Siva Gowry Arooran - Kuwait, Part-IV


Dear devotees of living God Shri Vikraman Swamiji, with the blessing and permission of our Swamiji, I am sharing the experience and miracles, Swamiji showered on us.


There are no words to express the greatness, kindness, love & affection of our great Swamiji. Swamiji is protecting and looking after all his beloved devotees each and every quarter of a second and arranging everything for their comfortable and peaceful life in the world.


My Husband transfer offer to Abu Dhabi (Year 2008)


In the end of year 2008 my husband got an offer from his company, if he wishes he can be transferred to Abu Dhabi branch.


We were excited and happy to hear that news, because we do not like the living style of Kuwait and were earnestly waiting for Swamiji’s blessing to shift to another country for better life. When the company offered him the opportunity to shift to Abu Dhabi we were very happy. The main reasons were the better living style and the wonderful bajans with Swamiji’s dance and songs. Also, in Abu Dhabi, company will provide housing allowance over and above the gross salary received in Kuwait. Housing is the most expensive in the gulf countries, which is almost 20 - 25% of the monthly income. We were thinking once we move to Abu Dhabi we can save the house rent which we were spending in Kuwait.


As we have left everything to our Satguru, we called Swamiji to get his blessing, permission and guidance in this regard.


Gowry: Jai Sree Ram, Swamiji, Gowry from Kuwait.


Swamiji: Jai Sree Ram, How are you Gowry? How is Arooran?


Gowry: Shree Rama Jayam Swamiji, Arooran wants to talk to you?


Swamiji: Jai Sree Ram Arooran, How are you? How is your Work?


Arooran: Shree Rama Jayam Swamiji, company offered me a transfer to Abu Dhabi we want your blessing and permission  


Swamiji: “No. wait in Kuwait until time comesJai Sree Ram.


Arooran: OK, Swamiji


Swamiji: Jai Sree Ram.


Arooran: Jai Sree Ram, Swamiji.


We were upset why Swamiji told us not to go, where we can have a better life with more opportunities and some savings from the house rent spend in Kuwait. The most important was his company policy was to shift the entire company operation to Abu Dhabi by year of 2012.


But for us Swamiji’s words are the ultimate. My husband informed his manager that, he is not willing to shift to Abu Dhabi.


My husband colleagues who shifted to Abu Dhabi were very happy with the life style over there and were able to save more as the housing rents started coming down in the years of 2009.


In the end of year 2011, company year 2008 decision of shifting the entire operation from Kuwait to Abu Dhabi was reversed and the Abu Dhabi operation was close down. This was a 180° reversal in their business forecast and their future expansion plans. Resulting in termination of excess staff and transfer needed staffs back to Kuwait. We could not even imagine what will be our situation if we were in Abu Dhabi. Losing the job during the entire world is experiencing the recession and searching for another job in an unexpected time will be not an easy task.


Only in the end of year 2011, we realised why Swamiji told us in year 2008 not to shift to Abu Dhabi.


If we were not under the divine umbrella of Swamiji’s,  we would have taken the wrong decision and shifted UAE and would be in trouble water. Because of Swamiji we were safe and happy in Kuwait and we got our Swamiji blessed daughter.


Thank you very much Swamiji for the kindness, love, affection & protection you are showering on us.


Surprised Promotion and Salary Increment (Year 2011)


My husband was praying to Swamiji to give a break in his career, because his company was not giving any increment for the past three years (2008 - 2011) and the situation in his department was not healthy and very rare/no possibility of getting any promotion.


On 11th February 2011 Bajan, we gave Sahana’s Birthday invitation for Swamiji’s blessing, while blessing Swamiji told to my husband “after 18th February 2011 there will be a change in your career”. Sahana’s birthday was planned to be celebrated on 18th February 2011.


February 18th passed and we anxiously waited for Swamiji’s blessing comes true. Nothing happened February passed, and months were passing and we were wondering and worried why no change in the career? Whether we made any mistakes?  To our small knowledge we could not find any reason and finally we thought may Swamiji want us to wait to give a big break in the career or want us to test whether we have the patient to wait.


We waited patiently knowing whatever Swamiji say is the final and whatever Swamiji decided for us will be for us. On 8th May 2011 my husband received an email from the HR department stating as “your Increment and/or Promotion Administrative Order as approved by the Company Management” which stated he was promoted as Senior Engineer with increment and change in his Benefit band from F to E with effect from 1st of February 2011.


On 11 February 2011 Swamiji blessed there will be change in his career after 18th February 2011 and he got his promotion on 8th May 2011 with effect from 1st February 2011. Company management was reducing the staffs in the month of January to April and not in the position to give any increments or promotions its staffs. But our Swamiji made them to give promotion and increment and as he mentioned in the bajan effect from February 2011.


As I know none of the company gives promotion / increment back dated 3 / 4 months at the most they give 1 month back dated. Only our Swamiji can do all these wonders and miracles for his devotees.


There are no words to say the greatness of my Swamiji and his miracles.


If you surrender to the God and left everything to him, he will take care of you and guide you in the correct path for your happy and peaceful life.


Swamiji we surrender at your lotus feet and left everything to you, you are the ultimate. Please show more and more miracles and guide us in the correct path.


Swamiji saranam

Swamiji saranam

Swamiji saranam


Shri Vikraman Swamiji saranam

Nanga Nallur vasan saranam


Sivagowry Arooran - Kuwait.

07 July 2012

End of part 04


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