Vikrama Swamiji Ki Jai !!!                                                                                                           



I know not what to ask for, but you know what to give

I know not what to seek for, but you know what to make me aspire for

I know not where to be, but you know where to make me be


I know I am human, I know I have gaps to fill and emotions to let go

I know that I am unpolished & with your touch & chiseling, will start glowing in full brilliance

All I know & want is to be with you and under your guidance, to experience Life in full and brim with everlasting joy…..

Let me achieve sure and firm of what I have to do in this life with your Guidance and Blessing

Sadgurvae Saranam !


While there have been many incidents to quote, the following 3 are very significant & recent in my life to show me that you have taken full responsibility of me.


Incident 1

It was my birthday. My boss in the company where I work, while wishing me told he had come to town and wanted to meet me after office. I could not say no and met him at his hotel. During the same, the discussion veered towards my career and what he has for me. As it turned out, he said he doesn’t have much for me to help me grow and suggested me to start looking for other assignments within the company. While I was assimilating this input, I get a call on my Mobile. It is Swamiji. He had called to wish me on my Birthday. I had in the morning rung up ashramam to seek his Blessings on my Birthday. What a time to get his call – no better time!!!  We talked for 5 minutes and he showered his Blessings & how?  Here is the summary –

<Swamiji>           Jayaprakash, a very Happy Birthday, May God Bless you ! I am calling you from outside since I am travelling. By the way where are you?

<JP>                      Swamiji, Thank you very much, I am in a hotel, with my boss.

<Swamiji>          What happened to your watch? Why are you not wearing any watch today?

<JP>                      Swamiji, My Watch is in repair and I have to take it for repairing. It is in my house.

<Swamiji>           Don’t worry, you will get it repaired soon. Also you will get a new watch.

<JP>                      Thank you Swamiji.

In my mind… here I am with my boss talking of my career and Swamiji is talking of my watch….

<Swamiji>           Who is on your left side?

<JP>                      Swamiji, it is my boss. He has come from outstation.

<Swamiji>           Ok. Tell him. He will meet me.

<JP>                      Swamiji, I am in discussion with him on my career. I am not comfortable.

<Swamiji>          Don’t worry, I will take care.


What can I say? The timing, the content and the ability to remove my nervousness – all in a phone call. He not being present, how does he know I am not wearing my watch? He not be being there, how does he know there is someone my left side.

Knowing Swamiji , this are my way of life while with him. Witnessing Swamiji’s miracles has become my way of life.


Incident 2

I had moved to a beautiful house recently. This House was ok’ed and given to me by Swamiji. I had bought this house when I was absolutely unprepared (on my financial front) to make such an investment. Even after 2 year of my move, I had put off changing my address at the bank branch where I held a locker facility.

During one of the poojas, Swamiji casually asked – Where is your chain?

<JP>                      Swamiji, it is in the bank.  

<Swamiji>           Is it in locker or have you pledged it?

<JP>                      Swamiji, it is in Locker. I have not pledged it.

<Swamiji>           Then why don’t you take it and wear it? You can wear it happily.

<JP>                      ok Swamiji


Immediately in the next few days, I visited the branch, with an intention to hand over the locker and take all my belongings & of course to take my chain that Swamiji had mentioned. It had now been 2-3 years from after my last visit to the branch. The Branch manager heaved a sigh of relief after knowing that I had come. She was facing pressure from her management to break open the locker since the rental charges for the same had not been paid for the last 2-3 years. They had sent atleast 2 notices to my old address (from which I had changed atleast 2 more houses) with no results.


I couldn’t imagine what would have happened to the holdings in the locker had the bank taken them under its custody. I paid my dues and handed over the locker. All I could do while interacting with the Bank Manager was Pray and Thank Swamiji for asking me to go and pick up my belongings.


How can he foresee a calamity and guide me out of it? Only he can do it for me.


Incident 3

10 years ago I had made an investment to buy an apartment. This turned out to be a bad investment. I ended up not only parting with my money but also had taken a bank loan which I started paying back without any gain. The construction has not started even after 10 years.


I had talked, pleaded, presented my case with the promoters and nothing yielded. I had moved legally and nothing moved. When I moved police the initiative was countered and rendered ineffective. Nothing moved in the last 10 years. I must have atleast done 30 visits to the promoter’s office, another 20 times to my advocate’s office and another 15-20 times to the police. All along this, Swamiji was enquiring what is happening, how it is going, and what am I doing. Many a times, he chided me and goaded me into action.


Having tried all I could do, I was at my wit’s end. I then laid it before Swamiji, saying I don’t know what to do. It was then in last November that Swamiji decided to take my bad investment file and decided to give me the much needed relief.  During one of the November 2011, Swamiji said it is time you get your money back. I still had no clue as to how to move forward.


 In December, my brother in law, an advocate called me saying he had gone to a particular department in Police. ‘Why don’t you reach them up and see if it can work? We might have a way here.’ He pointed me to a department in the Police to meet up. Exactly on Jan 18th, I made a formal complaint with them.


On 28th January pooja, Swamiji, enquired how this is proceeding? I said I have given the complaint but no progress. He said, ‘don’t worry you will get it this time’. Saying so, he signed & gave me a 10 rupee note writing in it “Get back your Money”. On March 8th, less than 2 months of effort, I have got all my money back & in one go.


I have paid all my loan dues and I have become debt free – a really wonderful feeling after the debt being one where in I had no gain. I still think and pinch myself if this is true. How smooth and easy this try had been and how I was able to get my money, while all my earlier efforts have been without any success. How suddenly my Brother-in-law who knew of my case all along got an avenue and was with me all through the process to get my money back? Only Swamiji’s Grace! 


Swamiji, definitely comes to us when we have tried all our avenues and put all our efforts. He surely will guide us if we are to get our due, after all our efforts have failed.




Swamiji, Please allow me to always be under your Guidance & Blessings. Swamiji, Please let me win and be successful in all the trials and tests you put me through. Swamiji, Let me go through my life’s experiences under your tutelage.


JP - Jayaprakash Janardhanan                                                                                                    12th April, 2012


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