Namaskarams and Pranams Swamiji. 

As usual I seek your blessings in abundance in my initiative to pen down few of my experiences and miracles ever since you have included us in your ever increasing devotees list.  It will be just a drop in the vast ocean of your devotee’s experiences which goes to prove that our Dear Swamiji is just not an ordinary person but an incarnation of God with Supreme Divine Powers. 

My journey with Swamiji (or Hanuman) goes back to my childhood days in Delhi, from the time my mother learnt and started reciting Hanuman Chalisa and started offering Vada Mala for Lord Hanuman on each and every occasion.   Added to this, from the time I knew my elder sister had started writing Sriramajayam on daily basis. Especially on special occasions such as my exam days or any important days she will say – Kala today I’m writing Sriramajayam for your sake only and till date this trend continues with her – she will write Sriramajayam for all the family members.  

It’s during early ‘80s – 1981 / 1982 when I was about to appear for 10th board exam - one of my aunt with her family came over to Delhi and stayed with us for a year or so.  My aunt is an ardent devotee of Lord Anjaneya and she used to visit a nearby Hanuman Temple in our locality, every Saturday, to light lamp. One fine day she took me too with her and asked me also to light a lamp for Hanuman and said “Always pray to Hanuman and have faith in Him, he will never desert you”.  As it is my mother is also a great devotee of Hanuman, added to this now my aunt’s words just strengthened my belief in Him.  That time onwards I also accompanied my aunt on every Saturday for lighting lamp at Hanuman temple and this trend continued even after she left us and till my stay in Delhi.  With the efforts of my aunt and the blessings of Hanuman I could secure a decent mark in the 10th Board, so as to get admission in “COMMERCE”.

For Clicking of Marriage

By His grace I started working from ’87 onwards and during ’89 my parents put an advertisement in the papers in search of an alliance for me.  During October / November that year my father and myself traveled to Madras for seeing the boy’s parents (at that time Mohun was here in Dubai). My mami took full charge of coordinating everything for the “Pon Parkka Function”, as my mother could not accompany us to Madras at that time.   The day before this function, my mami took me to nearby Anjaneya Temple in Luz (near Alwarpet, Madras) along with other cousins.  After the aarti the “archakar” (poojari) was giving the “holy water – perumal thirtham” followed by “thirthula – tulasi leaves” to all the devotees gathered turn by turn.  After my mami and cousins turn my turn came – archakar gave thirthula to me and went forward one step at this point what made him stop we don’t know, he turned towards me and dropped a bunch of flower which was there in the plate he was holding.  Everyone took this as a good omen and needless to say that this first and only alliance my parents worked on, got clicked and now with your grace we are proud to have spent 20 yrs. of our married life successfully facing all kinds of ups and downs. Thanks a lot Swamiji for giving us the much needed courage and support during these trial and testing period. 

Thus, Hanumanji was instrumental for completion of my studies, getting the marriage fixed and to start my life in Dubai 20 years back.

First interaction with Swamiji and our journey with him so far

After joining Emitac, Dubai in 1991, got to know so many people from different walks of life.  At that time one of my colleagues from Software Department briefed me about our Swamiji – telling about the Puja’s he conducts in Kerala. He will sit and call the devotees with some or the other identification – like car no., date of birth, by relatives name etc. etc.   I think it’s during later part of 1992, through this friend of mine; I came to know about a similar puja being conducted in Dubai by Swamiji.  Her parents were attending the pujas.  I informed Mohun and his sister. One fine Friday morning we both with his sister, brother in law and one of their friends visited the place (near Falcon R/A, Dubai) where the puja was being conducted. We waited for sometime in the hall which was jam-packed (no place to sit also – devotees were standing for long time with so much patience).  Within half-an hour one person came out calling for some star sign immediately that friend got up telling that’s her daughters star and we all went inside the room where Swamiji was sitting in front of a Divya Jyoti and talking to everyone. He spoke to everyone came with us and finally asked me “ungallukku kuzhandai vendama”- “you don’t want a child?” – I replied “Yes, we need one” – he smiled at us nodding his head with a meaning in it.  That same day evening again we visited the puja place and got his blessings. Afterwards there was a big gap of almost six years for our next darshan.  In between once during 1994 or 1995, when we went to Dubai airport to drop our nephew, where we met Swamiji.  He was sitting alone and Mohun spotted HIM.  We went and spoke few words and as usual Swamiji in his own way you conveyed his happiness in seeing us. 

