Sri Ramajayam

Aanjeneya Swamikku Jai

Vikraman Swamijikku Jai.


Part 21


With the blessings of Swamiji, once again I am summarising my experience with the assistance of his divine hands.





For the past 2 years when I roll my eye side to side, I had been noticing a dot was moving. I was worried but never requested for Swamiji’s action. 3 days back, when I was putting the message in the pooja room I noticed that dot had become just slightly bigger. I panicked and told Swamiji I am scared now, only you can remove so please remove the dot ok. After 4 days while praying I remembered and rolled eyeballs, and found no dot could be noticed. Without Swamiji performing and rectifying my eye activity how much of tension I would have gone through. In addition, what lot of funds would have been spent to rectify it? Oh! My lord Swamiji’s divinity, which makes every activity go smooth for me. When He says anything, it is an assurance to me. When I pray for something and Swamiji assures that He would take care, means it is a done deal for me.


I recalled how Swamiji reduced my weight and stomach only with a wish to Him. My soul and body are surrendered to Him. Let my mind feel when my divine Swamiji feels. As Swamiji said earlier when my wife pray for me it is good for me, that day I felt how wonderful she is.




Moment I write about traveling everyone will wonder what happened in this trip. If there is no fun at the time, I start the trip how I can remember Swamiji. Every time I plan to go to the airport at least 2 hours prior and end up reaching on time. Swamiji himself know the problem of taking me early to the airport. Even if I get late, He can delay the flight but if He takes me early He know that I might ask him to take off early. Hence, He prefers to delay a flight rather than taking off early. (Like I troubled Swamiji in part 17)


June 2004, as usual during this trip also my Swamiji was having fun with me. Of course, leave was not granted and it was start of summer holiday I was on wait list.


My wife was very upset about the hang-up situation. When I spoke to Swamiji about my leave approval and seat confirmation as usual with the unshakeable assurance he said I could go for my wedding anniversary. I was so sure that He would some or other arranges the whole thing. My boss knew I was not getting a seat in any of the airline flights. Finally, my boss told me subject to my flight confirmation I could go but they reduced my leave period. Until 12th noon, I did not get my confirmation on the flight what I wanted to. At last, I got the confirmation, that evening went to get the ticket for 14th morning flight but my booking was automatically cancelled. Honestly, I was horrified, and looked at Swamiji and said what did you do now. Unless you get the seat confirmed, how could you get my leave approved and how could I be with my wife. Please do it for me. Then travel agent tried and managed to get a confirmation 2 days beyond the expected date of arrival. When I spoke to my boss and said that I have to take 2 days extra, he was very clear that I could not go. He said if I do not have confirmation on the date I have to return and there would be no addition to my leave. I was very nervous but did not lose my head because Swamiji told me I could go, so He would find the way. Swamiji knew my prayer and 10 minutes time He cleared off my agony by giving me the confirmed seats by KLM airline. Immediately I asked the travel agent to issue the ticket. Swamiji knew how happy I was. Evening I went to the travel office and picked up my ticket. It was peak season and next day when I told my office that I am definitely leaving that day night no body believed it. Definitely, it was Swamiji’s miraculous way I got Kuwait- Amsterdam-Toronto confirmed. Both were fully booked flights. I do not know how Swamiji managed that seat on both the sectors. When I asked Swamiji before I decided to arrange everything He mentioned to me the divine know how to take care of it. When Swamiji said could there be any deviation. My Swamiji overcame whatever conditions my boss put for me not to leave to Canada at the last moment. Swamiji is the SUPER PLANNER can anyone challenge HIM.


With all the tension, my friend Logan brought me to the airport late. I had arrived at the airport just 15 minutes before the flight. I was very worried, prayed to Swamiji and ran to the counter. When I reached, the desk I was bit calm. Can anyone guess? Yes, I saw in the terminal board my flight was delayed by 1 hour. (My Swamiji did it for me and made me to observe it). When I approached the counter, they asked me why did I come late and they have closed the counter. I calmly asked them how you closed the counter without me checking in. Sir, you have only five minutes for the flight and you are coming now. When the flight is late by one hour why should I come so early and stay here. I had hard day in my office please check me in for me to relax. They asked me how I knew that the flight is late. All the passengers had checked in except you. I replied as I called the airport they told me the flight is one hour late. Finally, they checked me in and moved out from the counter. I said to Logan “this time by delaying the flight Swamiji saved me otherwise I would have got into big trouble with my wife”. I could see Logan face was so shocked. By seeing, all my airport dramas Logan leave much earlier to the airport.   


