Jai Sri Ram!


I  would like  to  write my  experience  for all  devotees to know.  Who is this swamiji? How do I feel to pray to him? Actually  in  my life  I  never believe in  god  and  Buddha.  This is my true story.  I used to think I am god when, I was in Sri Lanka. Now I live in Kuwait.  Always I did what I wanted and never listen to anyone. I used to fight with everyone and hurt everyone.  All my dreams were a palace in the sky.

One day I met a devotee in Kuwait. I was very close with them and then I used to stay with them. She was old devotee of swamiji. She explain  to  me about Swamiji  and  showed me swamiji's  photo.  but  I  didn’t listen to  her  I  told  to her  throw that  photo as there was no  need for that in our home  but she  didn't  do that and she used to hide and protect those  photos .

In the year 2006  Swamiji  came back to  Kuwait  one devotee  of  swamiji called  Marium  for the  pooja  marium told  me  Sudesh   let’s  go to  swamiji   pooja”  I said “no i don't want to go” so  Mariyum got  ready  to  go for the pooja  with  her children I shouted  to  her and her children “if  you  want to  pray,  pray to me  I am  god that  much  I believe”  but  she went  to  the pooja  I  stayed at  home alone  and  start to get drink    that's  why  I didn't  go  I through  if  I gone  there I am  wasting my  time  and  I couldn't  get to  drink's and  smoke  then same day  same  night when I finished the drinks  I went  to  bed to  sleep but  couldn't sleep  ever  I couldn't sleep  on  the bed  I  felt someone pushed  me  on the  floor  the floor was  very  cold but  I  laid down  on the  floor then  they  came to  home from the pooja at around  5 a.m.  until then  I could not  sleep  I  was on  the floor  when  they  came  I  told her what  happened  to  me  .She told  me that swamiji had  asked her that someone was at  home and tell  him to  come to  with her to the  next pooja.  I was confused  I thought how did Swamiji   know that I  am at  home  then  I   decided to  go  with her to  meet  swamiji . swamiji spoke  with  me very  kindly  and gave to  me  his photo  and  some money  to  keep in  my  purse and  he  said to me that he will  arrange  for me  a car  and very good  place  to work. When I had seen   swamiji immediately  my mind  start to  think  about him  and he  completely change  my  mind.  I got  faith  and devotion  in my  mind , being honesty  and helpful  for others  instead of  my  bad dreams. In the night swamiji talked with me in my dream and turned me into a better person.

When swamiji told me to change my job it suddenly happened  before  I found  the  new job I  had  to give my resignation  to  my at the old  hotel then I was  trying  to find  a new job I  went to several  hotel but I  couldn't  get the job .  One  of  my  friend has  given my number to  someone else. He  called  me and told me that  he had a job in his  place it's was  a very  good job  and  they paid  for me  double the salary  than the old  hotel that is  swamiji’s miracle. I was even able to buy  a new  car as swamiji's  said . Now I cannot   go to work without praying to swami and  seeing  his Photo. I cannot   go to bed at night without praying. That  much  I am praying  for  him  . God  is one  who  can do  anything and without  god there  is  nothing I have started  to  believe in God  from  my swamiji  he  is my  given  me everything.  and has protected  me from  all  the problems and  given  me  a good  mind  to  get faith  and  devotion that's  very important  so now  I am  being a good  person and  everybody respect and helps    me  all the  time.  When  my parents came to   know that I am  believing and praying in god  they  were very   happy  about that and  even  and  my all  sisters and  brothers have  started  to pray to  my  swamiji in  Sri lanka.

God  is only  one  and that  supreme power  appears in   various   name and  forms  but  I worship  him only in one  form  that's my  guru .

Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji.




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