Sri Ramajayam

Aanjeneya Swamikku Jai

Vikraman Swamijikku Jai.


With the blessings of Swamiji, once again I am summarising my experience with the assistance of his divine hands.


Part 22




On my family’s return trip to Canada via Kuwait I wanted them to stop over for 7 to 10 days in Kuwait. So I had to get another visit visa for all three. When I went to the authorities they rejected the application straight away. I was puzzled and asked him the reason, he said no reason. I took the papers in my hand and looked up and called for Swamiji’s assistance.


I asked Swamiji what is the problem you have created now. Just finish it and let them give me the visa immediately. I approached a senior officer and explained to him that my family was here and they have gone to Sri Lanka and India return trip they will stay here. Please help me to get the visa. He smiled and said sit outside he called a person and said something. After 10 minutes the senior officer called me in and handed over all 3 visas. Thanked him with disbelief because now I said the problem to Swamiji miracle took place. No need to talk to him I think of Him and say what I want He is there to perform it. As Swamiji says with faith you ask I shall fulfill it.




When my family returned back from Chennai/Colombo trip I had a Thursday bhajan in my house. In the morning I had a cramp, which was unbearable. Prayer to Swamiji only reduced my pain. Best part is when I asked Swamiji to put me to sleep because I cannot bear the pain He put me back to sleep. Wishes to Swamiji turn into act. Swamiji is amazing. I do not know how I ask Swamiji to put me to sleep when I am suffering and He too does it straight away. After hours later when I woke up there was no sign of any trauma. Amazing Swamiji!!.


That night during the bhajan I was happily enjoying singing. While singing Pathinettam padi song at the 2nd step Swamiji shocked me by giving that nasty cramp pull on my right thigh. With the pain I continued singing as usual telling cure me otherwise I cannot give proper aarthi for you, Swamiji’s leela continued till 10th step and at the beginning of 11th step He gave cramp in my left thigh too. I too was determined to overcome Swamiji’s test continued my singing but with continuously requesting Swamiji to relieve pain from both thighs because I did not want to give aarthi by limping. Finally Swamiji ended up the leela with the last line of the 18th step. What medicine can do more than His blessing? By putting the request to Him I have seen all wonder cures. I am sure Swamiji made me to realise the power of prayer.





Swamiji’s testing of patience and tolerance has no end. In spite of the unknown events, for me only clear vision is Swamiji’s shakthi. Returning back to Canada my wife was carrying 6 bags (2 bags per person were allowed) each baggage must weigh less than 32 KGS. In spite of me telling to carry less than 32 KGS in each bag my wife would not listen. At the airport Swamiji made her to feel the pain. At the counter they insisted to my wife only 32 KGS maximum can be carried to open the boxes and take away the excess luggage. Since every bag was overweight my wife pleaded with them to allow carrying because it is a real problem to open the boxes and to repack. Finally I had to repack all 4 baggage’s which were in boxes and took out nearly 11 Kg's of things. Even her hand luggage’s were heavy. I told her do not worry when I come next time to Canada I will bring those. She requested me to repack and after I put the bags all were weighing exactly 32 kg's. Since she was the last person to board she had to rush to board. I lifted the garbage bag in which I put all the excess material removed from boxes. When I carried and found it to be light I looked at my wife. She said just follow me do not talk. When she was entering the immigration I asked her what happened to all those items what I removed from the boxes. She said “I have stuffed everything into our hand luggage’s”.  I am sure her prayer to Swamiji would have been answered and officials got confused did not check the hand luggage’s second time. It was bit tough for us finally what my wife wanted to take was taken by not paying any excess luggage. What Swamiji showed my wife was that boarding the flight is not our smartness but it is Swamiji’s arrangement only?




After my wife took the blessing from Swamiji in India and when I spoke to Swamiji I requested him not to give the GU to my wife, when I go to Chennai pick it up from Swamiji and take it to Canada. After my wife reached Canada and unpacked the bags called me and said very interesting thing. I requested Swamiji not to give GU to my wife. After my call Swamiji handed over my wife the glass box containing the GU.