At the Amsterdam airport one hour before the boarding, one of the counter staff approached me and asked me for my boarding pass. I handed over to her. She took it and went to the counter I was little worried. After 10 minutes she came back, gave me the boarding pass, and said Sir, we have upgraded you to business class. I was so shocked but my lip just uttered Thank you. When I inquired, she said flight is full, so they have upgraded me to business class. Who else can shower such a thing on me? My whole heart thanked my Swamiji.  


I was really thanking Swamiji for bringing me to my wife on our wedding day. I was seated next to a Canadian couple from Amsterdam to Toronto flight and we were enjoying sharing our life experiences. He told me that they are married for 50 years and jokingly told he hopes to continue with the same wife. Swamiji, made him to put me into his life, appreciate my wife, and be happy with her. 


The flight what I had the confirmation was to reach Canada two hours later than the flight what I made through. Upon landing, I went home and took shower, left immediately to the temple. I thanked Swamiji for bringing me two hours before my human planning. This proved that my requirement was not perfect and that what Swamiji arranged me was the best. By this timing, I was able to go to the temple 30 minutes before the temple closed. When we were, about to leave the chief priest saw us. When my wife told him about our wedding anniversary, he took us inside and blessed us. People whom Swamiji arrange in my life are beyond my imagination and He makes me to feel due to whom I am having such pleasant people in my life. Planning is mine but the execution of it is Swamiji’s.

With my planning, I would not have gone to the temple whereas last minute He managed to get a very different routing and made me to catch a different flight from nowhere and took me to the temple. When divine showers who could stop it for me.


Swamiji is the best with Him being with me I have the best. Do not ever make me to lose my patience because I do not want to end up a patient.




Swamiji’s protection of me surely confuses the listener. How these kinds of blessings are possible in this Kaliyuga. When I explain the multi experiences what Swamiji show, I myself cannot believe it. Surely, Swamiji live my life. Discussion with one of my relation went as – Fear is the key when my Swamiji is there for me why should I fear. Swamiji was the key to open up me and took the fear out of me. After the assurance of Swamiji that “when I am there why do you worry, leave the worries to me and you relax” made me worry free. No one will give me any assurance that I will looked after by him or her. My Swamiji not only gave the assurance that he will look after me also said to leave the worries to him too. Fear of so many things in life towards wife, children, job, finance, health etc. when I left to Swamiji I was so relieved.


My relation asked me when Your Swamiji told that means good and bad time your Swamiji is there with you. For which I replied for good he is there for bad definitely he is protecting and even he do not allow me to feel it and make that too good. My relation would not believe that a person could be like this. With Swamiji’s blessing, the tensionless life a person leads can only be felt by that person.




Morning I was praying to Swamiji that I need His blessing today and I specified the time and said when I call please be there and bless me. I said that and lit the lamp next moment my wife brought and gave me the phone and asked me to talk. When I heard Swamiji’s voice, I could not believe it. In addition, that blessing was so soothing to my mind. True to His words, He does not respond to time. When it is required Swamiji is there 24/7.  My wife is wonderful person in my life. She knows that not a single thing could give me happiness other than my Swamiji’s blessing. As Swamiji said that I would get everything through my wife, I got this too. 


When I went to the temple and prayed for Swamiji’s presence immediately seven priests who were performing Homam got up and gave Aarthi. I know what I felt. That was totally a new type of aarthi.




When Swamiji blessed me last time He talked about the shrine room. At that time, I did not realise what He meant. I did not tell that part blessing to my wife. Next day morning she on her will said, sometime back Swamiji talked about shrine room to her, which was the same way Swamiji mentioned to me the previous day. I explained to my wife that Swamiji know both our desire so he had indicated to us now.


My wife took me to the houses of her relations and friends and showed me the houses. I was feeling about the shrine rooms. When we visited the last house, Lady of the house passed a remark about the shrine room. I was thinking at that moment House is big but heart is small towards God. Swamiji had arranged the present house for my wife to satisfy her desires. I was able to see the complete satisfaction of her. We both are thankful to Swamiji for arranging a house, which is so comforting to us. Swamiji had been talking about the house for a long time and said right time He would arrange. I realised even though both were rented apartments in both the houses we had separate dens to maintain proper shrine.




When I left Canada back to Kuwait, my wife as usual came to the airport. When I go to the airport in Kuwait Logan and in Canada, my wife is tensed. Both of them worry how this man is going to get into the flight.


