Jai Shri Ram,

Kodi Kodi Pranams to Swamiji’s divine golden lotus feet;


Experience Part – 2

With My Great Swamiji’s blessing, I briefly summarize some of my experiences.


One Thursday we went to the regular Bajan at Mr. Sameer’s house. After the Bajan, Mr. Sameer offered me a Jasmine Garland. After coming home I put the Garland to our Swamiji’s photo. Next day noon my wife told me that the Garland has grown a bit. After sometime we confirmed that Garland is growing. It has grown for two days and Garland size had become almost 2.5 times of the original size. After few days we bought a small plastic jewelry box and kept this Garland carefully. When we meet our Swamiji. Swamiji asked us that you bought a small box recently. We told Swamiji that we bought this box to keep the Garland.  Swamiji said he went inside the box and had little difficulty to come out.  This was a big Miracle from our Great Swamiji.

Visited My Native Home after 17 Years

I could not visit my home town (Jaffna) for the last 17 years due to various reasons. I heard that somebody living in my house but I do not know the family. I really wanted to go to my house during the 2010 summer vacation. I mentioned this to our Swamiji and requested Swamiji’s blessings. Swamiji said you can go. After that, I proceed with our trip to Colombo and stayed 10 days over there.  I was bit reluctant to go to Jaffna and there were only 3 days left. I called Swamiji and asked again about my Jaffna trip. Swamiji said proceed. Then I told my wife we got the green signal, get ready to go to Jaffna which is around 400km from Colombo City. With our Swamiji’s guidance, we started our Journey the same day evening and reached Jaffna next day morning.  We stayed there only 36 hours but I completed lots of works and visited lots of places / temples etc. I did not face any problems or delays at all. This will not be possible without Swamiji’s blessing and presence. I felt our Swamiji’s presence each and every moment in the journey. When I spoke to Swamiji on 28th November 2010, he said that he visited with us during the Jaffna trip. I was so happy to hear such statement from our Swamiji. This is a simple example to show, how Swamiji is taking care of his devotees.


Daughter’s Hand Pain

We went to Chennai to attend the Hunuman Jayanthi Function 2010. During the visit something happened to my second daughter’s hand. Palm was swollen and she was crying because of pain. She was not allowing anybody to touch her hand. This was on the Vilakku Pooja day noon. I was carrying her and standing in front of Swamiji’s Pooja Mandram. Swamiji came at that time and started to talk with his devotees. Suddenly Swamiji asked my daughter, how are you? Then Swamiji hold her hand and shake it for around 10 times. My daughter just smiled. She was not allowing me even to touch her hand before. What a miracle. She stopped crying of her pain and became very fresh and ready for Vilakku Pooja. I never mentioned to Swamiji about her pain. But Swamiji knows everything and remove all his devotees’ pain at the right time.

Valampuri Chanku

We were expecting Our Great Swamiji’s first visit to our home during last summer. Therefore, we were arranging our Pooja Room. While I was arranging things at Pooja place, I found a small Valampuri Chanku which was misplaced before. I was so happy because I was searching this for a long time and had no luck in finding. While I was cleaning the Chanku, I was thinking that sometime Swamiji may ask about this Chanku during his visit to our home. Next day we had been informed that Swamiji will visit our home. We were happy and excited. As scheduled, Swamiji came to our house. First thing he asked from me was, “can you bring the small chanku in the Pooja Place.” I was shocked and happy.  Swamiji knows everything including whatever we think. We cannot hide anything from God.  

Our Great Swamiji’s blessings have a power of removing all problems and bring prosperity  to our life.   There is no doubt that we have done some good Karma, to have our Great Swamiji. Swamiji is my life line. Now I cannot imagine anything without Swamiji. We need Swamiji’s blessings and Guidance forever.

Om Sri Sri Sri Satguru Vikraman Swami Namaha


Kethavarajan, Yarlini, Pamila & Saumya


22nd February 2011.

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