Jai Sri Ram!


I would like to share some of my experience of our swamiji’s miracles with you all.


In 2007 I under went an operation in my hand. Before the operation doctor advised me to go for Back and Hand massage to find out is there any improvement. In that hospital most are Egyptian doctors so I was praying to my Swamiji to arrange an Indian doctor. When I visited the hospital Swamiji has already arranged an Indian doctor for me.


I could not talk to my father for almost 4 years, I tried his land phone number always the message I got was the number I dialed was wrong. In 2011, during swamiji’s stay in Kuwait one day I just tried to call my father on the same number and the call got connected, I was surprised and happy to talk with him. In the next Bajan Swamiji asked “Seetha did you talk with your father?” I was surprised and I know Swamiji only connected the line with my father.


Me and my sister, who is in Kuwait were not talking to each other for the past 2 - 3 years. In 2011 during swamiji’s stay in Kuwait I was not well and thinking how can I attend swamiji’s pooja.  As a surprise my sister visited me and helped me a lot to recover and attend the wonderful Pooja. I am pretty sure Swamiji arranged her to visit and help me to attend the Pooja.


For the last 10 years my residency is under one sponsor, this year (2011) he told he will give release to me and I have to find another sponsor for my residency stamping. I tried to find out a good sponsor the days were passing but I couldnot succeed in finding a good sponsor. Always I was praying to Swamiji to arrange me good sponsor. Mean time I found 2 - 3 Sponsors and they asked 500 KD for 2 years stamping, the amount was beyond expected amount. Due to the circumstances,  I selected one sponsor even though I am not very much happy under his sponsor and paid 250 KD as an advance to him. But, within couple of days he return the money and told he does not want to sponsor me. In the meantime, Swamiji, himself visited Kuwait and on the second / third day I found one very good sponsor for 400 KD for 2 years stamping. I felt that Swamiji himself came to Kuwait to arrange my sponsor. I was very happy and excited to see Swamiji’s  miracles and blessings.


Always before I step out from my flat I do my prayers to my Swamiji. On August 2011, as usual I prayed to my Swamiji and went for eye test at an optical shop in the town. In the same shop I did  my eye test 2 years back and they charged me 3 KD. But this time I was short of money and I was thinking if they could charge me 1.5 KD it will be better. After the eye test I asked how much is their charge, he told me to wait for a  minute and then told 1.5 KD. I was surprised and thought Swamiji is  always with me and listening to whatever I was even thinking. Thank you, Swamiji for all your miracles and blessings.


In 2007 one day while I was returning to my flat after work, suddenly I thought why don’t I go and stay with one of my friend. Because when I left the working place I didnot have any plan to stay with my friend.  But as this striked my mind suddenly I went and stayed with my friend. Night I got a call from my neighbouring apartment and told me today there was a CID raid and they arrested or took under their custody lot of persons staying in that building for investigation. I know there were some illegal activities happening in our apartment.  After the call I realized why my mind was forcing me to stay at my friend’s place, it was my Swamiji gave the message to my mind to stay away from my flat. Thank you, Swamiji for your blessing and protection.


I pray all the forms of God to give good health and power to my Swamiji, to live long and bless and protect all his devotes.

Seetha – Kuwait


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