Sri Ramajayam

Aanjeneya Swamikku Jai

Vikraman Swamijikku Jai.


With the blessings of Swamiji, once again I am summarising my experience with the assistance of his divine hands.


Part 25




One day when I called Swamiji after talking to me suddenly He said,


Swamiji: I want to come to Kuwait.

Self       : I have your passport copy Swamiji shall I apply tomorrow.

Swamiji: This time Amma is also coming with me.

Self       : Oh! Swamiji I do not have amma’s passport copy with me.

Swamiji: Yes, I know.

Self       : Can it be faxed Swamiji.

Swamiji: Yes I am going out now I will fax it to you.

Self       : Swamiji, I will give you the fax number, I will inform the fax operator.

Swamiji: Ok

Self       : After I get it to my hand I shall call and inform You.

Swamiji: Ok Natesan Jai Sree Ram

Self       : Jai Sree Ram Swamiji.


After few hours my office fax operator brought and gave me the fax copy of Amma.

I informed Swamiji and gave the copies for visa application.


After I received the visas I called Swamiji and faxed the visa copies to the number He gave me. After few days He called me and said we are coming tomorrow meet us at the airport. Once I come I will let you know the plan, now just you come to the airport tomorrow. Understood the message so next day went to the airport. I saw both Swamiji and Amma coming out of the immigration. This is the first time I saw both of them coming out together. What a sight.        


Self       : Sri Ramajayam Swamiji and Amma.

Swamiji & Amma: Jai Sree Ram

Self       : How was the trip Amma? (I know for Swamiji this distance is nothing)

Amma   : Ok Nates.

Self       : I am very happy to see both of You together.

Swamiji: Where are we going?

Self       : Where ever You both want to go. (Knowing last time what a show Swamiji  

                showed me)

Swamiji: We go to this place and have something and then we will proceed to Your

                 house then I will tell You where to go.

Self       : Ok Swamiji.


After we did what Swamiji wanted proceeded to the house. We all entered the house. After May 2000 visit again in year 2005 only Amma came to Kuwait. In 2000 was the first visit to my house and spent one day by cooking and eating. (My exp part 2)    


Swamiji: I need a tea.

Self       : Amma shall I prepare.

Amma   : I know what to do, You talk to Swamiji. I will prepare tea.  


Swamiji was talking to me. Amma came with tea and gave it to Swamiji.


Swamiji: For Natesan?

Amma   : Oh! My son only drinks milk. 

Self       : Amma no problem I will drink tea.

Amma   : Oh! Your tea no milk no sugar black tea. What is the point of drinking that? I will get

                milk for you.


At that time I felt, Parvathi Devi only is in front of me.


I do not know how many of you know saint Thirugnanasampanthar (TS). He is one of the 63 nayanmars (saints in Hinduisum). When I was a small boy I read his story. For those who do not know the story I am narrating it for them.


When TS was a child his father took him to the pond of the temple kept him there and went to take a dip. When father was taking dip TS felt hungry and was crying. Father could not hear TS’s crying. TS looked at the temple and cried. Finally mother Parvathi came and gave TS milk. Once TS had the milk he was smiling and playing. When father saw TS with milky mouth he got very angry. He asked TS who gave you the milk. TS pointed out his finger towards the temple. Father got irritated and started to beat him up. Finally Shiva and Parvathi appeared and blessed them.


When I read this story I use to wonder how come both deities appeared and gave milk to TS. I used to wonder will I not get milk from Mother Parvathi.      


When Amma brought and gave me the milk I really felt Mother Parvathi only is standing in front of me. What they walked out of the airport I wrote about the divine appearance as a sight. Yes I saw God Shiva and Goddess Parvathi walking in Swamiji and Amma’s form.


Swamiji: Natesan what happened to you?

Self       : Swamiji You know what I feel. I do not have words Swamiji.


After we finished drinking I was looking at them. Swamiji know the ignorant is waiting for the next move. So continued his drama,


Swamiji: What are you thinking?

Self       :  Swamiji, You must tell what is the next plan. If you want I can take to the

                devotee’s house or if you have other plan I can do that also.

Swamiji: Oh! You have to go to work right.

Self       : Yes Swamiji.

Swamiji: You proceed to work.