We returned from Madras after our vacation during July 1998.  Throughout all these years I was on constant medical treatment for conceiving but to no avail.  This year also most of our vacation time got spent on taking necessary treatment which continued after our return as well.  One day while passing through the Support Department, another colleague of mine called me and just showed me Swamiji’s website without uttering anything.  Immediately looking at the Photo I replied “This is Hanuman Swami” and got very much thrilled in seeing this photo on the screen.  He informed me about the Puja’s conducted by Swamiji.  At that time I did not take it seriously and walked out from that place.  After couple of months on the suggestions by Mohun and well wishers, one day casually I enquired this devotee from Support Department about Swamiji and whether he is conducting any pujas.  To my surprise the same day there was a Puja at his place (in Dubai).  After getting the permission, he invited us to attend that day’s puja at his place.  At that time we had no clue how the puja will be and internally I was so much tensed. When we visited the devotees place in the evening very few people were there and they were making the arrangements. Slowly people gathered and finally Swamiji arrived around 9.30 or 10.00 PM.  Altogether it was a different experience for me as compared to the one I attended 6 years ago.  Swamiji sang so many bhajans and started talking to each and everyone.  Finally my turn also came – the conversation we had was an eye / mind opener for me.  He pointed out all my drawbacks, which at that time did hurt me a lot, as the saying goes “Truth will always be bitter”, but I have to accept that fact that it did help me in taking the remedial steps to rectify myself if not fully at least to some extent.  Afterwards I realized and amazed at the oneness feeling Swamiji has for his devotees. Just to protect us from going into any wrong direction, he had to be so stern with me at that time.  Swamiji Thanks a Million for the Awakening Session. Swamiji told me to continue the medical treatment and blessed us for a child.  The same week we were called for another Puja in Bur Dubai, there during the bhajans Swamiji passed on a Peda to me – I got surprised and didn’t know what to do.  I just looked around and a devotee who was watching me, signaled me to have it.  Thanks a lot Swamji for all your compassion.  After this we also got the opportunity to attend the Astoria Hotel Function during April 1999. The same month on our Anniversary Day there was a puja in Karama area and we were lucky to have Swamiji’s darshan and blessings. 

The much awaited good news:

I was continuing the medical treatment as per Swamiji’s advice.  At one point I got so much fed up with all the kind of medications and the mounting treatment bills, I told Mohun that if we are destined to have a child we will get and I’m going to stop the treatment now.  During June ’99 upon Mohun’s insistence I agreed for one final session of treatment, as we lost all the hope by then.  During Mid July, exactly on the 4th week of cycle they called me for a test and to our surprise confirmed my Pregnancy and the wonderful part was that day coincided with Guru-Poornima – our joy knew no bound.  Just I was thanking the doctors and sisters around.  What a wonderful gift we got from Swamiji on this auspicious occasion.  Doctor advised us not to inform anyone till we complete 8 weeks.  That evening we attended the discourse on Guru Mahima organized by the volunteers at a devotees residence in Bur Dubai.  Though physically I was present for the program, mentally I was in my own world recollecting all the things happened since morning and internally thanking Swamiji again and again for this miracle, which was a mere dream for me, till then. Yet, another important day in my life, which can’t be erased from my memory.

February 2000 we could attend some pujas and immediately after that I got admitted at hospital because of some complications and finally on 24th February 2000 (Thursday) Swamiji blessed us with a child. Swamiji thanks for the GIFT.