The reason why I did not want my wife to carry it was previous two occasions I purchased it but unfortunately after the takeoff from Chennai and landing in Colombo GU was in pieces. Since it was such a delicate item this time I wanted to handle with high precision care and take it from Chennai to Kuwait and then later to take it to Canada. What I mentioned as previous time was before I came to know Swamiji. Previously I purchased this item in 1981 and later in 1985. Since it was a costly piece this time I did not want any damage to it.


So when my wife said she has the piece with her,

Self    : Ranji, how did you get that piece?

Ranji  : Swamiji gave it to me.

Self    : Why did not you tell me?

Ranji  : I thought you knew about it.

Self    : No I told Swamiji not to give you.

Ranji  : Anyway the item is here.

Self    : Any damage Ranji.

Ranji  : No

Self    : Not even a small chip

Ranji  : No

Self    : Oh my God

Ranji  : What happened?

Self    : Do you remember the previous two occasions how it did not last one takeoff &


Ranji  : Yes

Self    : This time do you know how many takeoff & landing the piece went through?

Ranji  : How many?

Self    : Chennai to Colombo, Colombo to Kuwait, Kuwait to London, London to Canada

Ranji  : What does that mean?

Self    : It survived 4 takeoffs and 4 landings.

Ranji  : Yeah now I understand

Self    : Ranji last time it did not survive 1 take off & landing. This time 8 touches.

Ranji  : What do you want tell. You do not know how difficult it was for me to take care.

Self    : Try to understand previous 2 times we did not know Swamiji. This time Swamiji    

             blessed and gave and He made sure the piece came to our home in one piece.

             Amazing Swamiji, do not you think so?

Ranji  : Yes.

Self    :  I cannot believe Swamiji’s blessing.


When we wait patiently Swamiji definitely would listen to sincere prayers and resolve the problems. When we cannot reach to tell the problem a true feel reaches Him, wherever                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          He is solution would be showered on the devotee. Surely Swamiji’s presence is a big blessing in our life.


I am really lucky that Swamiji decided to come into my life and be with me.




By now all of you know that when I cannot find the documents I plead to Swamiji and He get the document for me.


I desperately tried to find a document to perform an activity. In a document pile I searched. I pleaded to Swamiji and again searched. I went through the whole set I could not find the document but I found a time related immediately actionable document. I completely forgot about this document and while this search Swamiji found this document for me to action. Next day I executed it immediately.  


As for originally seeking document I repeated my request to Swamiji and said I am sure it must be in this lot only please give it to me. Probably Swamiji played with me to get me the other document. Yes Swamiji found this document in the same pile and I was able to action that too. Honestly when He gets the documents really astonishes me. I do not stop asking Him and He never let me down.


After few days, again I had another document search. This was confidential information I got from my parent company and I had to finalise it for the audit. I kept it carefully but carelessly forgot where I kept it. Since it was getting late I requested Swamiji to get the document to my hand so that I would not waste time. After 5 minutes search I was hot all over my body. I knew would not get the document in my hand without His blessing. When I said to Swamiji “why are you doing this please get it now”, and the very next paper I got was the one what I was searching.


I requested Swamiji to assist, in preparing the financial documents for the auditors and to finish the work with clarity and smooth. I am sure Swamiji did the work in my place. No way could I have such speed and analysis. Every aspect had smooth finalisation. First attempt itself all reviews of all the accountants were finalised so fast and got errors corrected.


It is my wonder that my wonderful Swamiji listen and watch my call of action.




Since it was the peak hour after parking my car I tried to cross the road. It took 10 minutes and no way was I able to cross. Then I prayed to Swamiji and said please allow me to cross peacefully. Immediately both ways traffic vanished I just walked through. Returning back I was thinking of what happened when I crossed few minutes before so I prayed to Swamiji to stop the traffic like before and came to the road. Immediately upon I reached the traffic stopped both ways and I was able to just walk through. How He delayed both sides traffic for me to cross the road made me to laugh off. Swamiji is really amazing.




