : Now you talk to Natesu, do not make problem with him.

Handed over the phone to me.

Self        : Hello.
Ranji      : Why did not you tell me that Swamiji is with you?
Self        :  He told me not to tell anyone.
Ranji      :  I am your wife.
Self        :  Now you are away. So, you come into the category of anyone.
Ranji      :  I cannot understand you.
Self        :  Do not try. Now you got the blessing from Swamiji. Leave me to do the pooja.
Ranji      :  Enjoy Swamiji, I will look up.
Self        :  If you are with me now you could have enjoyed him. Bye, take it easy.
Ranji      :  Bye.

Since, I was alone all the devotees made the pooja collectively and made me happy. Swamiji uttered the words “Natesan today the pooja was conducted united”. More than anything, when we started the pooja I was showing the aarthi. All the devotees sang Deep Dikhao song made me to realize the meaning of the song towards Swamiji.


I felt it has a very peaceful new dimension of pooja.


When I woke up in the morning, I noticed Swamiji had got up early and was taking shower. Immediately after that, I finished my bath, came to the shrine room, and prepared to pray Swamiji walked in and wished me Happy Vishu. Then only I realised the importance of that day. He lit the lamp and blessed me and said let us go out. It was very strange to me. Since it was Vishu, again He gave some money. This was the first time Swamiji has come to me and showing me complete different picture of what I knew of Him before. I called my office and informed that I would not be coming in that day.  


We did a fantastic shopping and ended up in an optical shop. We were talking to a salesman. When Swamiji, was looking at the frames, this salesman came and asked me who is he? I did not know how to explain to him. Swamiji, with his smile came and said he is my friend. He put Swamiji with a senior person and came to me. Swamiji went to try some frames. In the meantime, this salesman got so much interested and asked who is he? I could feel something in him. I tried explaining to him about the saints who come to guide people. How Prophet Mohamed had come to guide people, same way Swamiji guides people. I mentioned to him few of my experiences. He was listening without being able to understand what was going on. When Swamiji came back, he was with a big smile. Later when that man inquired something, Swamiji spoke to him about his mother, girlfriend, him and talked about his house in Iran. I could see from the salesman a sudden change of respect towards Swamiji. Swamiji asked him to continue to do what he was doing with the family. Assured he will be married to his girlfriend with his mother’s permission and left the premises. Salesman was shocked to see a person of the caliber of Swamiji.   


After showing what I had to see that night, He moved to Usha’s house. I was very excited with what He showed me. Remaining few days, also Swamiji showed me what He wanted to show me. Only He knows exactly what He plan for His bakthas.  


To date I do not know how my wife sensed that Swamiji would come to Kuwait and felt that he is there. One thing I know Swamiji test me through my wife’s toughness. Even though she is tough with me, I am always strongly sitting in her heart.




One night just before went to bed I entered my shrine room to put off the decorative bulb around Swamiji’s picture. When I pull the plug halfway, normally light goes off. I pulled plug halfway and saw the lights went off. With a smile, I said to Him “yes, now it is off if you decide to put it on and sit with lights around you what can I do. Good night Swamiji” and went to sleep. Morning when I went to do the pooja room what I saw was Swamiji sitting with lights around Him. The way I prayed, I felt Swamiji understood to put back the lights on and sit. Otherwise, all the other days He never did it that way. Only when I spoke He did it. He is always watching and listening. Amazing is it not! He is my lord and the commander.




During Swamiji’s visit, He said my clock gives miraculous messages. As all of you know Swamiji remotely controls this clock, once more He did an unbelievable performance. Normally on Fridays, I experience between 10.45am and 5.45pm clock does not chime. Last time when I asked him that I wanted sound in the house second time Swamiji changed the cycle and made it to chime in the night. Instead, day became silent. While praying at 11 am I heard the clock chiming. After the prayer, I asked Swamiji how did you do this. It looks like that you had come to my house while I was praying. I was thinking how Swamiji changed the chiming cycle. Then I recalled my memory 2 days back I casually prayed to Swamiji “can You please change the clock to original position as 11pm to 5.45am clock should not chime”. This is my Swamiji who is listening to what I request. Amazing Swamiji!!!






My wife was highly worried about the tension of my boss’s tantrum. He was trying to convince his boss to replace me with another person. Since Swamiji told me leave this matter to him, I just left it to him and stayed calm. My wife could not stay calm because she is a worrier. I always try to keep her calm but she always become nervous. When I tell Swamiji is there for me, leave the worry she would not listen. With the new problem, my wife was very upset. I did not know how to calm her. Even though my boss was not in good books of his boss both wanted to take on me because of my blind faith in Swamiji. My calmness under tension disturbed my boss. This calmness led him to be erratic in his behaviour finally he gave his resignation to his boss with a short notice to leave. My Swamiji kept me calm and showed everyone in the office who is my Swamiji with faith how a person is unshakable. End of a saga. 


It is true that when I surrendered to Swamiji immediately He took over the problem and resolved it. Last blessing in Kuwait He said my company will appreciate the value of me, with the resignation instructions were given by the highest authority, how to take care of my situation. Due to Swamiji’s protection only, few months’ agony was finally over. By that, all concerned understood the power of my Swamiji. Patience is the most important thing and when Swamiji said I would take care of the tension onus shifted to Him. How easily He resolves the tension to tensionless by mere word of assurance. With that assurance, Swamiji ensures that it calms the person. I do not know how Swamiji brought me to Him and decided to keep vigilance on me and ensure that I would be protected from evil minds. With all that change, my wife became calm.


With the shower of blessings Swamiji made me to realise that why fear when He is there. I understand indication of already being watched. When Swamiji is there with me why I have to fear. In office, people have realised the power of my God Swamiji. When everyone thought of the zero point Swamiji with His shower of protection restored a value more than before. (Wipe out my tears and brought smile on my face) When I have any worry Swamiji is there to take over and resolve (take all my problems). Therefore, I change status of worrying to worry free because Swamiji become the owner of my worry. When Swamiji my powerful God is with me who can do any harm to me (when He protects). When divine is guiding us why we have to rake our human mind. I really thank Swamiji from bottom of my heart for all His blessing and protection. In return, I submit myself at His feet.  


Every one who thought of the doom could not digest that I would continue and how to get back to me. They little realised that my Swamiji, is in front of me and face all activities of mine. If not for Swamiji, sure I would have become a patient. With Swamiji’s grace, He taught me patience and made me a worthy person in this society. Opportunity to be misled into wrong path was completely blocked by Him. It is only Swamiji and I know what was to happen and how He protected me. Every moment of mine is blessed by His presence. What a relief.


What wonderful divine play Swamiji put me through. In my office, what drama Swamiji created and now put final nail down on mistook humbleness. Patience what Swamiji requested me to have, did not allow me to collapse and now harvested with rich dividends. As Swamiji said the value has gone up and the respect is quiet visible from the individuals. Once again, He made me to understand His valuable lesson on trust. Due to His divine blessing the dramas witnessed through divine guidance did not have negative impact on me.


All the changes in my company had shown me the feel of Swamiji. Is it not very clear evidence of Swamiji’s presence? In the past few months, I was on the brink of doing something, which Swamiji told me not to do (resign or termination). At that point, when I thought of Swamiji’s instruction I calm down. I only can feel Swamiji’s presence with me so I leave all my thoughts to Him.


I am very lucky to get all the protection from my Swamiji.

Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.



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