During April / May 2000, Swamiji was in Dubai. We visited his with our son Aditya to take blessings from Swamiji.  Dear Devotees, at this point I have to tell something – Swamiji has got his own way of conveying things which we fail to understand but realize at a later stage.  In this important meeting Swamiji blessed the child. All of a sudden he asked me one question “kuzhandaikku jatakam pannavendama” – “when are you going to have the horoscope prepared for him” – without even realizing what he is asking or the meaning in his question, immediately I replied “elders at home will take care of this issue” – Dear Devotees this was a leela played by Swamiji to test my level of Trust / Devotion or Sincerity towards HIM, which I could not realize at that point of time and failed in HIS test.  After this conversation, Swamiji told me to walk out and said he will call me later – at that time also I did not realize the reason or the cause for it – just it was a puzzle to me. Yet another stern step he had taken towards me.  Yes, it did hurt me a lot and I went through some sleepless nights before realizing the simple logic behind it and what Swamiji wished to convey to me.  Why to go here and there when we have the protection of our Dear Swamiji.  Swamiji, I do accept my mistake, but as the saying goes “Yellam Nallathuke” – “Everything is for Good” – because Swamiji would have predicted the difficult time I will be undergoing in the coming months and even if I desired I will not get a single opportunity to attend his Pujas. Here I see Swamiji’s love and affection for me.  Now I realize the reason for keeping me away – because he did not want me to feel bad for not attending a puja. Believe me after this incident from the time I joined office after maternity leave, it was a severe testing period for me till Aditya’s heart-surgery, which took place on April 23, 2001 (when he was 14 months old). During this one year, I had to undergo so much tension both personally and officially, even if I desired I won’t have got a single opportunity to attend His pujas.  It was His grace only, with which I could withstand this traumatic period.  Silently he was protecting me from behind.   One fine day during May 2001 when I came to know that Swamiji was in town (in Dubai), I gathered all my courage and dialed the place where he was staying.  Dear Devotees, believe me, I could not believe my ears from the reply I got from that devotee she in  her own sweet voice said “Srikala, Swamiji was remembering you yesterday – I gave him one Sasikala’s number but it was not the one he was looking for and we could not trace your number” – immediately she gave the phone to Swamiji and after a gap of one year I could hear HIS sweet divine voice “Hello Srikala, how are you – I was remembering you yesterday”.  That evening there was a puja at a devotees place in Jumeirah and we got the invitation to attend the same. Swamiji, once again please pardon all my mistakes and accept me. I don’t want to undergo this type of testing period, that we experienced. Following year was also a bit tough for us and we could not make it for most of the pujas.  By July 2002 things started falling in its place and I could participate in the Guru Poornima Puja that year at Emirates English Speaking School, after a gap of 3 years.  I and Swami will only know how special it was for us.  By His grace from this time onwards I could re-establish my association with Him, directly.  Swamiji please, I don’t want any more hide and seek play – please don’t leave me Swamiji. I have learnt it in hard way the importance of Guru in our life.  Swamiji graced us by visiting our place twice 15th September 2004 (Wednesday) and 29th November 2005 (Tuesday) and from then on Swamiji keeps visiting us.

Getting a Driving License

Everyone knows the hurdles in getting a driving license from this part of the world. I failed more than a dozen times over a period of one year – in between changed my tutor as well. I lost hope of getting a license. On 20th March 2003 I got the opportunity to attend Swamiji’s Birthday celebration at Astoria Hotel, Dubai.  Some items were kept on display for sale – for the first time I bought one Hanuman photo and one Swamiji’s key chain without thinking anything.  Following Saturday, 22nd March 2003 I attended one more driving test and to my surprise passed the test and got a driving license. Swamiji it’s your ashirvadam only.  (of course needless to say felt a bit bad for the delay in  buying  this key chain).

Swamiji knows everything

July 2003 – During one of the Puja Swamiji mentioned about me having a black colour Pillayar (Ganapati) Photo in small size – I could not recollect anything at that time.  I thought he is mentioning about one small Ganapathi which I have in stone and kept along with my jewels and forgot about the incident.  After almost six months or more passed by I spotted the photo in my purse itself – it was hiding in one of the small counters – exactly black colour Ganapati nicely decorated with ornaments and the back side of it there is a statement “Yam Irrukka Bayam-yen” – “Why fear when I’m there”.   Showed that photo at a later stage during one of the Pujas conducted during Navarathiri season (year 2004) and got his blessings. 

