Dear Readers,

Vikramaswamiji is the embodiment of love, compassion and strength. To me, HE is GOD in a physical body and a saviour of many souls. What I feel about HIM today has been realised through a period of time, with HIS grace. Initially when I visited HIM for my first darshan, it was with a feeling of scepticism.


It was June 1995 that i was blessed with the darshan of Vikramaswamiji. That time I did not realise that it will bring a great change in me. I believed in GOD but was very reluctant to accept that human beings can be Trikalagnanis and be GOD for you. In spite of my mother's repeated insistence that I meet swamiji, I kept finding excuses to avoid it. I was having problems with my Ph.D that time and I was undergoing career tensions. I used to pray intensely to GOD but could not comphrehend that GOD wanted to talk to me, face to face, in the form of swamiji. Finally I had to give in to my mother and very hesitantly went with her. We waited for six hours. At around 6 pm, i really got impatient and I told my mother that we shall leave by 6.30 pm if we are not called in. At sharp 6.30 pm, swamiji called us in. HE mentioned the conversation I was having with my mother outside. HE knew all about me, my family and relatives as was evident from the questions he asked. I was dumb struck, shaken to the core. That day I left from there with a feeling of awe, hardly knowing that I had met my spiritual guru.


After that day I acquired a stronger faith in GOD. I also got peace of mind through prayer and I started looking at the world with a different perspective, definitely a better one.


In december 96, swamiji made me sit in the puja room for a very long time and he told me later that HE had done that for a purpose. I could understand the purpose later when I realised that HE was my guru and HE could help me spiritually evolve.

         HIS love and compassion for one and everyone, without any bias, HIS immense stamina to sit, listen and talk for long hours hearing the miseries of others, giving solutions to their problems are some qualities of HIS which have to be experienced for one to believe. HE is an indifferent friend who can show you the right direction of your life, taking into consideration the totality of the present circumstance and your prosperity in future.

        Being away from home as I was pursuing my degree at Bombay, I could not meet swamiji often. But he would come in my dreams to show his presence with me always. The bliss and joy that I got in prayer and my surrender to GOD is through swamiji's GRACE only.


Swamiji conducts Bhajans on thursdays in each one of his devotee's houses. In Oct 97, he decided to have the bhajan in our residence in Madras. I being away from home was unaware of that as everything was being planned suddenly. Before my mother could convey the message to me,I got a dream in which swamiji told me that he would come to house that thursday to
light the lamp. So when my mother called, I knew she would inform me about the bhajan.

       I attend Geeta chanting classes every thursday, here at Bombay. Inside my heart I had this unhappy feeling that I could not attend any of swamiji's bhajan. One thursday night, swami came in my dream where HE was there in a crowded house. HE was asking my mother to have idlis. On friday I called home and asked my mother if she had idlis on thursday. She told
me that she had been to swamiji's bhajan on thursday and the prasadam was idli. So even though I cannot meet swami often, I feel HIS presence with me. During March 1998, I was on a vacation to Madras for three weeks during which I could have HIS darshan a couple of times.


My family consists of my parents and a younger brother.. All of us have tremendous faith in HIM. Whatever swamiji has predicted for all of us has come true. It started with my brother's prediction. Two years ago, after his B.Tech at REC Trichy , he was in a job with Reliance as a mechanical engineer. That time, swamiji used to ask him about his interest in computers and his going to America. Swami would say that HE would meet him at Sanfrancisco one day. Today my brother is in a computer software job and he met Swami in Sanfrancisco last week. Swami's prediction about my father's extension after his retirement also came true. We had problems settling our property which got solved with swami's grace as he had foretold. HE has appeared many times in my mother's dreams where once HE appeared as Shirdi Sai Baba. My parents are ardent devotees of swami and they attend HIS bhajans and Arul vakku.


Peace of mind is most important in life and wherever we are in the world, we can get that only by looking inside oneself. We are so tied up with worldly anxieties and pressures that we are too occupied to do that. But having a spiritual guru can open those doors of one's pure heart and help remove the dirt of worldly passion. Vikramaswamiji can help you do that. If you take one step towards HIM, HE will take ten steps towards you, that's what HE says.

        I pray that HIS glory spreads and I keep learning from HIM as HIS student forever. I would like to quote few lines from  Rabindranath
Tagore's poem 'Fireflies'--
'I touch GOD in my song as the hill touches the far away sea with its waterfall
The butterfly counts not months but moments and has time enough
Let my love, like sunlight surround you and yet give you illumined freedom. '


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