Since my wife a worrier, she acts as warrior on me. When I leave packing the bags to arranging everything the poor lady only worry. This time it was a different experience for me to face. At the airport when I was about to leave I told my kids to take care of my wife and not to trouble her. When I wished my wife I saw tear built (first time such emotion from my wife) and my heart broke. I could not show to her any feeling because I know it would have broken both of us. My wife always shows as a tough soldier part to me but internal side always worries of me.


After I went inside after all the formalities were over, I called my wife and asked about the tear. For that she said that was nothing, I am ok. I told her you should be ok. What happened between you and me, Swamiji also has witnessed. Just leave it to Him right moment He will instruct us appropriately. Anyway, soon you are coming to Kuwait, so do not worry. All what she said was I am ok you do not worry. Tough woman eh! That is my loving wife. Honestly, I felt Swamiji watched all these dramas.





Once in a way I used to get severe leg cramps. This generally happen during early morning. I do not do anything other than crying and praying to Swamiji. Sometimes while experiencing the excruciating pain Swamiji had made me to sleep. I do not know how it is possible for me to sleep at that moment while I am experiencing the pain. One day early morning, I did not get any cramps but I felt Swamiji was standing and pressing my leg with His leg. I asked Swamiji is this real or am I dreaming. Without opening my eye, I felt that there was a pressing movement on my leg. Quickly I opened my eye and asked, “are you here right now”. I did not know whether Swamiji was present or not. Whole day I asked Swamiji why such a treatment on my leg. Late noon a pain developed on my knee, my immediate reaction was “before even pain could start you gave me the medicine, so now take the pain away”. Amazing Swamiji, that pain instantly vanished.


With these incidents, I got the message as, “even when you cannot reach me, I am with you. A request from you I could perform it for you. I know what is best for you, I will take care of it, and you just call me I will be there to do everything for you”. As Swamiji knows from my childhood, I believe God. When I use to pray and say to God what I want, I would not know until God did it for me. I use to ask God where you are. Now all what I do, is to tell Swamiji, please do it and it happens. So now, God has come in Swamiji’s form, sitting, and waiting to perform a request from me. I surrender myself to Swamiji.




Since my car was in the Garage for a long time the mechanic gave me a replacement car. I felt this car is in good condition. Next day morning when I was going to work for some distance, everything was smooth. All of a sudden even without accelerating the speed was gradually increasing from 100 and touched 140 kmph. When I applied brake, it came down slowly and when I released the brake automatically, speed went up to 140 kmph. Only hope for me was that Swamiji to do something. As usual, asked Swamiji to take over the situation. I wanted to some way to stop the car and someone to come and pick me up. I called my colleague to request to send someone to pick me up. I could not reach him. Then I asked Swamiji to send him on the road. Within seconds, I saw him passing me. Immediately I tried his cell phone and he picked up. I requested him to go almost my speed and moment I touched his car to gradually reduce the speed and park his car. By doing this, I was not able to move but the engine was raving. When his car stopped, I switched off my car too. I managed to go with my colleague to office. Then I called the mechanic and narrated what happened and he was shocked too. He picked up the key from me and towed the car. Next day went to the mechanic to check what happened to my car. Moment he saw me said when I tested the car, which I gave you I myself got scared. Unusually a rubber piece got into some section and automatically it was accelerating. That moment I realized, since I drove on the highway I was able to drive at that speed if I had driven on the by roads how the speed could have been controlled. Moreover, if my friend had not passed by, it could have led into a fatal accident. I have seen some unbelievable accidents on this road. Definitely, because of Swamiji’s protection I always escape the accident even if it is mechanical fault. I know whatever condition Swamiji is there to save me. Is it not like watching an action movie scene?


Some times, I think why I should not become a racing driver. With these scary experiences, Swamiji bring me to reality. For everyone’s information one time with my family in the car without me realizing I was cruising at 200Kmph. This happened in Las Vegas road. When I saw the speedometer, I got terrified and brought down the speed to legal limit. While talking I forgot to concentrate on the speed. After this incident, I used to be careful with speed.    


All conditions I am calm because Swamiji is there to protect makes me to stay calm. Now I have seen the maya that when a person is happy everyone want to share the happiness with that person by partying. When it is opposite, a person is in need, no one go closer to that person. Since, I help a person who is in need, whenever I am in need, Swamiji is always there to take over the situation and help me out. Realised now, any help that extended without anticipating anything in return, at the right time would be rewarded by God. It is proven now, that Swamiji is always there to help me out.  


