Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji!

Jai Sri Hanuman!

Jai Sri Ram!

With the Blessings of Sri Vikraman Swamiji, I have experienced many many Miracles over the past six years. Swamiji lifts us both materially and spiritually to Divine heights through His Blessings and Words. Being in Swamiji’s presence is a unique experience, which fills us with Joy, Happiness and Bliss. Just by looking at Swamiji, our heart is filled with happiness and joy; and we feel the magnetic force which draws us all towards Him. Swamiji says that taking care of our family members, children, and parents is itself God’s Puja. Swamiji says that there is no need to go to the Himalayas and sit in meditation; but we have to realize God living and working in this world/Samsara.Swamiji Blesses us with all the four objectives of Human life-Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. Swamiji demonstrates God’s Presence, by answering all our Prayers, and fulfilling our wishes.

1.      Vehicle Problem: My wife Ananthapriya was on her way back home one night from a place called Salmiya in Kuwait, and she had to drop off her friend enroute.It so happened that there was road construction works going on along the road, and her vehicle’s front tire got stuck in the excavated earth, as she could not see the mound of earth in the dark. She tried all means to pull off her vehicle’s tire from the mud, but could not. And then her friend’s husband also came and tried to solve the problem but in vain. She almost spent about 45 minutes in the dark to take out her car from the mud, and then she called me from her mobile phone to explain the problem. I got worried, and prayed to Swamiji to solve the problem. Shortly an Arabic man came in his vannette and volunteered to help my wife. He took out the jack from her car and helped to push the car wheels out of the mud, and went away. My wife came back home safely. I felt as though Swamiji Himself came in the form of that Arabic man and helped my wife to overcome the problem.Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji.

2.      My Train reservations: In 2012, I had to travel from Kerala to Bangalore by Train. My ticket was waitlisted and I boarded the train, since it was important for me to travel to Bangalore on that day. After an hour the TC (Ticket controller) came to me and asked for my ticket, and I informed him that my ticket was waitlisted. He got angry with me and asked me to get out of the train as I was not supposed to travel with a waitlisted ticket, and I got extremely worried. I prayed to Swamiji for help and Blessings. Meanwhile I requested the help of co-passengers. They agreed to share their seat/berth with me, till I got my own berth confirmed.Enroute, at Coimbatore station a new TC took charge of our railway compartment and I went and met him and placed my request for berth. He asked me to wait for some time, till he checked the availability of seats/berths. After 30 minutes, he came back to me and asked me to choose from three berths which were empty/available, and I selected the one which was most convenient to me. Such is the Miraculous Blessings of Swamiji.A Prayer to Swamiji turns an issue into an asset.

3.      Shirdi Sai Baba Temple: During my visit to India, I could not visit Sai Baba Temple either in Bangalore, Hyderabad or Pune through which I travelled. I was having a feeling of despair about this. When I reached Mumbai, I informed my uncle and aunt that I would like to visit a Sai Baba Temple near their house. My aunt told me that there is no nearby Sai Baba Temple, but there is an Idol of Sai Baba in a garden nearby, which I could visit if I wanted. I took bath and proceeded with my cousin to the garden. It was evening time, and they were about to close the gate to the garden. There inside the garden, I could see a Sai Baba Idol inside an open mandap placed on a raised platform. I started doing Pradakshina around the Idol, and after a few minutes a boy came there in a brown dress, and started doing Harathi to the idol. He started chanting Mantras and saluting the Idol many many times; I was amazed at the way he was worshipping Sai Baba with all Bhakthi, zeal and enthusiasm. When I closely noticed his face, it resembled the face of the Sai Baba Idol around which I was circumbulating. I did not believe myself at first instance, and I gazed at his face from different angles, but I found that his face exactly tallied with the Sai Baba Idol.

4.    My elder son’s studies: We were concerned with the studies of our elder son, but Swamiji had told us not to worry about him, and that He will take care of his education. As parents, initially we were getting mentally disturbed over his attitude towards studies and his performance in the examinations, but later on we left things to Swamiji’s Blessings. True to Swamiji’s words, he scored very good marks in the SAT-I (88%) and TOEFL examinations (97%), which we never expected. Swamiji said that he would study in USA or Canada for his graduation in Computer Sciences engineering. Swamiji also mentioned that he would travel to different countries and train people on the usage of new software. Thanks and Glory to Sri Vikraman Swamiji.

5.   My new Boss in new Company: One day I was speaking to Swamiji over phone and Swamiji asked me “Is your Boss happy with you”. I replied that my boss liked me with Swamiji’s Blessings. Swamiji said “Not only this boss, but all your future bosses would be happy with you”. I was surprised and shocked for a moment. That is the compassion and love of our beloved Swamiji.He gives us more than what we can ask for. After a couple of days my Lady Boss called me in the morning and told me “Sameer, I am very happy with your performance”  and I knew that it was Swamiji who was speaking through my boss.In the next Puja Swamiji said “Sameer’s old boss is so attached with Sameer, and he takes Sameer’s advice for all important matters”. I feel it is all the Grace and Blessings of our Swamiji that we get so much of appreciation and motivation from our colleagues and bosses. Recently one my seniors remarked “Sameer, out of all the people here, I trust only you. There is something special in you”. And I knew, it was the presence of Swamiji that made all the difference .Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji! 



-Sameer M Vaidya & Ananthapriya (Kuwait)


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