Amma   : We are going to stay in your house only.

Self       : Oh! My God.

Swamiji: What happened?

Self       :  Oh! Swamiji I never even dreamt that both of You are going to stay in my


Amma   : What time will you come back for lunch?

Self       : Amma, when my wife come also I do not come home for lunch.

Amma   : That is your wife, I am your Amma.

Self       : Amma the time is already 11.30 closer to lunch. 

Amma   : Never mind I will start after you go. When lunch is ready I will call you.

Self       : Ok amma.

Amma   : Till we go everyday You should come for lunch.

Self       : Ok Amma.

Amma   : Do you have all the utensils and cooking items.

Self       : Amma my wife was living here and I am cooking my food.

Amma   : Ok. Do you want to see what I brought for you.

Self       : What Amma.

Amma   : See this. (Amma opened one of the bags)

Self       : Oh! My God. (My eye started to slightly tear)

Swamiji: What Happened?

Self       : Swamiji only my mother cooked green brinjal for me. After her death in 1995 I

                never ate that green brinjal. (I was wondering how Amma brought this

                particular vegetable for me)

Swamiji: Ok you go and come faster for lunch.

Self       : Ok Swamiji and Amma. I am leaving now when the food is ready call me, I will

                come back. 


I took pranams from both of them and left to office. By 1.30 pm my phone was ringing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


Self       : Swamiji I am leaving in 5 minutes.

Swamiji: Ok come fast we are hungry.

Self       : Ok Swamiji.


After 10 minutes phone rang.


Swamiji: Natesan where are you.

Self       : Oh! Swamiji 5 minutes I will be there.


After 5 minutes phone rang.


Swamiji: Natesan where are you.

Self       : Oh! Swamiji I am getting off from the car. In a minute I will be there.

Swamiji: Ok.


I saw a new dimension of love from my God. Does not he know what I am doing? Is He playing with me? Walked into the house and took pranams from both of them.


Amma   : I am very hungry so I ate. Now come and sit with Swamiji and eat.

Self       : Ok amma.


Amma served more of that green brinjal vegetable. It was like my mother’s dish. After I finished eating when I wanted to get up Amma came closer to me.


Amma   : Leave your plate and go and wash your hand.

Self       : No way Amma, I do not even leave for my mother or wife.

Amma   : For this Amma you would leave your plate.

Self       : Amma for that reason I am not going to leave. In my heart You and Swamiji

                are in such a height no way I will allow this.

Amma   : Go and wash your hand. (She pushed me out)


Swamiji and me washed our hands and came back. I was shaking my head in disbelief.


Amma   : What is the problem?

Self       : Amma I do not like this. Swamiji what is this drama? You know I do not like



Swamiji: Then last month in the shrine room why did you cry for your mother?

Self       : Oh! My God, Swamiji do not tell me You both were listening and watching 


Swamiji: Yes, now enjoy amma.

Self       : I cannot believe this Swamiji.


I fell at their feet and was crying. What a blessing. I am right Swamiji and Amma are for me none other than Parvathi and Parameshwar. From that moment both of them became as one form of GOD Arthanareeswarar for me. Yes, divine force Shiva and divine force Parvathi appeared for me as the most powerful force Arthanareeswarar.


I took the blessing of both of them and left to work requesting them to rest. While driving in ecstasy I was crying. After my mother’s death when they were taking the body I asked Lord Shiva to do something for my mother. I am sure that would have triggered both Swamiji and Amma came to take care of me. This may be one of the reason Swamiji requested me to watch one particular movie. 


Now let me write on that day what took place in the pooja room.

When I was praying to all deities all of a sudden I thought of my parents and then asked Swamiji “why did you take my parents away from me. If they are living now how I would have taken care of them”. I was crying over and over finally I overcame my sorrow by saying what can I do now. Here now both of them have appeared and telling me what happened in the shrine room. That means they do not merely watch and listen but they are interacting with us.

Now I see Amman in my Amma’s form.

We are very lucky.


A peaceful pooja was going on and Swamiji would have decided to make everyone to realize how he knows every tiny detail of the devotees whether regular or first time visitor. Swamiji was asking one lady about her married life. Ironically, the lady is from Sri Lanka and spoke Sinhalese language because of this Swamiji asked me to translate the conversation between Swamiji and that lady. That was her first visit so I too did not know anything about her. She was sitting right behind me onto my right side.

