Vikraman swami ki jai

By the grace of swami every day in every way Swami is protecting us, giving guidelines , tackling all our problems which we canít explain.

If a person has full faith in Swamiji, and if he were to be sincere and hardworking and does not wait for results then Swamiji would take care of him.

Swamiji gives us the way, and we have to go through that way without any doubt or deviation.

In this kale yuga only swami is there to protect all of us. Four years back swami told us that he will go to U.S.A and other places in the world which came true. One devotee of swami who is now in states got the blessing some months back from U.A.E  that he will meet Swamiji in U.S.A . One Mr.Chandrasekhar from sharjah got another type of blessing. He got one packet of vibuthi and one photo from his car. He doesnít know where and how it came from. He is facing a lot of problems which swami is solving .

Myself and family and our staff totally surrender to him . Since we met swami 7 years back we totally believe in swami only and we do not care about any thing else.

One thing that I would want to inform all is that when we have our own god , that is swami  there is no need to go any where else and more over if you want to know some thing without even asking then swami would give it to us. What swami teaches is "God appears in various forms and names ., one  may worship Him in any form".
There are lots of gurus and gods. But as we all know we cannot approach (like telephoning or having darshan) to gurus and gods as we get to do with swami.

Vikraman swamy ki jai.


K. Ravindran
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