Dream come true

It was during January 2004 – during Hanuman Jayanthi Celebrations or just after that, Swamiji came in my dream and informed me about a puja to be held on 16th January. I got excited we are going to have a puja soon on 16th.  On 14th or 15th got a call from a volunteer confirming my dream is going to get materialized and Swamiji will be attending the Friday’s (16th) bhajan at the temple.  I can’t help laughing at myself.  As Swamiji says – “I am scared of my bhakta” – here what I feel that he knew that we will not leave till he attends the puja on the said date.  Thanks Swamiji for making my dream come true. 

Renewal of Tenancy Contract

Dubai started experiencing this soaring in rent hike from end 2003 / 2004 onwards.  On 3rd April 2004, I had an interesting dream in the early morning hours.  I am getting down from a bus at Karama Post Office Bus Stop – at that time suddenly when I looked at Drivers Seat, I could see our Dear Swamiji sitting in that place, it was a sweet surprise cum shock to me.  I thought to myself there should be some meaning in this one.  The same day in the morning hours at 8.00 AM when I was getting ready to leave for office, our door bell rang and one person was standing outside with a paper – he was a messenger from the building real estate office, he handed over the notice for tenancy renewal.  It showed a steep increase of Dhs. 6,000/- from the present rate of Dhs. 18,000/-. It was a shock for both of us – because at that time we were not at all in a position to afford such a hike. Just we prayed to Swamiji and we knew for sure that he predicted the forthcoming tension and that’s why he appeared in my dream to keep us cool and calm.  Following week before visiting the real-estate, we started our hunt for another flat but nothing suited to our need.  After a week or so we went to the real-estate office and informed them our true position and our inability to meet such a hike.  That lady at renewal section took up the matter with her manager, on our behalf and convinced him to keep the same existing rate and they charged only an addition of Dhs. 500/- towards the maintenance fee.  Swamiji thanks a lot for all your kindness and protection.  Can we call him Parthasarathy??

Year 2005

Year 2005 was full of miracles and achievements for all of us.

From starting of the year Swamiji was telling Mohun to have some patience and there is some good news in store for him.  As per his promise and to our surprise Mohun got a promotion with a transfer to its associate office located at different place. And the salary hike was simply unbelievable to both of us – Yes, Swamiji the salary scale got increased by 30% including other perks too – Swamiji thanks a lot for your Krupa Drishti. 

In the same year Swamiji also blessed me with a better increase in pay-scale and to my surprise my manager was not at all happy with the increment proposed for me.  He specially took up my case and fought for a good increase in my basic. Swamiji I could not believe myself with this fete.  Really your Swiss Bank is open to all the needy. 

In 2005 during our trip to India during summer vacation we did an eye-check up for our son Aditya, as we felt he was straining his eyes too much. The doctor confirmed about his weak eyes telling he has got a power of -1.5 and prescribed specs.  We felt so bad at ourselves for not taking any timely action.  After returning we came to know about one good eye doctor near to our place. We felt we should go in for a second opinion.  We went to that doctor and we could not believe what he said after the checkup “He is having a Perfect Vision – who asked you to go for the glasses”.   Swamiji thanks for guiding us at the right time.

Year 2008 – 2010

February 2008 – in one of the Puja at Monalisa Building, Sharjah – casually Swamiji asked me – “Srikala – how about your daughter” – I got perplexed and could not utter anything. When Swamiji asked in front of such a huge gathering, I was blushing throughout and replied in negative. Still Swamiji blessed me with a daughter and said you will have a daughter.  But we never attempted to go in for another child, time also passed by and gradually the matter got faded away from our minds. 

Getting a daughter without our knowledge !!

During December 2009 my in-laws finalized to have the marriage of Mohun’s nephew in Chennai during last week of January 2010. Being mama and mami to the groom our presence was required for the marriage. We planned to make a trip to Chennai just for 2 days (as we could not take enough leave) to attend this marriage. The bride was a Korean and she travelled all alone to India for this marriage – none of her family members accompanied the girl and we were asked to do the Kanyadanam (as per our Hindu ritual) for the Korean girl.  Mohun was not at all willing to do this Kanyadhan and after a lot of discussions there was no choice but to obey to the elders wishes. The marriage went off well . After the marriage when everyone was relaxing I was just pondering over on the day’s proceedings when all of a sudden Swamiji’s two years old prediction flashed in my mind.  My thrill knew no bounds and I kept on telling Mohun, my sister in-laws and the bride about the blessings I got 2 years back for my daughter!! Yes, now indeed we have a daughter!! If already we had realized this blessing from Swamiji, we would have done this Kanyadhan whole heartedly.  Thanks a million Swamiji for blessing us with a daughter!!!  - As we all have realized – our Dear Swamiji’s word will never go wrong !!

