Siva Gowry Arooran - Kuwait , Part-III


Dear devotees of living God Shri Vikraman Swamiji, with the blessing and permission of our Swamiji, I would like to share the experience and miracles, Swamiji showered on us.


It is very difficult to explain the experience and miracles of my lord Shri Vikraman Swamiji in words, it is a wonderful & Joyful experience, thank you very much Swamiji for showing such a love toward us.


Swamiji, please accept our humble namaskaram at your Golden Lotus Feet. There is no words to express the joy, happiness and the feeling we get at the time of experiencing your wonderful miracles.


Swamiji, I do not think any of your devotee can express the feeling he/she experienced while observing your miracles. It is such a wonderful and joyful moment.


Swamiji, our humble pranams at your golden lotus feet, for accepting us as your devotees, and showering with miracles.


This life is not enough to experience Swamiji’s wonders and miracles.


Swamiji’s miracle at the Farwaniya Hospital.


On 19.01.2010 night around 11 pm I felt the water bag is leaking. I got tense and while praying to my Swamiji we called Dr. Anandapiriya to consult what to do. In the morning doctor told us, if I feel any pain or water bag leak just call her and get admitted to the hospital so if she is not available at the hospital she can come over there.


On 19.01.2010 doctor was on morning duty, for sure we know that she will be not available at the hospital and her house is little far from the hospital the time is reaching 12 am, we were thinking what to do, because 100% sure even though doctor is treating me as her sister, in the mid night as a lady she will be not able to come over to the Hospital. But Swamiji knows everything when we call, doctor told I am on duty come immediately to the hospital. Yes, my Swamiji made all the arrangements for his blessed child delivery. Swamiji, made Doctor to do night duty on that day. Still I do not know how Swamiji made this arrangement but in the same day morning Doctor told us she is off after my check up in the morning.


When we reached the hospital doctor checked me and told water bag is leaking so get admitted. My husband went to do the formalities to get admitted and in the mean time doctor told the nurse to take me to labour room. In Kuwait, as per rules no one is allowed into the labour room other than the hospital staff. I was so scared and tense and chanting swamiji’s namam, praying to my Swamiji to be with me. Doctor told me do not worry I will be there with you.  But 19.01.2010 night I did not get the delivery pain and in the morning I was transferred to the ward. Next day (20th) morning my husband called me and told, he called Swamiji around 1.30 am (Kuwait; time in Chennai is 4.00 am) Swamiji took the phone and asked how is Gowry, Arooran told Swamiji, she is admitted to the hospital. Swamiji said, yes I know, do not worry I am with her. When I heard this I am so happy and my tense and worry went off like nothing.


On 20th I was shifted to the labour room and ward several times. I was praying to my Swamiji, I wish to have my baby on Thursday (21st), the day Swamiji wishes & bless all his devotees, but Swamiji you are ultimate you know everything so you decide on which day I should deliver my baby. 21st morning there was rain with thunderstorm in Kuwait, normally we get some drizzle in Kuwait. in Kuwait, that also just before the climate get change, there is no reason for rain with thunderstorm in January. Then why?


Around 9 am on 21st I was again transferred to the labour room and doctors on duty told me to push for the delivery I could not do that, around 10 am doctors were discussing as the water bag is dry out and I am unable to push my baby, I have to be transferred to Sabha Hospital which has more facilities. I was praying to my Swamiji, Swamiji I couldnot push my baby please arrange for caesarean and please save me and my baby. In Kuwait, doctors will perform caesarean in case of mother or baby is very critical condition. In my case both of us were not in very critical condition. When doctors discussed I have to be transferred to another hospital I got more tense and worried because Dr. Anandapiriya will be not there. But around 11 am doctors on duty told they are going to do the caesarean.


21st January 2010 at 12.05 our blessed baby born on earth with blessing of my Swamiji and Amma.


After the delivery on 21st I realised why there was rain with thunderstorm. Before the delivery of the baby Swamiji made the climate and environment cool and pleasant for his blessed baby to come to the earth. Thank you, Swamiji for all your love and miracles.


I cannot remember exactly when, but in one of Bajan Swamiji told me you have to under go a small surgery but do not worry I will be with you and that will be for good. After the bajan me and Arooran thinking what was that surgery? For what? Swamiji told it is for good and Swamiji will be there so no worries but curiosity to find out surgery for what? After my caesarean I realised Swamiji have mentioned about that only which was for our good, because as I mentioned in my Part 01 & 02 our baby was Swamiji’s gift to us and Swamiji was there with me during the caesarean.


Thank you very much Dr. Anandapiriya for all your love and passion you showed to me and my baby.  I will never forget the love and passion you showed and showing towards me.


There are no words to expresses the miracles of my living Satguru Shri Vikraman Swamiji.


Our blessed Baby’s first cry


As I mentioned earlier, because of Swamiji’s grace & blessing only we got our baby on 21 January 2010.  As she was a swamiji’s blessed baby we were not worried about her health and the doctor told she is fine and in good health. But she was not crying for 2 days, my husband even pinched her to make her cry but no response. At last husband thought to put swamiji’s song on his mobile which Swamiji was singing in Bakthi Manam, while we were listening to Swamiji’s song Swamiji called us and blessed all of us. As Swamiji finished the blessing she started crying.



Named our blessed Baby


During my pregnancy we requested our Swamiji to name our baby as it was a gift to us from him. Swamiji smiled and said ok when the time comes I will give a name. After delivery also Swamiji did not give the name. Husband was busy with the formalities and before getting the Birth Certificate we have to give the name in English and Arabic.  We tried to call Swamiji but we could not talk with Swamiji. Exactly on the 11th day from the birth, Swamiji named her as “Sahana”. We were very happy and finished all formalities. Recently I read in a book Naming a baby should be done on the 11th day from the birth (or delivery). 


There are no words to say the greatness of my Swamiji and his miracles.


Swamiji we surrender at your lotus feet and left everything to you, you are the ultimate. Please show more and more miracles and guide us in the correct path.


Swamiji saranam

Swamiji saranam

Swamiji saranam


Shri Vikraman Swamiji saranam

Nanga Nallur vasan saranam


Sivagowry Arooran - Kuwait.

17 November 2011

End of part 03


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