Jai Shree Ram


When Swami says something, there is a lot to it. We at our human level sometimes fail to see or understand its meaning immediately.


We were planning to go to India for our summer break. We had booked our tickets in such a way that our daughters were going first and then me and then Ashok. The week before my daughters were going to travel, we attended Swami’s puja, where he asked us our travel plans and said okay, I will come with you’ll. Then he asked us if we would be taking our camera. We told him yes.


We attended the big puja the following week and Swami asked us the same question and again we said, “Yes Swami, we are planning to take the camera with us.” And at that time he said, “You should collect all things to take in one place so you do not forget.” We did just that.


Again we attended a mini puja and Swami asked the same question again and we had the same answer, confirming that we had kept the camera handy along with other things to be packed. Swami decided to come to light the lamp in our house 2 days before I was travelling and the moment he stepped in he again asked, “So, are you’ll going to take the camera?” Again the same answer from me and my husband. We were wondering why Swami was asking us about the camera so many times.


The next day, on Friday, before going to Swami’s puja, I was doing a bit of my packing. I put the camera in my bag and was unable to find the charger. I looked all around and even asked my daughters if they knew where it was. They mentioned a couple of places where we looked but couldn’t find it. Ashok said, not to worry and that once all the stuff is cleared up he will find it and get it with him.


After I left for India with the camera, my husband looked everywhere for the charger but just couldn’t find it. He was considering buying a new charger but I wasn’t really in favor of it as I believed that it had to be in the house somewhere.


On the day Ashok was to travel, 30 minutes before he was to leave for the airport he calls me excitedly and tells me he found the charger. And where did he find it????? In one of the dressing table compartments where we had both looked several times. It is not a very big compartment where we keep our camera and the charger. I recall very well that I had actually passed my hand through the small niche to make sure and the charger wasn’t there. But on an impulse my husband just opened that compartment and there was the charger….lying in the front in full view!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are great Swami and the miracles you perform are beyond any words can describe.


We all were amazed and couldn’t stop laughing at the game Swami played with us. Each time he asked us about the camera, we thought only of the camera. He also hinted that we should keep all the things together so we don’t forget anything. But we still did not take that hint……Such are the ways of Swamiji!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you Swami for being with us constantly and making your presence felt among us in our daily lives.



-Manisha, Ashok, Neelam & Karishma



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