Swamiji: Where is your husband?
Lady     : In Sri Lanka.
Swamiji: How long you are without your husband?
Lady     : More than 5 years.
Swamiji: Do you want to bring him here?
Lady     : No.
Swamiji: Why not?
Lady     : He is not mentally sound.
Swamiji: Do you want to go back
Lady     : No
Swamiji: What do you want to do?
Lady     : I want him to write his wealth.
Swamiji: Why do you want that?
Lady     : I want my daughter to get his wealth.
Swamiji: How old is your daughter?
Lady     : (I think the devotee mentioned as nine years)
Swamiji: Why do not you go back and live with him.
Lady     : No I do not want to go back to him.
Swamiji: Why not is he a bad father?
Lady     : No he is good to my daughter.
Swamiji: Then he is ok, why do not you go back and take care of your child.
Lady     : No I do not want to go back.

At this moment I stopped and asked,

Self       : Swamiji it looks like this story is turning somewhere. Swamiji, I am bit shy to

                ask her.
Swamiji: Natesan, you continue translating.
Self       : Ok Swamiji.
Swamiji: If he is good to your daughter he will be good to you, you go back.
Lady     : I do not want to go back to him but I want him to write the house to my         

Swamiji: What do you want to do with him?
Lady     : I want to divorce him
Swamiji: Why?
Lady     : He is mad.
Swamiji: After that you want to marry somebody.
Lady     : No
Swamiji: You have somebody here
Self       : Swamiji, I cannot translate I am feeling really shy to ask her.

Swamiji smiled.

Swamiji: You will have fun keep going Natesan.
Swamiji: Do you have somebody here.
Lady     : No
Swamiji: Are you sure
Self       : (I told the lady) You do not know who is sitting over here and talking to you.

                 He knows everything you tell the truth now.
Swamiji: What did you tell her?
Self       : I explained her about you and said to her to tell the truth.
Swamiji: Ask her.
Self       : Lady tell, whether there is someone in your life.
Lady     : Yes.
Swamiji: You do not want your husband because he is mad but his money is good eh! I

                think you are mad not that man.
Self       : Swamiji, I felt probably the story is going to end this way.
Swamiji: That poor man is waiting for you to return and you are greedy to grab his

                money. You leave him.
Self       : (I told that lady) what a way you tried to cheat my Swamiji.
Swamiji: Natesan what now?
Self       : Swamiji, I cannot believe that this lady tried to cheat you.
Swamiji: You know who is the man?
Self       : No Swamiji I do not know her at all. So how do I know who is he?
Swamiji: He is sitting right behind you.
Self       : Oh! my god Swamiji.

I turned and looked at that man.

Self       : Are not both of you ashamed to be like this? I cannot believe how you both 

                decided to come to Swamiji.
Swamiji: Natesan, what is it? (He was with a broad smile)
Self       : Swamiji, half way through I felt that something like this will happen but I 

                never thought that the man will sit right behind me. I am really shy now to 

                even look at them.


Swamiji showed us that in life all these things take place and how people could deceive and he know how to bring the truth out.

After that Swamiji continued talking with other devotees and it took sometime for me to overcome this court session.


After two days of pooja Swamiji very casually said to me that “this year I want to celebrate my birthday in Kuwait”. I was overwhelmed with joy. I could not believe my eyes. Next pooja when I told the devotees they too were joyful. Swamiji wanted everyone together and united to do the function. 

I was enjoying my divine parents with some pooja tensions here and there. When the date was approaching, devotees were asking me about the arrangement. I always wait for Swamiji to tell hence I said to the devotees wait for some more time. Drama takes place on and off I was not sure what to do. I could not even ask Swamiji. In the meantime I asked a devotee to check the hall availability. Only this we found and were waiting. Just three days before the function I could not wait I approached Swamiji and asked


Self       : Swamiji are you going to celebrate your birthday in Kuwait”.                            Swamiji: Yes                                                                Self       : Swamiji I am going to start the arrangements later do not tell anything                 


Swamiji: OK.


