Deena Bomi Motiwalla’s Experiences                                                      

2nd August 2011





In Vikraman Swami’s own words,


“Trust me, believe me. When you call I will be there, BUT Trust me, believe me.


Two miracles happened because of this.


At Swamiji’s last gathering, end July, in Dubai, Bomi and I went for Blessings. Bomi clamped down and only told Swami about his aches and pains.  Swami suggested an oil to be applied. 


Few months back when I had telephoned Swami, he had told me two things, “Money will come before my next arrival and Bomi’s knee swelling will be gone”.  Had I full trust it could have happened.  Since Bomi was quiet I asked Swami please take care of our health and that our blood test results be normal. 


Again many, many months ago, then we were in good health, Swamiji had said, “I will give you more good health and take care of you both”.  At good times, do we humans try to think of what Swamiji has spoken?


Swamiji, just looked at us both and said, “Yes, I will take care of you all, you are now my responsibility”.  He looked at me and said,


“Have TRUST”


I wanted Swamiji to show a wee bit of compassion on us at this last Puja with Him but He had a separate agenda.  I went to the lift and had tears in my eyes.  “Swami does not love me, what do I do, where wrong have I done”. Bomi, in his loving words said, “You think you trust Swami but does Swami feel your sincerity?  He is showing you the way, have full faith, take it in that spirit.  Swami wants sincerity and then he will come the whole way for us”.  “Thank you, Yes,Yes, I will love and Trust HIM in the way our Swamiji wants”.



Heat Stroke:


Our health check-up was scheduled for 28th July but was cancelled and rescheduled for this morning. Our blood test results were in the normal range and the doctor was very happy.   


I told the doctor that I fell sick around 21st July for a week, I felt awful but it seemed that a guardian angel is protecting me.


When I told the doctor my symptoms he said, “Yes, you did have a guardian angel looking after you”.


He told me that I had suffered from a heat stroke which is a life-threatening condition and that I was very lucky to get away so lightly.


Our Driver:


Our driver had to leave for Iran as his son met with a serious accident and was in a coma for a month.  When he left end of May he had informed the office Secretary that he would come back after Eid. 


Bomi needed a driver but he carried on.  I prayed to Swami to bring back Bomi safely as he has to travel to various Emirates. Bomi had full TRUST and FAITH. When Bomi telephoned our driver, he said that he would come by end of July.


We were overjoyed but Bomi’s Secretary kept saying, “No Sir he said that he would come after Eid.” 


Bomi’s and my TRUST this time in Swamiji prevailed. He kept his word and resumed duty on 1st August 2011; he has been with us for over 25years.





Swamiji, this is what you meant, so long ago that you would give us “more good health and take our responsibility”.





With Your Divine Blessings,

Deena Bomi Motiwalla.



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