After morning pooja to give aarthi I could not find sufficient camphor. When I searched in the normal place of stocking it was not there. I had stored the new purchase in my suitcase. All items which were inside the suitcase were removed by my children for them to take the suitcase to Canada. I became very nervous and said, what are You doing Swamiji get me the camphor from where it is otherwise I will get late to go to office.  I do not know how Swamiji did it but I went to a location and took one bag out and when I put my hand in camphor was inside. That moment I cannot explain in words.




This whole week after working late hours still was finding the energy level was increasing instead of diminishing. Swamiji must have been infusing more and more energy for greater performance. All the aspects of protecting and taking care of me I do not know without Him how I would have managed this level of performance. Earlier I use to cry with painful events but now when I cry purely with the joy of realising my Swamiji’s blessings. I never thought in my life I will go through God’s blessing the way Swamiji shower.




I never wanted to dye my hair hence I use to pray to Swamiji to minimize hair turning white. In the middle portion I used to point out and tell Swamiji to make those white hairs to look black. On and off I use to make this request to Swamiji. One fine day I noticed the area what I use to tell Swamiji I could not find any white hair and all were black. I thought it must be some mistake in my vision but I said to Swamiji thank you. One week later one of the Arabic ladies came to me and asked


Lady   : Are you praying to your Swamiji for something.

Self     : Why are you asking me this?

Lady   : First you tell me then I will ask my question 

Self     : I am always praying for Him to do something.

Lady   : Are you praying to Him to do something on your head?

Self     : Why are you asking me this?

Lady   : Did you pray to your Swamiji change your hair colour?

Self     : Why do you think that way?

Lady   : Do not play did you or not?

Self     : Yes I did, over here. (I pointed the exact spot)

Lady   : Exactly, that is the place I had seen white hair before. Today when I noticed no  

             whites are there. Also, I know you do not want to dye your hair. How is this


Self     :You have to ask my Swamiji. When I pray to Him, He knows what to do for me.

Lady   : Really your Swamiji is very powerful.


When I narrated this to a devotee in front of Swamiji devotee asked Swamiji how come Natesan gets these things and not me, Swamiji gave a smile and said I also do not know. Natesan is telling that I am doing. Swamiji never claims that He is doing. He always tells me GOD is listening. He is very moderate but for me Swamiji is powerful all form of GOD.




As Swamiji says to us,






He demonstrated this to me.


Money power worshippers have lots of problem, but divine power worshippers are given what is required and kept happy.


In my case Swamiji is there to take care of me. What I request remains with Swamiji and given when it is really needed by me. For a long time an amount was due from my company. After agreeing to pay it was conveniently ignored by the management. With all the tension in the office what I was going through I just wrote off this amount as not going to be seen by me. Since, I was having a shortfall I requested Swamiji to get that money which was long overdue. I received this amount it was the exact balance what I had to pay for the items which I took possession after one week. What my heart feels Swamiji is there to fulfill it. One request was enough for Swamiji to fulfill it. What comes to me is from Swamiji only.


When I was typing this message to Swamiji I heard a song. Words were “let anything happen around me, what does it matter when you are with me”. I have heard this portion of the song several times, unlike other days today I felt and understood the meaning more deeply. True to the words Swamiji gave it at the right moment when I was feeling about Him. At times I tell my wife difference of devotion. Now I fully realize the confrontational devotion and surrendered devotion. Swamiji is definitely a divine power. I never thought or dreamt I will have such divine in my life.




My wife was highly worried about her father’s health. I know Swamiji only can do something. Regarding my Father in law (FIL) I know only Swamiji knows what I have in my heart. I was praying to Swamiji to let me take care of FIL for some time. My FIL has replaced the place of my father. I felt that I did not do much for my father. I did not enjoy my father’s last few years. When he passed away I did not feel it much till I became a father. Now I feel the sacrifices my father made to keep us happy. I wanted Swamiji to save my FIL for me and give me an opportunity to look after him. Swamiji knew how much my wife cares for her father so I pleaded with Swamiji to take care of her father. I left my FIL to Swamiji’s divine power.


After 2 days Swamiji made my FIL to recover fast. When Swamiji is there who else I need to communicate about my worry. With Swamiji’s blessings tensed up situations were easily made into calmer situations. My FIL never shows his belief in God to anyone. First time I heard from him that God will take care of me.