When my GOD is 100% in action in my life every nano-second let me live at His feet. I request Swamiji to keep my patience at 100% tolerance level so that I would not harm anyone at anytime. 




First time I experienced back pain and this really scared me. Even when I coughed, pain increased. When I was praying, too it came. I stood in the same spot where Swamiji stood once when he was lighting the lamp. That day Swamiji just bend backwards. I just remembered it and tried that movement as how Swamiji did. Surely, after few hours that pain completely vanished. Swamiji’s act was very casual but right time He made me to observe it. I thank Swamiji for making me observant to perform the right exercise when it required for me.




Swamiji made me to continue with the same office by saying He would take care of me. He solved my tension of office by taking away my boss and made his boss to realise my value. How Swamiji solved my office, issue is a learning lesson for my office staff. In addition, He showed me the devils in disguise of angels. In my career, I should be careful with such people. Now Swamiji taught me the greatest lesson. 





After 4 ˝ months, finally I got my car from the garage. During this period, I had office tension too. I had to get my car painted fully. It cost me a sum but it was arranged by Swamiji to reduce the cost. Due to mechanic’s stupidity, my car registration book got lost. I had to go through unwanted problems.


Finally, my car was registered and I was mobile. Even though I did not have the car for me to go around, Swamiji arranged two devotees Logan and Srinivas Rao to take care of my need. During these 4 ˝ months, if not for their availability, I would have spent lot of money on taxi too. If I was going through a bad period, which was taken over by Swamiji & He did not make me to feel bad. At the same time, He assisted in every respect to reduce the outflow of funds by assisting these two devotees. All these are His arrangement for me. When I told my wife about the problem which I faced, she was very angry with me. Her concern of my suffering (her worry, whereas for me Swamiji has taken over) made me to respect her much more. I think the separation of ours has made both of us to feel for each other much greater than before. Initially I was thinking why did God separate us like this, but now I feel that was for our best. I had to cool her with my famous assurance of Swamiji. If not for Swamiji’s blessing it would not have happened this way.




When my wife spoke to Swamiji, she explained a problem I might encounter. At that time, Swamiji said no problem I will take care of it. Even though she asked me to call and tell Swamiji in detail, I explained to her that when Swamiji has already mentioned that He would take care, do not worry. From that day, I could not talk to Swamiji. After few days that issue really took, place and it had a financial impact. I could not imagine how to face that magnitude of fund. I was able to get the impact reduced but still it was a bigger figure of issue to face. I felt that Swamiji is testing me heavily on this issue. Can I have a doubt that when Swamiji said He would take care of the issue? How would He let me down? At times, it was surfacing in my mind that Swamiji would not take care but luckily, Swamiji’s blessing is so strong I was able to overcome the doubt. I kept on praying to Swamiji that He must resolve the issue. The worst was when it happened I mentioned it to my wife and she was very upset. I said to her why you doubt Swamiji’s assurance. Do not worry Swamiji will definitely finish this problem without any financial impact on us?

After few days when I told her that the problem would be over, she did not irritate me with her worry. Swamiji why should I make her to worry and fall sick, moment I worry and tell, You would take over my problem (assurance of take my entire problem) so where is the question of any worry for me. She became so relaxed and started harassing me with new worries of her without realising that I am waiting for Swamiji to resolve existing worry.


Finally, when the problem got resolved it turned out to be that no financial losses for me but a small gain for me. Only Swamiji could do the way it happened. Really, I felt that Swamiji wiped out my tears and brought smile on my face. Previously I mentioned to my wife once Swamiji would resolve this existing problem then only he would give me my car back. Same thing Swamiji did. I prayed to Swamiji please do not make my wife to worry because when she worry makes chain reaction of endless worries.




For me to apply visit visa for my family I had to get an Arabic document translated into English. Knowing very well since it is late in the night I would not find anyone in the office, still I requested Swamiji get me a person who could just read the Arabic info on the document. I just walked out of my room I could not believe His blessing. Yes, an Arabic man came to me seeking for money to put petrol to his car because he forgot to carry money. He served my purpose too. Can it be co-incident? For me Swamiji arranged at my request. So swift is His power.  


I wished to Swamiji to come along with me and get the work done. It was so fast within 15 minutes they handed over the visas for my wife and two children. I thanked the officials and to Swamiji for such an easy path & speed of activity. Swamiji is the super activator.




