Siva Gowry Arooran - Kuwait, Part-V

Dear devotees of living God Shri Vikraman Swamiji, with the blessing and permission of our Swamiji, I writing some more experience and miracles, Swamiji showered on us.

There are no words in the world to express the greatness, love and affection Swamiji shower on his devotees all over the world. Swamiji is showering with his miracles and blessing on his devotees each and every milli-second and keeping all his devotees under his divine protection and blessing.  It is a wonderful and joyful moment while experiencing the miracles of Swamiji.

In this narrative I am trying to explain how Swamiji change the rule and regulation of Sri Lankan government Immigration authority.

Sri Lankan Citizenship & Passport for Sahana

In February 2010 Arooran approached the Sri Lankan embassy in Kuwait to apply passport for Sahana to get the Kuwait visa. We got shocking news from the Embassy stating, “Embassy cannot issue the permanent passport and it should be issued by Immigration and Controls department in Sri Lanka and that can be applied after obtaining the Sri Lankan Birth certificate”. For the time being Embassy in Kuwait will issue a temporary passport for Visa purposes in Kuwait, which will be valid for 1 year. As there was no other option he applied for the temporary passport.

Another shocking news was issue of permanent passport will take 6 or more months from the date of applying and the Citizenship certificate delivery may take 1 or 2 years. The Staffs in the embassy advised us with the application receipts we can approach the concern departments in Sri Lanka and using influence we may able to get the passport and the Citizenship certificate earlier than the  stipulated time.

We were planning to participate in the wonderful festival celebrated by Swamiji during the month of January in Chennai. Yes it is the most waited festival for the Swamiji’s devotees all around the world Hanuman Jayanthi.  About this wonderful festival and my experience I will share in another narrative because if I start to write about it I donot know when I can finish writing this narrative. Those who participated in the Hanuman Janyanthi celebration knows the wonderful experiences they have enjoyed, for others with the blessing of Swamiji I will write as separate narrative describing each and every happening of Hanuman Janyanthi and the experiences Swamiji showered on me.

Back to this narrative, to apply for the passport we need the birth certificate that also embassy in Kuwait did not have any idea when it will be received from Sri Lanka. We were worried and planned to go to Sri Lanka and get the birth certificate and the Passport from there itself. Because in Sri Lanka we can get the passport in 24 Hours service and it cost only around KD 25/- (USD 75/-) where as in Kuwait it cost around KD 75/- (USD 265/-) also delivery will be after 6 or months.

Around June 2010, we called Swamiji to get his permission to travel to Sri Lanka.

Swamiji’s .:  phone ringing.

Me: Shri Rama Jayam Swamiji, Gowry from Kuwait

Swamiji : Shri Ram Jayam Gowry, How are Sahana & Arooran?

Me: Swamiji, with your blessing we are fine. Swamiji, we would like to go to Sri Lanka for vacation, can we proceed?

Swamiji: Anything important.

Me: Swamiji, We have to get the Sri Lankan Birth certificate, Citizenship certificate and permanent passport for Sahana. Also we would like to show Sahana to my parents in Sri Lanka.

Swamiji: Apply from Kuwait.

Me: Swamiji, Sri Lankan embassy staff and other Sri Lankan friends are saying it will take 6 or more months to get the Passport

Swamiji: I will arrange it, there is no urgency to go to Sri Lanka now. I will arrange you the trip later. Shri Rama Jeyam.

Me : Shri Rama Jeyam, Swamiji.

Swamiji, told us to apply from Kuwait so the very next day (in June) Arooran applied for the Birth certificate & Citizenship certificate. On 7th July 2010 Arooran received a call from the embassy asking “is this Sahana’s Father”. He was thinking they may be calling may be they need more details or any mistakes in the application. When he heard the message from the other side, he was excited and had no words to express the greatness of Swamiji. Yes, Sahana’s Birth certificate and Citizenship certificates are ready for collection. In the normally circumstances Birth certificate may be ready by 3 - 4 months and Citizenship only by 1 - 1 ½ years the minimum. Swamiji arranged both in just a couple of weeks. Only Swamiji can do this. Swamiji is our influence in the Sri Lankan Authority to get the works done fast.

On the same day 7th July 2010 Arooran applied for the Passport, while applying the embassy staff all of a sudden turn to him and advise not to apply for All country passport (which cost around USD 265/-) instead of that apply for Middle east passport (which cost only around USD 75/-) and it can be converted to all country by the embassy in Kuwait with an additional cost of USD 35/-. So total cost will be USD 110/- instead of USD 265/-. In the earlier occasions they did not tell anything about the availability of this service and when Arooran was about to start filling the application, they advised him.  Swamiji, only made them to advise Arooran.

Again another shocking call from the embassy on 28th August 2010, this is for the Passport, Yes Sahana’s Permanent passport was ready for collection in couple of weeks instead of the normal 6 or more months processing time.

Have anyone experienced a government department in Asia all of a sudden act fast than their normal practice likes this? I do not think even in Europe or US we can get a quick service like this.

 In June, Swamiji told I will arrange everything to you and it was arranged. Swamiji even made the government to work fast.

Thank you very much Swamiji for all your love, affection and care.

Our Kodi pranams at your lotus feet.

Sahana’s First visit to Sri Lanka

During the conversation with Swamiji in June Swamiji told I will arrange your trip at the appropriate time and there is no urgency to travel now.

On 19th October 2010 night Swamiji appeared in my dream and blessed us you can have a peaceful trip to Sri Lanka. On the next day morning I told this to Arooran and he told to call Swamiji and get his blessing and permission to proceed.

I called Swamiji and asked for his blessing and permission. Swamiji told “yesterday itself I have given you the permission and blessing, you can proceed”. I was shocked, excited and joyful when I hear Swamiji was telling “yesterday I blessed you for this trip”. Because this was in the Dream and I did not tell Swamiji that he appeared in the dream and blessed us for this trip also.             This was my first time Swamiji appeared in my dream and first experience of this type of Swamiji’s leela.

Swamiji, there are no words to express my feeling, joy and happiness I experienced during your visits, telephone calls, miracles and the touch of love and affections you showered on us.

Swamiji, my heart is melting when I am recollecting the miracles you showered on us, I do not have any word to express my gratitude to you, my pranams at your lotus feet.

You are the supreme; you are my GOD.

Experiencing all this joy and happiness under your divine umbrella, gives me more and more trust and devotion on you and believe that, once we surrender at your lotus feet and leaving everything to you, we are taken care by you each and every Millisecond. what else we need Swamiji ?


Swamiji saranam

Swamiji saranam

Swamiji saranam


Shri Vikraman Swamiji saranam

Nanga Nallur vasan saranam


Sivagowry Arooran - Kuwait.

11th July 2012

End of part 05


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