I requested Swamiji to keep my FIL healthy for me to take care of him. Swamiji will make me happy to serve my father in law.




October 8th 2004 night once again my famous tooth was developing with pain. Even though Swamiji was not physically accessible to give any new instruction, as I did last time, I requested Him to take care of the pain. Next day morning too pain was there I knew Swamiji must be testing my will power. Why should I doubt Swamiji’s protection so I left the pain to Him? After that pain eased off. Since this tooth is under Swamiji’s vision I cannot do anything without His instruction. So I pleaded with Him not to give any more pain. First time wisdom tooth pain started off in April 2001 (written in part 4), since Swamiji asked me to leave the tooth as it is  I did not want to go to any doctor to show that tooth hence I always leave it to my super doctor Swamiji.




Swamiji is the one who makes the happening in my life in nano-seconds. Swamiji already said I can speak everything in office but without uttering the two words resignation or termination. One day I put a message of frantic search for Swamiji and next day it ended. As Swamiji says for everything there is right time. Can anything be achieved by me without Swamiji’s blessing? No way. Also, I do not want anything without Swamiji’s blessing.


Swamiji knows the past, present and future of everyone. Few activities what I did in the past & when I regret, I felt that Swamiji do not even consider that as a sin and forgives us. Present when we do the activities and realise Swamiji is watching then where is the question of knowingly doing wrong activities. In spite of knowing Swamiji is watching can we think of wrong path. I have definitely understood future is definitely planned to enjoy with Swamiji’s blessing, which brings joy in our life. Due to Swamiji entered into my life No fear, No tear in my life. I do not know anything about religions nor read extensive religious material but I have heard some stories that how various forms of God fulfilled the wishes of bakthas. Now for me Swamiji is all forms of GOD. When I pray to Swamiji I get the feel that He showers what I need. In return what Swamiji expect is sincerity, trust, belief, faith, patience. I feel oneness in Swamiji’s form.


Before I used to ask God please do what I need and till it happened I did not know when it would happen, nor will it happen. With heavy heart I used to ask please do not disappoint me. I think God got tired of my pleas and came in Swamiji’s form. Now I feel happy that God has come in Swamiji’s form and do what I wish. When I have problem my God Swamiji assures and shower blessing. When Swamiji assures me I get such a confidence that activity will take place. After that assurance what is there to worry of, or is it to be regretted why it is not happening. When the right time come Swamiji will shower it on me. When Swamiji is there can any bad thing come my way? When Swamiji is there how can I feel in the negative way? All the worry in my life got terminated the moment Swamiji told in Jan’98 “when I am there why you are worried, you leave everything to me and relax.” In this world who would give such an assurance the way Swamiji gave. My whole life is surrendered to Swamiji. At times when He test my patience, I used to wonder when I have left myself to Swamiji, why this testing. When Swamiji told me not to worry whom am I to worry. Which wish can take place without Swamiji’s blessing? My joy honestly only Swamiji could feel. Swamiji’s Arthanareeswarar form is my joy. Next joy is my family. As Swamiji mentions we are all mere actors in this world. Let us do our role correctly. I leave everything to Swamiji’s direction because this actor can be perfected by a super director like Him only.




I was to perform Navarathri pooja so before getting into shower I looked at Swamiji’s photo and said come and perform the complete pooja for me. Since I was alone, who else could guide me the way it was supposed to be done. After bath and came out and put on the lights in the hall out of 4 only 3 came on. I looked at Swamiji and asked “what did you do now, please bring that light back”. As usual with His remote control He made the bulb to glow. I asked Him “looks like you have already come and waiting for me”. Then I put the CD of Amman songs and came to the shrine room and cleaned up the place, took Navarathri songbook and tried to see Amman ashtotram and moment I got the page, from the CD ashtotram started. I am writing all this to say when Swamiji says I am with you do not doubt whether He is with us. He is omnipresent so He is really with us. These incidents showed me that I am not alone Swamiji is always with me. When I need Him, He is there.


