Our Beloved Swamiji


We donít fear when you are with us, your voice is guiding me and my family. 


I met you for the first time in August 2010 where I was pulled by your divine power, mixed with lots of unlimited love, affection & care beyond imagination. 

I was lucky to meet you again on the 12th of November 2010 in Dubai.The 2 months was passed so fast as the power of Vayu Deva, and as always you had surprised us by your visit in the short span, blessed are myself and my family. We know Lord Anjaneya has the supreme power of Vayu Deva, not only me but also my entire familywere surprised to see the same Vayu Deva power in you, and the Darshan followed by your blessings on us!!

Ages back Lord Anjaneya crossed several miles across the ocean to counsel Sita Devi, likewise Swamiji, you had made it to Dubai in your busy schedule to meet us and all devotees its nothing but true affection and love towards your devotees, blessed are us.

Things in the meantime had started changing for me personally and for each and every member in my family. Rahul is spreading the positive energy imparted by you and thus bringing in new meaning to us and our lives. Swamiji, it had opened to us a new world, where there is no fear and love but unlimited love only.I have gained more patience in life towards fellow beings, issues and matters in day to day life.

To save the life of Lakshman, Lord Anjaneya carried the Sanjeevni Mountain, but our Swamiji carries all our problems which are tens of thousands of the size of that mountain.  Without doubt I can mention that your name, your words and blessings are flowing in our minds as the Amrita Sanjeevni and takes to the next stage in life, I am not afraid now and I see the same life in all beings. Swamiji we are so indebted to you in our lives for all the care you have shown to us.    

When Sri Rama asked Lord Hanuman what you require in life for all the services you rendered to me, Lord Hanuman just asked for only one thing. "Please bless me that my affection for you should never diminish.  If I live I shall be the same devotee of my Lord, Sri Rama, serving my master as an obedient disciple. Thatís my salvation.


Swamiji, if you ask us the same question, our answers will be please bless us and let us be your devotees forever and ever or rather till our last breath. 

Lord Surya who shines and showers light to the entire universe that looked like a sweet to Lord Anjaneya, and loved to swallow and jumped for it.But when our Swamiji comes to light the lamps in our house he also lights our lives and all our bitterness and worries turns sweeter from then on. 

In Lanka, only when Vibishana took Lord Anjaneyaís advice, he could become the King of Lanka.Swamiji after your advice we stated living our lives like kings without any fear.Our lives had new meanings, new feelings and only compassion and love towards the fellow creatures.  

Whenever Lord Anjaneya hears people saying Rama Naam, he gets pleased, Swamiji when we say Lord Anjaneya Naam, it pleases you thus we get an opportunity to meet you.  Lord Anjaneya carries the Rama Roop in his heart, we as your devotees carry your Roop in our hearts which can be witnessed by our testimonies. 

For me the moment I remember Lord Anjaneya he is the ultimate symbol of a devoted and humble servant of Lord Rama:Thatís true and sincere bakthti towards the master, guru.Lord Rama asked Anjaneya swamy to go in search of Sita devi, he was not even willing to rest until he found devi.†† Likewise when we present our problems to our beloved Swamiji, there are chances that even we forget what he says, but our Swamiji never forgets what he said and keeps following up with us till our mission and needs are accomplished thus lifting us from the dark to the bright, shining and unlimited love on us now and for the days ahead.

Arenít we blessed and my words cannot express my true feelings!!

Long live Swamji and Long live Anjaneya !!

Om Tat Sat.  

Raghvan, Lakshmi, Rahul and Karan (UAE)




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