Blessings for my Boss’s Daughter

Swamiji was in UAE during March 2010 and during this trips last puja at Monalisa Building, Sharjah I took Swamiji’s blessings  for my boss’s daughter who was getting married in July 2010.

Again we had the opportunity to attend Swamiji’s puja sessions when he returned back in July to be with us for Guru Poornima celebrations.  First he planned to visit our place on 26th July later it got cancelled. Knowing Swamiji very well, we pacified ourselves thinking everything is for good only and left it at that.  (Thanks a million Swamiji for conditioning our mindset otherwise unnecessarily we would have got tensed when you cancelled your visit). 

29th July (Thursday) my boss returned from his vacation after his daughter’s wedding and through him his wife sent so many snacks (from Grand Sweets, Chennai) just for me only.  I felt very happy to receive the same. This happiness further doubled when I got a call from in the morning hours, to find out whether Swamiji can visit our place that evening!!  Dear Devotees, what we can say about this – a mere coincidence or a miracle!!!   Had the visit been on the 26th July, as planned – we won’t have got the opportunity to offer the snacks to Swamiji, which we got especially from my boss’s wife for not attending their daughter’s marriage.  On 29th July I could offer all the items to Swamiji and once again got special blessings for my boss’s daughter.  Really Swamiji knows the PERFECT TIMING, which is in store for us.

Ashtalakshmi Kovil – Chennai

This summer we sent our son Aditya to Chennai, all alone during July / August.  He stayed with his grandparents and aunt and was enjoying his stay.  When Swamiji visited us on 29th July (Thursday) he asked us about so many places in Chennai including Ashtalakshmi Temple which is in Besant Nagar and whether we have visited all those places.  As usual we replied in the negative as we don’t get much chance to venture out whenever we go on vacation.

Next day, 30th July during the Friday Puja at Monolisa Building, Sharjah, I got a call from Mohun’s sister and to my surprise she informed me that being Aadi Villikizhamai (Fridayin the Aadi month) she & her sister took Aditya to Besant Nagar Ashtalakshmi Temple – (Dear devotees, believe me, we never mentioned about Swamiji’s visit or about his conversation to anyone back home including our son).  It was a sudden decision by Mohun’s sisters to visit Ashtalakshmi Kovil.  At that time my happiness knew no bound.  After attending the call, when I returned to the puja room, Swamiji asked me to narrate any of my experience and I immediately shared this happiness with all the devotees. Thanks a Million Swamiji for taking care of our son, during his trip to India, all alone.

Shifting to a new apartment

During early 2010 he blessed us to look out for a new flat in Dubai and said we will be more comfortable in the new place. True to his forecast, after lot of ifs and buts, by mid 2010 we were relocated to a double bedroom apartment with balconies facing the garden side in Karama, Dubai. Now we are enjoying the much required comfort in the new home after compromising for 20 odd years at various locations – sharing accommodation in a villa, studio flat, 1 BR flat etc.  It’s all Swamiji’s Krupa Drishti only.

Property Purchase

Swamiji predicted that after shifting to a new flat we will be buying a property in our home country.  All of a sudden Mohun’s parents (who are based in Chennai) started looking out for a flat for us and one fine day during October 2010 they finalized and booked an apartment for us in an upcoming building in OMR area, Chennai. It’s all Swamijis grace only.


Like this day in and day out we keep experiencing so many miracles… even if it is a very small or negligible ones, still every single moment brings its own happiness and pleasure.  Our association with Swamiji has given us the much needed immense inner strength to face the world which is fully of unpredictable twists and turns.

Resting all our issues at Swamiji’s Sricharan and praying for everyones welfare.

Dear Swamiji, seek your blessings and protection to one and all, at all times.


Srikala Mohun

Dubai – U.A.E.

30th November 2010



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