I prepared the prasad on the first day of Navarathri. As that day was Thursday I was to attend our bhajan too. I had to rush up everything. I washed off the apples to take for bhajans (same quantity is taken for each bhajan attendance). This time an additional apple was bought for Navarathri. I was unhappy to see one of the apples was slightly spoilt. My mind ran with options as not to take a spoilt apple for the bhajan but to keep it in my pooja and for me to eat after. Since it was not proper to offer a spoilt fruit to God decided not to do that. Second option was to leave good one for my pooja and take the spoilt one for bhajan, and felt the person who will get it would feel that they got a spoilt one, so this option also was dropped. Then I said to Swamiji I would take all good apples to bhajan and when I return I will buy an apple and offer that in the house. Since I was getting late for bhajan I left the prasad in the shrine room and rushed for bhajan and wanted to perform the house pooja after I return. 


Bhajan went off well and when I did the aarthi I witnessed the unbelievable. I saw two apples were offered in front of Swamiji and one moved and went towards Him and stayed near His feet. Offered the aarthi to devotees and right through my mind was thinking, at least this apple would have been left in front of Swamiji at the 14th step and it stood there till 18th step and continued till children and men showed the aarthi and as I was the last one to show why did you make it to roll and come towards you. What is the message you are passing onto me. After everyone did the namaskaram Sarada gave the bag of apples and requested me to distribute it. Last fruit I held for some time and was wondering is this fruit for me and then saw one devotee who did not get and I gave that out. I did not have any apples for me. Then I walked towards Swamiji with questions running what to do. Next moment I went to Sarada and narrated how the apple moved and whether I could get it. Sarada generously said take it. After we had the prasad before leaving I was feeling bad to ask again and thought of buying one from the shop. Since Swamiji was watching everything He made sure that Sarada remembered and gave that apple to me. Since Swamiji is my all forms of GOD He brought one back with Him and made that to be offered back.


10th day of pooja Swamiji’s special blessing was to finish off the gas during the beginning of making prasad. At that time due to Ramadan fasting all the shops was closed. I managed to get the cylinder from my friend Logan and finished off the prasad. My mind was bit disturbed thinking my Swamiji did not like something, that is the reason he finished off the gas. Later I realised previous day I was thinking that if my gas finishes tomorrow what should I do. Even the smallest wish Swamiji fulfills. I was not happy at that moment since it was my fault to think negative happening.


Last 10 days I made prasad along with a sweet prasad too. After the prayer happily I ate all. After the 10th day I went for my blood test for diabetic. Since I ate starch and sweet items before going to the clinic I requested Swamiji to bring down the result compared to last time or keep the same. I did not eat these items as food of course I only ate as prasad so do not increase the level and make me to worry. Last result was 9.4 but this time it came down to 8.1. I was so happy because Swamiji listen to me and brought down the result. Next to me another patient sat and complained to me his result is 8.1 but previously it was 6.5. Reason for the increase was for the past 10 days he was in Mecca on a pilgrimage and ate sweet and dates. I was thinking that past 10 days I too did the same thing of eating sweet and dates but my result has gone down instead of going up like this man. I came to the conclusion that I have Swamiji to take care and this man did not have Him. When I pray to Swamiji what a way He showed me His blessing on my health. Even though Swamiji is far away but He is so near to me. I am really lucky to have Swamiji in my life with that what a relief in my life. One devotee after listening how I made a particular prasad said it is time consuming that they will not do it that way. I said of course it is time consuming but when I give my time to God and do things properly my God gives all his time to me. It is clear evident that Swamiji perform my wishes. He is my God.


One day a person spoke to me about meditation. He told me we should not ask God anything instead we should meditate and face the life by our self. My simple reply was that why should I waste time on meditation. When my Swamiji is readily waiting for me to ask him to perform what I want, I would prefer communicating with Swamiji than meditation.  


There is no need for me to doubt how to do the activities. When I pray to my Swamiji' is there to perform it the best way. I used to live my life by saying ELLAM AVAN SEYAL ( All God’s performance). Truly Swamiji is showing everything to me the best way everything will happen to me. 

I am very lucky to get all the protection from my Swamiji.

Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.


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