I was bit worried because that was the first time Swamiji wanted to celebrate his birthday in Kuwait. All of a sudden if He decides to change His mind and go to some other country then what to do. Now He confirmed that He is going to stay in Kuwait.


I called few devotees and assigned the work to them and asked them to accomplish it and give me a feedback. All those who were assigned next day confirmed successful completion of their job. 


Swamiji: Natesan, what happened?

Self       : All done Swamiji. Hall also booked. Except decoration that will be done on

                the day of the celebration. 

Swamiji: Very fast Natesan.

Self       : When You are there everything is ok. All planning was done only execution

                was remaining. With your confirmation that also has been done.

Swamiji: Ok Natesan.


Day of the birthday being Sunday and it was a working day we did our jobs and then evening we were to gather in the hall. Swamiji asked me to comeback from work and stay back and relax. I was little bit nervous and my mind was restless about the hall. I said to Amma since Swamiji is sleeping I shall go to the hall that I will be back soon and drove to the hall. When I saw the seating I was not happy. It was done in a different way. I was so shocked and worried. I did not know whether Swamiji would like it. God knows my worry. My phone rang it was Swamiji.


Swamiji: Natesan where are you?

Self       : I am in the hall Swamiji. You were sleeping that is why I came to check the

                hall. I want ask you whether the seating is ok. It is a different formation.

                Looks nice and people can comfortably see the stage. Only thing I do not want

                You to be unhappy. Can You please tell me whether it is ok.

Swamiji: Yes, it is ok. Now you come. We have to go.

Self       :  I am leaving now. I shall be there in 20 to 25 minutes. You dress up Swamiji.


We had a nice pooja with devotees narrating experiences. Learnt lot of lessons from this pooja.


Normally, I used to grow my nail for some of my domestic work performance. There was a small problem in the hall performance. Swamiji, requested me to cut the particular knot but I was not willing to do that. It might have spoilt the usage of it again. I put my nail to use and solved it and Swamiji was very happy. Later He was narrating it to Amma and the joy on his face I was so happy to think every part of my physique is able to perform. After that day when my wife tells to cut my nails I mention what happened and few nails I just leave. After all, our comfort is more important. 


By doing this function I learnt a lot specially to be calmly conduct activities.




One day Swamiji was with me in Kuwait and he was sleeping.


Wife: Can I talk to Swamiji?

Self  : Swamiji is sleeping now He cannot be disturbed now.

Wife: Can you please ask Swamiji to get the house for me.

Self  : What house?

Wife: I have sent a house picture with the details can you please ask Swamiji to see 

          and confirm to purchase this house.

Self  : Ok when He gets up I shall talk to Him.

Wife: Please tell Him and get this house for me.

Self  : I shall tell Him. What He says I would relay it to you.

Wife: OK


Swamiji woke up and came to my room.


Swamiji: Natesan did you talk to your wife?

Self       : Yes Swamiji she called now.

Swamiji: What did she tell you?

Self       : Swamiji she has sent some pictures of a house and she wanted me to show it to


Swamiji: Ok show me.

Self       : Ok Swamiji.


Swamiji saw the house closed his eyelids and was rolling his eyes. Opened his eyelid 


Swamiji: Natesan this not the house.

Self       : Ok Swamiji.

Swamiji: I shall arrange a nicer house for you.

Self       : Ok Swamiji.

Swamiji: Inform Ranji.

Self       : Ok Swamiji.


Rang up my wife.


Self  : Hello

Wife: Did you show the house to Swamiji?

Self  : Yes, He said this is not the house and He would get a nicer house.

Wife: With greatest difficulty I found this house can you ask Swamiji again?

Self  : No.

Wife: Give the phone to swamiji.

Self  : No

Wife: Give the phone I can ask Swamiji.

Self  : He already told this is not the house then why do you want to talk to him about

           this house.

Wife: You just give the phone to Swamiji.

Self  : No. If Swamiji says one time just listen. No means no. Bye Ranji.

Wife: I just do not understand you.

Self  : Do not try to understand. It is Swamiji’s word. Try to understand that.

Wife: Ok Bye.

Self  : Bye


When  Swamiji says we have to just follow there is no second thought for him about a decided activity.

I am very lucky to get all the protection from my Swamiji.

Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.


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