For me Swamiji and Amma are Shiva and Parvathy. Therefore, when my family wanted to go to Chennai we agreed that she would go directly to see Swamiji & Amma and get their blessings and go to see my wife’s relations and friends who are settled in Chennai. Although I mentioned to Swamiji previously about my family’s visit in August 2004 arrival date and time in Chennai, on that day I tried informing Swamiji about the arrival but was unsuccessful.  


I tried reaching Swamiji but some or other the line was not going through for hours. Since, I knew my family would be seeking Swamiji’s blessing in person, closer to a specific time I was desperate to talk to Swamiji. In addition, I wanted to feel the blessing of my family. Swamiji’s plan was different. I was very nervous was wondering, Swamiji said He will see my wife and now why he is not answering the phone. Where is He? I was praying to Swamiji, Oh! Swamiji do not put me in trouble if my wife does not see You I do not want to face any problem with her. Where ever You are please reach home to bless my wife and children. It was nearly 2 hours past her arrival time in Chennai, I said to myself today I am dead in my wife’s hand.


Whole day but no one answered the ringing phone or it was going out of reach or engaged. Finally, phone shifted from engaged tone to ringing tone.


Voice     : Hello.

 Self       :  Sri Ramajayam. I am Natesu from Canada. Is Swamiji there?

Swamiji  : Jai Sree Ram Natesan. This is Swamiji speaking.

Self        : Oh! Swamiji since morning I was trying to reach You. Phone was ringing no 

                answer or it was out of order tone. I was very worried. 

Swamiji  : Any problem Natesan?

Self        : Swamiji, I told You before that my wife would be arriving today. I wanted to

                inform You. Since You were not there, I was very worried thinking whether my

                wife would be able to see You and what will happen to me. You know my wife.

Swamiji  : Natesan, you called me at the right time. Your family just reached here. I

                already blessed your children. Now your wife was at my feet, I blessed her and

                I am blessing Natesan also. All the best to you. So now the family got the


Self        : My God Swamiji. You are wonderful. I cannot explain how happy I am.              

Swamiji  : I was away I wanted to come here. My ticket was cancelled and I got another

                arrangement and one hour back only I came. Tomorrow morning I am

                returning back.

Self        : Swamiji thank you very much for taking care of us. No one can do this to

                us. You are really my God Swamiji.

Swamiji  : No problem Natesan, I know yours and Mrs. Natesan’s heart. Ok Natesan.             

                Jai Sree Ram. You talk to your wife.

Self        : Jai Sree Ram Swamiji.     

Ranji      : Just leave us to enjoy Swamiji. When I go to my cousin’s house, I shall  

                reach you tomorrow.

Self        : Why did you get late?

Ranji      : Flight was a delayed takeoff. Now leave me bye.

Self        : Can you give the phone to Swamiji, I want tell Him something.

Ranji      : Ok one minute, Bye.

Self        : Bye enjoy yourself.


Swamiji  : Yes, Natesan

Self        : Swamiji, that Geetha Upathesam chariot which could not get delivered

                before I left Chennai. Since you have it now you do not give it to her. When

                I come next time I will carry with me. If I tell her, she will get angry with me.

                It is a very delicate piece Swamiji. So let it be with You.

Swamiji  : OK, Natesan. Jai Sree Ram

Self        : Thank you Swamiji. I cannot believe the way You blessed all of us. Jai Sree


Swamiji  : Do not worry God know how to take care of You. Jai Sree Ram.

Self        : Jai Sree Ram


When I put the phone down I was so happy. What a planning and what a blessing by Swamiji. How He designed it to be a family blessing. God knows exactly how to bless.

Finally what I wished that my family should meet Swamiji and Amma together materialised.


After sometime when I called, to thank Swamiji and Amma I got their blessing and they knew how happy I was. In that call Swamiji said “Planet Guru changing position but you do not to worry I would take care of you”. I was wondering why Swamiji is mentioning about planet changing when He is there to take care of me every second. Late in the night, I realised that in the morning there was an email regarding Planet Guru change. After seeing it, I was thinking whether to read the message. Then deleted it off by feeling when my Swamiji is there why I should read this type of prediction material. Therefore, Swamiji had been observing it and indirectly mentioned to me that He is there to tell and do everything. Swamiji, is my powerful God, why should I seek other guidance when He is with me all the time. Since GOD the supreme power is in my life, I am leading a qualitative life.


I am very lucky to get all the protection from my Swamiji.

Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.



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